Daily Focus 039

I’m back after 24 Hours of travel! Meeting new people and getting to talk to strangers can be fun plus we found the illusive Hashish i’ve been questing for!  The movie breakdown/reviews of today are for Uncut Gems (semi spoiler alert)  I didn’t give the whole movie away but I do mention how it starts off.  Accidentally going to see Knives Out turned into a movie I actually enjoyed. Some mixups are meant to happen. Natalie slid in this episode for a brief moment  to reflect on the piano and sounds, I traveled up to Pittsburgh to see her plus get a few lessons since i’ve been diving more into instrumentals and sound.

Quotes of the day

Desire is the kind of thing that eats you and leaves you starving

– Nyirah waheed

It hurts when they’re gone. And it doesn’t matter if it’s slow or fast, whether it’s a long drawn-out disease or an unexpected accident. When they’re gone the world turns upside down and you’re left holding on, trying not to fall off

Love, as the poet says, is like the spring. It grows on you and seduces you slowly and gently, but it holds tight like the roots of a tree. You don’t know until you’re ready to go that you can’t move, that you would have to mutilate yourself in order to be free. That’s the feeling. It doesn’t last, at least it doesn’t have to. But it holds on like a steel claw in your chest. Even if the tree dies, the roots cling to you. I’ve seen men and women give up everything for love that once was.

When you get old you begin to understand that no one talks unless someone listens, and no one knows nuthin’ less somebody else can understand

Plot is the structure of revelation.