Daily Focus 070

Ever have a weird type of dream ? familiar situations but in a different type a way?  I don’t associate too much with the dreams that occur due to the amount of wildness that can be found in my mind during sleep but these two were fascinating. There may be some dream Juju happening upon me. Watching fishing videos on youtube have a calming effect plus you learn. I plan on grabbing a line and going out on the waters myself soon. Wilder learned the lesson of mirror magic. Sometimes success can undermine your overall progress.  Patterns and people watch and observe. The pleasures of losing your memory for a few hours. Special guest cousin Rasheeda dropping some quotes on ya noggin.  Enjoy

Quotes Of The Day 

Everything understood doesn’t have to be said

Don’t ever put all your business out in public some things should remain a mystery.

Not everybody deserves an explanation

If you don’t want it to be seen in the light don’t do it in the dark

What you eat doesn’t make my stomach full , mine is not ours

Once you realize your imagination is as a tangible as your memory your experiences are limitless.

Love Live Life Proceed Progress

Instrumental – Diamond Traps