Benefits of Mugwort

Gaining its name from the ancient practice of flavoring drinks with this beautifully sweet herb, mugwort has value as herbal medicine that has strengthened over time. It might have been in use since the Iron Age, but it certainly hasn’t shown any decrease in popularity. 

It is a scented aromatic plant that usually grows in Europe and Asia, although cultures from all over the world have used it in many different ways. In the far East, mugwort is regularly used a food source or as a dessert flavoring, but there is a culture where it is still smoked, in order to harbor some of its more hallucinogenic capabilities. 

A legal and mild hallucinogen, mugwort has been highly valued by many different religions for its potency and health benefits. It is revered the world over for what it can do for health. Here are 8 of those potential health benefits.

1. Gut Health

Mugwort has been proven to be beneficial in promoting general gut health but also in targeting specific conditions or problems which may occur within the guy. 

Specifically, mugwort has been proven to be able to combat the main causes of gas and flatulence, which is something that millions of housewives will be grateful for. For some reason, some people still think it is socially acceptable to break wind in public and then to celebrate this as if it were some kind of triumph. 

There are also people who wish they could solve their bloating and constipation troubles with a natural remedy. Those people would do well to look no further than mugwort for an answer, as it is perfectly capable of clearing up these two little issues in no time at all. Cramping and diarrhea are just two further examples of the types of gut issue that mugwort can help to remedy

2. Menstruation Aid

Even though it has a name that makes it sound as if it belongs in Middle Earth, rather than in a lady’s handbag, it may surprise you to learn that mugwort is up there with the best that nature has to offer in terms of menstruation aids. Used for centuries to help with cycle issues, mugwort can stop heavy flows, and regulate the menstruation from start to finish. It may become a woman’s best friend in no time at all as it can even go some way to relieving the symptoms that are associated with the early stages of menstruation such as irritability and hot or cold flashes. Your friends may give you some funny looks when you pull out the mugwort to help someone overcome a tricky period situation, but they’ll be thanking you afterward, just as soon as you’ve told them where they can get some for themselves.

3. Pain Relief

Mugwort is a super effective pain reliever, so much so that it is listed in ancient literature as something that was regularly administered to the dying. The little herb was often carried in satchels by warriors and soldiers, who would then administer the mild pain reliever to their fallen comrades in the hope that it would take some of the stings away from painful sword lacerations or axe wounds. 

The fact that it is a mild hallucinogenic might have something to do with this, but let’s face it, if you’re going to go out of this world in an epic battle, you probably want something to take the edge off all of the death and murder that’s going on around you. 

Nowadays, mugwort can be rubbed directly onto muscles or used as a massage tonic to give pain relief. Not quite as cool as the battlefield example, but still just as effective.

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