Daily Focus 046

Bringing in the New Year keeping the same consistent energy.  Digging up memories can reveal a few that don’t wish to be uncovered.   Forgetting may be for good reason. Birds can tell some of the best jokes. A lackluster review of Jacobs Ladder. Burying my head in writing and reading.  Dug up an old piece (Were The Roses)  I put together that reminded me to write as if your the only one that understands what your saying. PIT, NYC, DC, VA on deck for next weeks travels. She who gave to me is the same as she who withheld from you… I’m still thinking about yesterdays quote as not all New Years text messages are returned.

Quotes Of The Day 

Examples Have Children

Favours enslave

Politeness cost so little and it is worth so much

 It is a mere formality for a small bird to invite an elephant in to its nest.

Honorable Mention 

Song at the End: Let The Light Give Birth