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The Plush Crave

The Plush Crave

aggressive anxiousness, persistent patience, nonchalant passion, bottomless heights direction lost, infinite orgasms, a blissful abyss, two magnets in a closed fist, melted chocolate, familiar mystery, shameless vulnerability, de ja vu times two, sleepless dreams, the last fruit snack in the bag, finishing the good mango no knife, waterfalls on a hot day, warm brownies on a cold night. Long stares before you blink, short stares in silence before we think.  The plush crave delivers the balance of receiving.

Plush – Comfortable, and of high quality,  rich fabric of silk, cotton, wool, or a combination of these, with a long, soft nap.

Crave – Feel a powerful desire for (something).

Weight Loss Support Group For Children

I still get quite a lot of messages so I thought I’d share her story. Hey everyone this is my daughter Melanie. She has always been a thick baby, but in the last two years she packed on a lot of weight and yes it was my fault. I just didn’t understand or know how to feed her. She is my first child and all I knew is if she was hungry, feed her. Her weight got so bad that she was complaining about being tired just walking, she wheezed trying to breathe normal and snored at bedtime. She also couldn’t keep up with other kids on the playground, showing signs of diabetes and was already getting teased. As a mom I felt so guilty and sorry for her at the same time. I was so determined to help her but I had to do my research. The hardest part of getting her to lose weight was honestly starting. I was so confused with “how”. I tried in the past and failed miserably.

After doing some research I found the book “red light, green light, eat right” written by Joanna Dolgoff a pediatrician that specializes in childhood obesity. From this I was able to calculate her BMI and figured out what an appropriate calorie was for her. (I needed a calorie allowance idea to help me plan her portions.

For her this was 1200 calories. This I broke into meals breakfast (breakfast 300, snack 100, lunch 300, snack 100, dinner 400) sometimes I switch the calories around. This helped alottttt with portions. In the beginning fruits and vegetables were free food… so if she was hungry after a meal I gave fruits/veg. We also did not waste calorie on drink.. so we only did water and flavored water.

Ok so it was time to start: I went through the cupboard and got rid of everything I didn’t want on our plan then I had a conversation with her telling her that we are going to get healthier so we can run faster, play and keep up with other kids, swim better and do gymnastics. I keep saying we because we did it as a family. Everyone ate and drank the same thing…total house support. I went and bought her a water bottle and the plates came in sections. I learned that variety and presentation helps a lot too.

We didn’t hang out in the kitchen because I noticed that she wanted to eat more when she saw the fridge…. OMG did we play and we played alottt!!! This was a main source of exercise… trampoline, park, swimming, gymnastics, scooter, bike, walk, run, water balloon fight, water gun and dart fight… anything to stay active.
I allowed her to cook with me.. I disguise vegetables in food and smoothies as I introduce them to her. Initially we did gummy vitamins to help with the change. Gummy fibers for bowel changes while we work on vegetables intake.

For the vegetables she didn’t like we played games at the dinner table and I would watch her eat vegetables she denied in the past. We made popsicles with flavored water, some with low fat yogurt and fruits. I packed her lunch for school. She did well I’m super proud of her. Everyone in the house loss weight and it didn’t feel like work. Thanks for supporting her. I’ll share more as I think it up.

I created a group to help other kids and we have been having amazing result from other kids.

Feel free to join the facebook group for support:

Flowers Flourish

It had been an hour since the plane landed in DC and a hot photoshoot would soon absorb the little energy that I had left. The flight was booked around 3 am it left at 6 am meaning I didn’t sleep all night. Somewhere in between picking up açaí bowls from South Block and finding supplies for an art project we drove pass this wall of greenery. The temperature for the north east is currently set to “hell”. The heat felt like it was giving you a hug and jumping on your back at the same time. We managed to snap a few shots then rush back to the car where the air conditioning was our ticket to heaven!

