Woman designs waterproof headscarf to encourage more black people to go swimming

95% of black adults and 80% of black children do not go swimming, according to recent figures from Sport England – and a lot of that comes down to haircare. But now, a British inventor has created a unique waterproof headscarf designed to protect Afro hair, in a bid to encourage more black people to go swimming. Danielle Obe, 38 from London, came up with the idea for the headscarves – called Nemes – after her daughter Kayla, now six, began to dread going in the pool. She herself had previously given up swimming for two decades because she did not want to risk damage to her hair.

Afro hair can be damaged by the chemicals in swimming pools because it is often naturally drier and more brittle – and the time it can take to moisturise and style hair after swimming can be really offputting. TOP ARTICLES 4/5 The majority of women feel ‘inappropriately looked at’ in the gym ‘Natural Afro hair grows up and out, not down in length like Caucasian hair,’ says Danielle.

Danielle designed the scarves to help her daughter feel confident swimming (Picture: Danielle Obe/PA Wire) ‘The chlorine dries out the hair, causing it to be frizzy, brittle and “thirsty”, which is what causes breakage, hair thinning and – in some cases for women with processed, delicate hair – it falls off if the hair is not thoroughly washed out, conditioned and rehydrated.’ Danielle herself gave up swimming because of how long it would take to style her hair after a dip. ‘Getting into any type of aquatic activity then was a huge no-no. I couldn’t go swimming in the evening after work. If I did, how would I turn up for client meetings the next morning?’ she says. ‘Kayla hates getting soap in and around her face, so when it came time to wash her hair after swimming, she would scream and scream

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