Yogi Selects – Niara.zai

Every so often a brave yogi steps up and shares a little bit about their practice. Sometimes they give us a spoonful other times a buffet of experience. Either way the pleasure is ours to read below! Yogi SelectorNiara.zai

Toe stands are my weakness, What can you learn from the things that you are not strong or good at? 


Through my journey of seeking self love and learning more about myself I learned that I normally wouldn’t try things that I didn’t think I would be good at. Realizing this opened my eyes to so many things I was missing out on because I was simply afraid to fail or look stupid. So I now look at those difficult things that I before didn’t think I would be good at and now think “what is the first step to getting there” or “what are some variations that can help build my strength and confidence before going there?” For instancespending time in figure four pose and its many variations will eventually give you what you’re looking for with toe stands and you probably won’t even realize it. 


If the human body was a garden which plant would you place near your heart? 


Probably daffodils. Daffodils are perennials meaning once they bloom they can survive in many seasons. Although daffodils can survive in many seasons they also thrive in sunlight just like myself. 


What difference are there doing yoga with people in comparison to doing yoga by yourself?

Yoga with people brings a community feeling, everyone focusing on their own personal goals but confident enough to share their practice with their peers. I’ve also notice that when I practice with people and in a studio I’m more confident with trying the more difficult poses than when I’m practicing alone

Have you had any meditative like experiences that are hard to explain?

Yes my first time meditating with crystal I felt as if I entered a different world in my mind. If that makes senses 

Share one of your most profound/wise thoughts

This is something my dad always told me and my sister growing up “when you are thirsty you drink water” of course I took me until my adult age when I actually stopped drinking juice that I understood what he meant literally. As of lately I’ve been thinking of this phrase not so literally. We often indulge in all the things we want and not necessarily the things our body and mind may need. The things that bring us only temporary satisfaction when we should indulge more into the things that my heal us.

What fascinates you most about yoga currently and do you have any goals in mind mentally or physically?

What fascinates me most is How something that can be very physical is still calming for the mind, and how yoga is literally built for all ages and body types. I’m almost finished with 200hr YTT so one of my goals is finishing of course and sharing yoga with the world. My ultimate goal is bring yoga to more youth communities.

If you could teach a yoga class underwater what would be the dress requirements for the mermaid yogis?

Considering that I’m always naked I’d probably encourage my students to come in just their skin. Our body’s are temples, art, and so much more. Body positivity and feeling comfortable in your body is very important to me.


What was your first memory?

Not sure if it’s my first memory but I always have flashbacks of walking down the hallway on the first day of Pre-K. Not sure why.


Has yoga made an impact on your diet or do yoga eat what you normally find tasty? 

Yoga has definitely made an impact on my diet because it has allowed me to love my body so now I try really hard to take care of body.

Is there anything you would like to share with the readers of infocus247.com 


Self love is the best love! Namaste.