Introducing The Cube: Week 001

This weekend/week  has been interesting and revealing to say the least. When I set out to create Introducing The Cube I wasn’t quite sure of the direction it would go in.  There are so many aspects and responses to eating/drinking mushrooms I felt reluctant to gear a project around documenting the experiences of others. One of my favorite topics of discussion is the adventures, effects and the fundamentals that can help you navigate in the realm of “magic ” mushrooms better.

After eating mushrooms for years i’ve found pleasure in listening to the first time experiences of people that have never tried them before. Introducing the cube will be a movie / audio experience of people that are curious about and may be still deciding if they want to give them a try or not. Recording audio can be less intrusive than video so i’ve been honing in that element of documenting thus far.  I’m still deciding the editing process of audio I want to go with for example … combine a weeks worth of audio edited down to the essentials of each conversation with brief introductions setting up the scene and how it came about or we can go with the standard one person one episode kinda of deal. Decisions… decisions.


So far we have some impromptu audio recorded with Angie. Talking about mushrooms wasn’t the plan and for the most part we didn’t.  There was a moment she had some questions about the cubes and volunteered to be filmed for a session after eating mushrooms . I’m looking forward to documenting that experience.

We still have to catch the illusive Blu on audio speaking on her insights and experiences. Theres plenty of photo and video for her so we just need to get the good good info recorded for the record. I will be making that happen on the next orbit to New York.


There was an improtu sessions with Pope. Once again the plan was to paint and light spliffs but that turned into pope remembering she had some mushrooms stashed away in the closet. This whole encounter was recorded on audio only lots of giggles so I will need to edit some of what we spoke about into one cohesive flow. It was only 2 grams split but the feeling was subtle and perfect for the sunny day. Popes curiosity led to asking me some interesting questions pertaining psychedelics and the different effects they may have.

We also have a video interview with Artwiiitch and Kaela but It was ennn that was my first swing at getting this project going so the effort was needed but the timing called for us to just chill and vibe on something else. That night actually ended with a quick jogo.

IMG  by @artwiiitch

I may link up with Kaela today and get another swing at it. I’m finding my groove with this audio recording only flow, listening to myself helps me identify what I need to work on.


At one point in time marijuana, mushrooms and other “mind altering” plants would be looked at with taboo. A transition of thought amongst the masses has allowed the legalization of marijuana and the potential decriminalization of psilocybin containing mushrooms.  I think its time to open up dialogue about the potential of these substances without forgetting we are still working in a very gray area of the law. Being imprisoned for what grows in nature is still a reality supported by a justice system that benefits monetarily from imposed infractions.

Stay tuned for the next write up and expect to see and hear some audio once I compile enough to edit into one cohesive stream of consciousness.  Until then know that I haven’t felt compelled to do anything like this in a while and the satisfaction is unfolding right before my eyes!

If you would like to support the cause/movement/project we have Cubensis T Shirts Available 

A Fresh Batch of Grey and Whites are being created right now  by @ EUGENE V BYRD III

Once I get the new boxes in my hand i’m going to lock in and make sure we get the flow how it should be!




The Grey edition will be available after December (maybe), I have a very specific intention for this one. There is a grey area of the law and this will focus on that aspect.  Plus I like being the only one wearing it.

Currently brainstorming the next culture we would like to highlight with history of psychedelic use!  If you have any ideas and suggestions please feel free to share them with us. If you would like to participate or volunteer to help Im open to that as well. Peace