Daily Focus 065


This one is off the top! Sometimes you have to flip the script and give it what comes natural. In this installment I share two childhood stories. One story is quite fishy and the other is the first time I had to run away from the police. Most of the crucial moments in my life involve me and my escape from the law. The best time to be in the gym is when nobody is there to distract from the fantasies conjured up in my mind. If you see me in your livestream know I’m just messing with you while I sip a Vanilla bean smoothie without vanilla bean in it the recipe is within the stream. We are here, we as in me.

Quotes Of The Day

Giving hands receive

Rest can not shorten the way, going ahead does

To walk for nothing is better than to sit down for nothing.

Where there is no wealth there is no poverty

Two buttcheeks can not avoid friction

Track – London Rock Freeestyle