Daily Focus 041

If you cant protect your mind you will not be able to guard your practice. I touch lightly on Star Wars and Doctor Sleep. Sippin Sea Moss Smoothies in the shower. Some politics are just for you. Strange fuel that feeds the fire can cause an interesting ignition.  Ever been cut by a  Rose Thorn? Life can be poetic at times. Camera looking at me like “You dont love me no more?” So who wanna shoot something?

Quotes Of The Day

Love transforms, it simultaneously makes us larger and limits our possibilities

The first duty of love is to listen

A kiss that speaks volumes is seldom a first edition

The silent numbness of seeing this particular lover move on fueled hours of warmth, de thawing these old hands of mind. Fingers slowly guiding through soft skin, tender grooves and sore muscle of my current. I’m reminded that’s its your sensitivity of touch I use to feel my way into her heart next