Salmon x Wild Rice x Creamy Kale Sauces

Now that I have less people and more food to shoot I can eat 2 fish with one fork. Up first on the menu was Salmon. I like to keep it simple with fish, steam, salt and pepper is all you really need anything else is extra in my book. Rarely do I whip up cream type sauces for my meals but a can of coconut milk caught my eye and the idea sparked. This was a delicious meal, the spicy lentil blend and cabbage really brought it all together. Baked yam for sweet delicious vibrancy on the plate and walaaaa

Ingredients | Recipe

Salmon | Steam x Salt x Pepper

Creamy Kale: sautéed onions and garlic first with sesame seed oil. Once that is to your liking add the butter let that sizzle and melt then add on the coconut milk. I seasoned with curry, salt and pepper. Then add Kale and cook down until it’s the consistency you would like it to be.

Spicy Lentils: Boil a pot of lentils. I like putting seasoning (Berbere, Salt, Pepper) in the water and in the second process before blending. I sautee onions. garlic, habanero pepper in coconut oil. Sometimes I let the garlic and onion charr a little bit before adding the oil. Once the oil is added I will add in the lentils then season with more Berbere. The lentils are done already so at this point cut the heat and take all of what is in the pan and put it in the blender. You can eat this blend cold or hot. I prefer it cold.

Baked Sweet Potatoe | Butter, Coconut Sugar, honey drizzle

Wild Rice and Steamed Cabbage