Giants in the Jungle of Ecuador ?

According to many legends and myths, the Amazon jungle hosts a race of gigantic humans. Furthermore, the many Amazonian tribes tell stories in relation to these fantastic creatures and their settlements.

A team of experts decided to travel to Ecuador in order to prove whether these stories are true or just pure fiction. They were helped by the Aboriginals to a secret place where very strange and mysterious rituals take place.

When they arrived at the place, they discovered a gigantic megalithic structure. The surface of the structure was flat and polished. According to experts, the purpose of that structure was ceremonial.

It is almost impossible to think to imagine how someone would manage to build such a prodigious structure hundreds of thousands of years ago. However, the most interesting thing was not the construction itself, but the variety of utensils found around it.

Their size would have made them impossible for a normal person to handle them. They say that these tools confirm the existence of these extraordinary creatures.

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