3D Printing Homes from Hemp

The ‘sober’ cousin of marijuana deserves some more time in the spotlight. While it’s not going to give you a buzz, it is capable of an even higher power. 

Hemp is already known to produce vital resources such as rope, clothing, and paper, however this humble plant will likely serve an even greater purpose in our immediate future. 

Harmful fossil fuels, mountains of plastic, and our ever-growing population are rapidly sucking the earth’s resources dry. We are terribly unsustainable as a population, and our actions have resulted in this climate crisis, which will be the biggest issue that we will ever face, and it’s already happening.

While we may be hoping that some technological advancement will be what saves us, really – it could be as simple as this humble hemp plant. Maybe we don’t need to colonize another planet. But we definitely do need to change our ways. 

Not only can hemp produce a biodegradable alternative to plastic, be made into an eco-friendly and sustainable fuel source, and save the trees – it can also work to reduce the negative impacts of industrialization. 

As more and more architects turn to hemp as a sustainable material, it may soon be a realistic alternative that with hope, could replace our traditional toxic materials. A biotechnology company known as Mirreco, which is based in Australia has recently shared its plans to 3D print hemp homes. 

Mirreco cites environmental concerns as one of their primary motivations. Within their time working with this technology and material, they have developed a way to produce hemp panels which can be used in both residential and commercial building projects. 

Source – TheHeartySoul