Who Still Cares About The Moon ?

Going down the youtube rabbit hole i stumbled upon a video about the Moon. Soon after i finished watching that I felt a curious urge look over that China announcement about the darkside of the moon again. You would think something of that nature would be talked about more but 8 months later and none of the videos uploaded online barely have passed 300k+ views, the highest reaching close to 800k views.  This made me wonder does the general public still hold interest today as it did decades ago?  Eclipse seem to bring out the casual on looker but is that where it stops.

Im guilty of being the person thats looks for the “inconsistencies/conspiracy” within the presented information. So with a quick google search of “China landed on dark side of moon inconsistency” An article pointing out a photo that made it through without being edited clearly shows a stage prop line.

Source – https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1071939/china-news-dark-side-moon-landing-alien-ufo-sighting-conspiracy

Hmmmm in todays wild world of content manipulation who knows if someone created this image in effort to get a buzz going about a potential staged moon landing.  I personally think it would be more of a cinematic event if ships were actually going to the Moon landing then returning to earth. We love to film every little thing on earth and all of a sudden that ends once we decide to go to space?  Im skeptical for this reason but lets continue.

It feels like a club and in this club we must believe each other because if we don’t who will?  That is the scenario I imagine when I read lines like “However, scientists, including those who are not from China, believe the east Asian nation has accomplished the mission.”

Human error reveals human error once again but do we even care?  Simple mistakes like this make me think these space missions and launch missions have become the WWF of  Space travel presentation but the production team is being underpaid.  If it were me I would double and triple check to make sure all the edits in the photos were correct so not one person can say a thing about how we faked a moon landing. It’s a billion dollar error in the business of belief.