Mokko’s Rasta Pasta

Look at this bone to bloodclaat! Ackee boil, Ackee boil….. Some Jamaica/Italy fusion on this one! Rasta Mokko (with Ratty) prepares some freshly picked ackee & salt mackerel in step one of this Rasta Pasta meal! Okra, Garlic, Scallion, Thyme…..make sure you pick the mackerel well though or it can be deadly…… We chat dangerous skellington bones, taste some Baba Roots, counting time VS food business, a thyme to laugh, a time to cry and deadly molasses…. bless up, Matthew & Mokko ★SUPPORT★ ★CONNECT★ Ras Kitchen Instagram & Facebook… ★VISIT RASTA MOKKO★ ★Music★ Ras Kitchen Intro/Outro… Devil and the Perfects (Hanging out) Blue Topaz- Messed Up Break up Sarah the Illstrumentalist-Grey Hematite Jimmy Krak Korn- out West Pandora-The New Fools