Instagram removing likes for the sake of mental health?

In today’s news a little number next to a heart icon has thrown the world in a popularity frenzy. I’ve personally watched influencers gauge the effectiveness of their content solely on “like amounts”. I find it entertaining, it was described to me as a game. The more likes you receive the more points you get in turn more money for products or events your promoting. On a lower scale it probably won’t effect the 10k below crowd much but there may be some backlash from the higher ups of 500k and better. Without that number next to the heart how will I know your that much more popular and that your followers tap that button like warm cheeks on a cool Sunday? Will you have to screenshot all your statistics to prove your engagement in negotiating price per post opportunities?

There was a site I read earlier with the stats of how it has effected the countries it has rolled out the changes upon already. I think the overall likes were down across the board except for Japan they seemed to be liking more because of the change.

Ever since the little blue eyed algorithm came around I noticed the drop in user engagement on my own personal page. It was around that time I decided to put less effort into provoking conversations in my comments with deep long captions. Some post seem to be invisible until I post a half naked selfie then the likes shoot back up and comments are all 😍. I’m curious to how this update pans out. Will comments become the new meter for social prowess amongst the followship? I like looking at the comments for feedback when making videos for people with higher followings than me. I want to see people say the felt it and that’s all that really matters for me. Being able to hold your attention and get a feeling across has been the golden key in my work so I will keep opening doors with it.

Prediction: Instagram will go back to normal like counting or atleast offer the option to users to show their likes or not. For fluff pages this is beneficial. Having 80k followers but receiving 50 -100 likes on a post is less than 1% feedback and who really wants their following to think they have ghost bots boosting numbers? Off the number counter goes and now the 80k looks a bit more authentic with a like number to raise an eyebrow. For the big pages seeing 600k likes just looks good for bragging rights and for thee “ig elite” I think the like counter would stay similar to post lower level users are removed from the platform for. The higher ups usually get what they want being they keep the users most active on these platforms ultimately making more advertising mula.

I’m not a social scientist but I do know coming up with a formula to gauge love via likes on a internet platform that can be gone any day will drive anyone nuts.