Yogi Selects – Catherine Dawn Yoga

When I put up the call for Yogi Selects I had a feeling I would get some good feedback! The summer time always opens people up to share a little more about themselves. @Catherine_Dawn_Yoga reached out and after much delay on my end I delivered a questionnaire she sent it back with everything we could ask for!  
If you could form thoughts solely on anything other than words what would it be and why?
If I could form thought solely on anything other than words it would be sensation. It is actually my current meditation practice. All thought stems from emotion; emotion stems from sensation; sensation a result of chemical reaction. If we could witness the thought that is attached to the sensation we can undo past patterns and create new ones.
We are overstimulated and have too much external input. People have lost the ability to use a lot of our senses because we are so disconnected from the natural world and stillness. It’s time to reclaim the lost knowledge.
What is your first memory?
When I was about 3 or 4 I used to sit in my mother’s room in Brooklyn. I could hear the church bells ringing because we lived across the street from the church. I would sit in her mirror with my face pressed close and examine how my pupils and iris’ opened and closed. I used to think about how I got here and who made me and if someone made me who made them.
How can one distinguish the difference between intelligence and intuition?
I suppose this question is similar to the question of  knowledge and wisdom.
Intelligence: We can learn something from books or from a teacher and rationalize things based on information and perhaps similar experience which would allow for inference.
Intuition: For some it comes more naturally than others. Intuition is a result of being fully present and paying attention to sensation. The sensation you receive contains the wisdom which one might describe as intuition. It may be the case that some can really harness/sharpen intuition that might come naturally with intentional focus allowing it to be less of a phenomena and more of a tool.
I’ve never been on a silent retreat? Can you share an experience that you may never forget from the 12 day Vipassana course
Vipassana is like a science experiment with your own psyche. 12 days. 9.5 days you cannot talk , gesture or look at another person except your teacher during set times to ask questions about the method and emergencies to the program manager. 2 vegetarian meals a day (last one at 11:30am) and 10 hours of meditation per day. There are breaks in between.
After the 9.5 days of silence with no external input all the participants were very excited to talk and connect. It was really beautiful but people became a bit overwhelmed. Schedules were forgotten and food went uneaten. Some could not sleep that night, others had headaches and I myself experienced spasms in my stomach muscles that evening. It was interested to observe how external input manifests in our bodies and our behaviors.
At one point during the Vipassana we saw a bear within 3 feet of us. We were all quite calm after days of 10 hours of meditation.I managed to communicate with the other attendees to move back into their cabins by signing and the bear passed without getting agitated. He was really just curious but if we had screamed the situation might have manifested quite differently.
Have you had any lucid yoga related dreams while sleeping?

I have had lucid dreams related to my path and intertwined with people who I have met along my yogic path. I have found lucid dreaming a powerful tool in gaining messages from the subconscious. Yogic meditation is not that far off from lucid dreaming when you tap into different practices.

Does life have a way of putting you in the right place at the right time? If so how can you realize that in the moment versus retrospectively?


I think it does. There are little details we can begin to notice as time goes on, some people call them synchronicities or messages from higher self. If you begin to follow them and trust it is like cracking the code but it is harder than it sounds. We often have self limiting beliefs that interfere. But that is why practices like yoga are key.
If there was one question you can have answered about the mysteries of life what would the question be?
How can we create harmony without disrupting the beauty of natural chaos and unpredictability?
I am always dancing with this question.
Has yoga help improve your running routine? If so how?
I don’t run as often as I used to but it certainly helped to improve my running. I started practicing yoga during a time where I was running in races and doing bootcamp like workouts. It helped me to better control my breath and also my focus during longer runs. On long runs the monkey mind starts to kick in and you sometime will hear yourself telling you to give up but you have to override it and keep going. Yoga give you specific ways to do that. Mantra, picking a focal point, imagining an object etc.
In which ways can poetry help translate the feelings yoga can provide?
Yoga and poetry are not different to me. Whether I am practicing yoga or writing I am connecting with a higher source. The ego gets lost in both practices. I sometimes use poetry to translate the revelations I receive in the yogic practices; It’s connecting to spirit and creating word.
So many blessing and good things ! Keep creating godly things!

You can follow Catherine on her journey via Instagram 



After being teased late last month, the fourth stop of  KAWS‘ HOLIDAYsculpture has made its way to Mount Fuji, Japan. On display until July 24, the large-scale outdoor exhibition is centered around a 40-meter-long inflatable COMPANION figure and a unique camping experience. Around 2,000 campers will be staying at the foot of the inflatable figure at the Fumotoppara Camping Ground sponsored by Herschel Supply.

This time around, KAWS’ iconic COMPANION figure has taken a relaxed position by the greatest symbol of Japan’s natural beauty. Created in collaboration with longtime collaborator AllRightsReserved, the exhibition will be opened with a drone performance by the SKYMAGIC drone team which will spotlight KAWS’ signature works, against the picturesque and tranquil scenery.

The KAWS:HOLIDAY JAPAN will be on display from July 18 to 24.

Fumotoppara Camping Ground
156 Fumoto
Fujinomiya, Shizuoka 418-0109


Book Select – The Secret Life of Plants

Explore the inner world of plants and its fascinating relation to mankind, as uncovered by the latest discoveries of science. A perennial bestseller.

In this truly revolutionary and beloved work, drawn from remarkable research, Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird cast light on the rich psychic universe of plants. Now available in a new edition, The Secret Life of Plants explores plants’ response to human care and nurturing, their ability to communicate with man, plants’ surprising reaction to music, their lie-detection abilities, their creative powers, and much more. Tompkins and Bird’s classic book affirms the depth of humanity’s relationship with nature and adds special urgency to the cause of protecting the environment that nourishes us.

Available to purchase on amazon or download the free  pdf here