The Sun Mushroom

In my 3am genetic modification research studies I came across this interesting article on a forum. The article is a good example of how genetics play a part in keeping certain plants/fungi thriving that may not otherwise.

The Original “Super Mushroom,” Agaricus blazei

For decades, anthropologists and medical researchers puzzled over the fact that the people of Piedade, a small mountain town in the humid rainforest of Brazil, lived to extraordinary age, many well into their 100s.

They were almost never bothered by serious illnesses like heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, hepatitis, or Alzheimer’s.

For years, scientists attributed this incredible health and longevity to some powerful genetic defense, passed from one generation to the next. Was it

An anti-cancer, longer-life gene? No. . .something even better!

But in the 1960s, a Japanese scientist by the name of Furumoto Takatoshi discovered the true secret, a rare strain of a certain mushroom native to the local mountains of the Piedade area. It turned out that the locals used this “sun mushroom” or “mushroom of life,” as they called it (known botanically as Agaricus blazei Murill fungus) to make a popular medicinal tea. It was also a regular ingredient in their cooking!

Furumoto’s research established an unequivocal connection between the mushroom and the longer life and extraordinary good health of the people who consumed it.

Since then, dozens upon dozens of scientific studies have analyzed the complex organic compounds that account for the powerful, anti-aging, perfect health, longer-life properties of this particular, very rare strain of mushroom and confirmed that Agaricus blazei is indeed the source of longevity and extraordinary good health enjoyed by the people of Piedade.

Therefore, it was not “good genes,” but rather the miracle mushroom that protected these people against heart attack, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, premature aging and most of the other illnesses that plague the rest of the world.

That is good news, because, while you can not do anything about your genetic makeup, you can benefit from the longer-life nutrients of this amazing, miracle mushroom, Agaricus blazei. In fact, many already have, including ex-President Ronald Reagan who, according to the media, used it to treat and cure his skin cancer.

No wonder the miracle mushroom Agaricus blazei was heralded as the long-awaited solution to cancer.

Only there were TWO big problems!

Unfortunately, this particular strain of the mushroom grows only in the unique soil and climate conditions found around the village of Piedade, and repeated attempts at commercial cultivation failed. Although the original cultures that Furumoto sent to Japan have been painstakingly maintained and isolated to guard their genetic purity, for years, the only, very limited source was the rainforest of Piedade.

And that area, like so much of the Brazilian rainforest, has become urbanized and industrialized since the mushroom’s discovery, some 40-60 years ago. Nowadays, you would be hard pressed to find the “super mushroom” growing wild.

A near tragedy!

Of course, the original discovery that this amazing, miracle mushroom provided powerful anti-cancer, immune-boosting protection created huge interest in the scientific community.

For years, front-line research laboratories and world-class bio-chemical researchers have been studying the many different strains of the Agaricus blazei mushrooms found throughout the world.

While none has been identified with a polysaccharide profile that exactly matches the Piedade Agaricus blazei, herbalists working in the U.S. recently discovered that a related Agaricus strain does contain most of the active bio-nutrients that make the Brazilian mushroom so powerful.

That was especially good news, because this newly researched, still-un-named strain of Agaricus mushroom contains more than a few powerful polysaccharide nutrients that are uniquely its own. Not only do these nutrients possess powerful better-health properties, they complement those of the original Brazilian strain.

The best news of all is that geneticists have now succeeded in crossing genetically pure cultures descended from the original Piedade mushroom taken to Japan, with the newly researched complementary strain, to create a new, hybrid Agaricus mushroom that is even more powerful than either of its “parents!”

Science introduces the new Hybrid Mushroom . . . the most powerful super-mushroom of all!

Laboratory analysis and exhaustive clinical tests prove that the unique combination of some 85 nutrients found only in this miracle hybrid mushroom, including the powerful, complex polysaccharide, â-D-Glucan can:

Destroy a variety of deadly cancer cells (without side effects)
Guard against deadly heart disease and crippling stroke
Slash your risk of ever developing diabetes
Control high blood pressure
Inhibit or reverse arthritis
Protect against Alzheimer’s
Boost immune function to guard against and a host of other illnesses
Correct digestive and weight problems
Boost energy
Protect against liver and kidney disease
Protect against hepatitis
Ease the pain and stiffness of arthritic joints
Promote natural, more-restful sleep
Help you look and feel 20 years younger.

While this hybrid strain has been analyzed by biochemists and nutritional researchers, its potency has been appreciated for many years by the few who have been acquainted with it:

The Iron Chef of Japan only serves Kobe beef that has been fed with this mushroom.

The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia feeds this mushroom to their champion thoroughbreds.

The most powerful, patented, secret-to-eternal-health superfood in the world!

The amazing, SUPER hybrid mushroom combines the same, historical, extensively studied nutrients found only in the heirloom strain of the Agaricus blazei mushroom (first studied by Takatoshi Furumoto more than 40 years ago). With the complementary nutrients in newly researched strain to provide the astonishing, immune boosting … cholesterol lowering … better health. . .longer life benefits of both of these two miracle mushrooms in the breakthrough hybrid. There is simply nothing else in the world to equal it!

The DNA for the new hybrid mushroom is so valuable it is kept in two separate vaults in the United States and Europe to protect its chemical makeup.

The potency of the hybrid mushroom is protected by a strictly controlled, strictly organic, growing process that provides a consistent temperature, soil, watering, and quarantined environment

Every yield of the hybrid mushroom is compared to the original to be sure the DNA from the two components matches for efficacy and potency.

No other super-food comes close!

The hybrid mushroom extract contains large quantities of â-D-Glucan (Polysaccharide); clinically proven to act as an immunological activator that enhances the immune system.

The powerful nutrients in this patented supplement also stimulate natural killer cells, whose job is to defend the body by responding as soon as damaged (as in cancer) cells appear, while other immune cells gear up for action. Natural killer cells are best known for their capacity to kill tumor cells before they become established cancers.

Here is how this miracle formula works in your body to help you live a longer healthier life:

â-D-Glucan and other powerful nutrients enhance the activity of macrophage, an antibody cell that destroys or delays the proliferation of cancer cells.

It contains natural steroids, known for their anti-cancer effect.

It contains large amounts of non-digestive dietary fibers that absorb and discharge cancerous materials in your body.

It reduces the blood glucose (sugar) and guards against diabetes.

It acts to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and arteriosclerosis.

It can also enhance the effect of Chemotherapy. The hybrid mushroom extract is all-natural and there are no known side effects from taking it.

Everybody can expect intensive improvement and prevention of serious illness without risk and fear through immunotherapy. Now you too can benefit from the same powerful longer life, disease stopping nutrients that, study after study, have shown account for the phenomenal long life and good health of the native people of Piedade, who for hundreds of years have made it a regular part of their diet.