A HINDU PYRAMID in Cambodia? Baksei Chamkrong & Tikal Temple

Hey guys, today we are going to look at a very strange place called Baksei Chamkrong in the Angkor Wat Complex in Cambodia. This is a very strange site because this is the only stepped pyramid in this temple complex.
This pyramid in Cambodia is almost identical to the pyramid found in Mesoamerica. There is a pyramid called Tikal. There is a pyramid in a place called Tikal and that pyramid looks not even similar but almost identical.
The Tikal Pyramid is in the country of Guatemala, in central America and this is roughly 10,000 miles from the Baksei Chamkrong Pyramid in Cambodia. But when you look at them side by side, it is mind boggling. There is no doubt, they were both built by the same builders. Or did these 2 civilizations, separated by 10,000 miles, contacting and communicating with each other using advanced technology, just like what we do today?
How else do you explain these similarities? Look at the construction style in both temples. The masonry is the same, Make rectangular blocks of stone, and place them on top of one other. Look at the basic design: Not even similar, almost identical. Both of them pyramids, both of them are stepped pyramids, both of them have a staircase laid out in the center. Both of them have a dome like structure built on the top, both have them have a doorway in the center of the dome. It is impossible that all these similarities are a result of mere coincidence.
Think about this, if these 2 structures were constructed within a 10 mile radius or a 100 mile radius, archeologists and historians would swear they were built by the same builders. However, simply because they are separated by 10,000 miles, experts now swear that this is a pure coincidence, built by 2 completely different civilizations which had no contact with each other.