The Original Hawiians and The Collective Conscious

Emily Imani addresses the mis-stories of history and the missed stories of history that connect us as one. When were the Polynesian islands settled? Polynesian ancestors settled in Samoa around 800 BC, colonized the central Society Islands between AD 1025 and 1120 and dispersed to New Zealand, Hawaiʻi and Rapa Nui and other locations between AD 1190 and 1290. This video discusses the African/Black Question regarding the ancient and original populations of the South Pacific Islands and how they got there and where they came from. You will have to follow up with your own research and intuitive knowledge . The important aspect of this share is better to understand the origon of all ancient populations and address the lies . I will also challenge the euro concept of “discovering” lands that are already inhabited and why euro history is wriiten in a manner disruptive of the truth.