Daily Focus 049

In the mountains with the wild snow and curvy hills! Live from Uniontown thinking about what I would do if I were a vampire for a day. 1917 is on the list of movies we lightly discuss giving a quick spoiler.  Starting the day with a photoshoot/exercise. The Uk Cupcake likes to talk when nervous so I made her choose once we began snapping shots. See and be quiet or close your eyes and be able to talk. The time was spent in equal amounts. Keeping it humorous we re enact a few headlines that I have scrolled upon. 93 year old white man shoots office manager for not fixing flooded apt and two black men arrested for trying to cash in lottery tickets with the correct number glued to it. The last one is too touchy to even write here… Roll up a Lizzo and Listen in.

Quotes Of The Day 

The happiest people in the world have a hard time recalling their worries and have an easy time recalling their blessings

If we knew how much the habit of being thankful might do for us Im sure we would take time out of everyday to count up a few  of our blessings. When the spirit of thankfulness takes place in our consciousness  we radiate life from the very center of our being  to the world about us

Positive thinking is a habit like any other we can practice it everyday until it becomes second nature to us and along the way transforms our lives

You can be optimistic who expect things to turn out the best often set the stage to receive a beautiful results

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