Daily Focus 036

Radioactive phones? Burning a hole in your pocket. New Flavors  looking forward to taste testing that Larry Birds Breath. Is life too predictable? What if nothing was in sync. A review of Street Gods the new documentary by Vice as well as the crazy ending of Berserk. Can driving make you emotional? Road rage is real.  Revisiting old places to access those local only memories, some things you can only remember when you go back to the physical location it happened.  New instrumental for the those that make it to the end. 


Quotes of the day

The grasshopper that sleeps forgetfully sleeps in the mouth of the lizard

The wound we took care of has healed

If you don’t take time care of your sickness you will get time to die

Let an orphan get rich and she will find relatives

Wealth takes charge of its owner

Where there is no wealth there is no poverty