Daily Focus 071

I can’t afford to not record, but can you? I think so. Some moments were meant to remain off camera and only in memory. Isolation and time alone can become addicting. Words of wisdom family is your most important currency. The pleasures of watching people go through their first mushroom experience. Space to think and distance to forget, switching up your environment to get a new though flow. Recking paradise spots by bringing new people. Learning that have Pryor tendencies day by day. Enjoy


Quotes Of The Day 

Passion will obscure our sense so that we eat sad stuff and call it nectar

Theres always something left to love, if you ain’t learned that you ain’t learned nothing

A love song that cannot bear its own music hovers over the loves silence

Love is a spring time plant that perfumes everything with its hope, even the ruins in which it clings

Honorable Mention