Crystal Select: Angel Quartz

Angel Quartz Jewelry

Angel Quartz Properties

Angel Quartz is a beautiful crystal that can be found in Brazil.

Its color is usually white or clear, with inclusions of red, pink, orange, gold, brown, peach, and yellow.

The color will vary on the particular minerals that have been included in the crystal.

Many of these crystals show white inclusions and look a lot like angel wings. This is why they are also sometimes called Angel Wing Phantom Quartz.

Why Would You Use Angel Quartz?

Angel Quartz possesses a nice vibration that will support you in reaching higher realms when you’re meditating.

They can be used to connect with angelic beings, and to find a deeper sense of inner tranquility and peace.

This crystal will help you connect to your higher self and achieve guidance from the Divine. You will also receive guidance while you sleep, as this crystal can support lucid dreaming.

It comes in different colors. The energy of the stones will vary slightly depending on the color.

Regardless of the color, there’s a wonderful flow of calm energies that you can enjoy from these crystals.

These energies embody the powerful energies to make a connection with the angelic realm.

Using this beautiful crystal will also activate or enhance your clairaudient gifts, which is also known as psychic hearing.

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This is because Angel Quartz energizes both the throat and third eye chakras.

If you already have psychic hearing before using Angel Quartz, you will still enjoy the extra boost of energy!

This crystal will stimulate your clairaudience quite easily.

This will help you to receive messages from spirit beings more easily.

This will also strengthen your ability to hear your spirit guides!

Because this crystal is associated with angels and other beings from the higher realms, it will promote pleasant feelings and a more lasting sense of happiness in your life.

Angel Quartz has a smooth and peaceful energy that will help you release the negativity so that you can have a more positive outlook in life.

Angel Aura and Angel Quartz make a wonderful meditation tool because it will clear your mind and lighten your heart.

It will resonate strongly with your higher chakras. It will also ground and protect you, as well as fill you with waves of deep calm and peacefulness.

How Will Angel Quartz Help You?

Angel Quartz, Healing and Health

Angel Quartz can act at a cellular level, removing any kind of imbalance and helping the body restore its balance.

This crystal can also be used in eye treatments.

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