Daily Focus 045

The last day of the year has come and gone that quick. We unload a few stories in the stash on this one. Taking seats on the train in New York and The “deaf” artist I persuaded to go on an adventure with me. Also another story/lesson in time traveling and how it really works.  A light review of Kevins Heart Dont F#%^ This Up Docuseries. Tricking the brain by switching from conductor to passenger with auto pilot mode,


Quotes Of The Day 

As a monkey climbs a tree it will start to abuse you from its elevated position

She who gave to me is the same as she who withheld from you

The tree fell the way it leant

He said he was scared of commitment, but he had tattoos all over his skin I guess he didn’t see me as a work of art or I wasn’t worth the pain

I don’t think the imagination can hold a secret