Health Benefits of Coconut Cotyledon

The mature coconuts are collected regularly for their milk.  You can usually crack open a coconut for lunch and in the older, mature coconuts you’ll sometimes find a soft, spongey type formation on the inside of the coconut.  

This happens when the coconut is ready to shoot some leaves out and is an edible, soft predecessor.  This part is actually the Coconut Cotyledon which is sometimes called the ‘Coconut Embryo’ or ‘Coconut Apple’ and is suspended in germination and is generally eaten raw.

Samoans call this part of the Coconut O’o, Tongans, Tahitians and Cook Islanders call it ‘Uto, Niueans name for it is Niu Tupu, the Fijians call it Vara and Hawaiians refer to it as iho or lolo!

We all know that Coconut water and meat are very nutritious so don’t underestimate this one!  


Here are the Top 10 Health benefits of the Coconut Embryo:

1.  Supports immune system health: it is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasite.