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Cannabis and Mangoes

Mangoes are known for being a rich source of vitamin A. Along with being able to intensify a cannabis high, mangoes also have the ability to do something equally important. They can make it last longer. Mangoes have a wonderful fragrance that is caused by a chemical called myrcene and the terpenes which are located inside. These can also be found in cannabis and various other exotic plants. When a person eats a mango, the terpenes will go straight into the bloodstream. It does not matter if the person smokes cannabis before or after they eat a mango, the psychoactive ingredient THC will interact with the terpenes. Once this interaction begins to take place, the potency of the high the person experiences will be dramatically increased. The amount of time the person experiences this high will also last longer. However, the amount of time will vary from person to person.
Cannabis Mango
While the THC in cannabis and the terpenes found in mangoes will increase the level of high a person experiences no matter when the mango is eaten, it has been shown that eating a mango before taking a hit is the most effective way to ensure the best and longest lasting high. Mangoes have also demonstrated the ability to be effective pain relievers. If you want to try the mango method for yourself, you should first check your own metabolism. If you have a metabolism that is slow, consume one mango roughly two hours prior to smoking your cannabis. If you have a fast metabolism, you should eat two or three mangoes to achieve the desired effect.

Eat mangoes to avoid getting the munchies
A single mango only has 130 calories, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. All cannabis users have experienced cravings for unhealthy junk foods that are loaded with fat. Instead of loading yourself up with garbage like potato chips to satisfy your cannabis cravings, eat a mango the next time you get a case of the munchies. It is good for you and it will help you to keep off the pounds. It should be noted that people who have a high tolerance for cannabis will experience a stronger and longer lasting high than those who do not.
Mango Cannabis
Cannabis users concerned about their weight
The binge eating commonly associated with smoking cannabis has caused many people to gain a large amount of weight. If you are trying to watch your weight, eating mangoes is a great alternative for people who are on a diet. They are a low glycemic index food that can help people to lose weight and regulate their level of blood sugar. Also, mangoes are made up of 82 percent water. Since they also contain 12 percent of a person’s recommended daily fiber intake, a person can feel full without consuming a large amount of calories.

Mangoes can decrease the risk of cancerous tumors
Elevating your cannabis high and helping you keep off the pounds are not the only advantages mangoes can offer. These fruits contain polyphenols that help to fight inflammation and lower blood sugar levels. In a study performed by Texas A&M University, the polyphenols in mangoes prevented an inflammatory response in breast cells that were cancerous. This means the growth of cancerous tumors and cells can be reduced.

Source – RoyalQueenSeeds 


Costa Rica: FOCUS

Costa Rica! It seems like I have been on the move in different countries more than usual lately. This trip begun in effort to capture an all women’s yoga retreat to be included in the next Why we do Yoga doc but turned out to be much more of a personal exploration and self reflective adventure.

I was looking forward to going to Costa Rica but not really. After the connecting flight was canceled I really was thinking about getting a flight back to Ny and taking this whole trip as a loss but i pushed through, booked anoother airbnb in florida then caught a flight in the am.  As soon as the plane landed in Costa Rica  I went over to baggage claim to make sure my luggage made it through with a special bag of lavender I packed, success! For some reason I felt 3 weeks in Costa Rica would be enough time for me to take it all in. I didn’t plan on going to far outside of San Jose but  3 encounters led me the Caribbean side of the country. The first suggestion was from a passenger on the plane sitting next to me. The flight attendant began using me as her oxygen mask demo, I open my eyes, look up at her then look to the left at the passenger. My slightly shocked sleepy eye brows raised look caused a laugh and started a conversation. Her English was better than my Spanish, I simply showed her some photos and said I’m a photographer.  This compelled her to show me a wide range of photos from family to the wonderful property

Limon, Cahuita National Park

she lives on overlooking the volcano. She suggested I visit Limon! She said there will be people there similar to me pointing at my hair and skin. I kept that in mind.

  • The next suggestion came from a helpful hand. As I grabbed my luggage, I walked out of the airport into a sea of taxi drivers with signs. Before I walked into the sea I stood on the sand looking for the taxi holding my sign. I could not see him so I began walking toward the crowd of taxis and shuttles. One person with shades asked me who am I looking for … in English. I didn’t answer the question immediately but he was persistent and after I let him know I’m looking for Yoga house taxi he began yelling Yoga house taxi for me.. still no luck at that point I figured effort must be rewarded so I rolled with him and by roll with him I mean as soon as we made it in the taxi we were rolling up and smoking on the way to Airbnb even made a quick stop for some more ganja! My kind of welcome, a unexpected trip is turning

into a pleasant experience.

  • Cristian the taxi also suggested I leave San Jose ” you will get bored here, all the women Puerto Viejo my friend. (Does hand motion as if he is slapping a juicy bottom) I laugh because this is the second time Puerto Viejo  has been described as the land of the crazy women.  I wasn’t quite sold yet and decided to chill in San Jose.

How I came across im not sure but I saw that it was in Costa Rica so I reached out to them a few weeks prior to see if they wanted to speak about their practice. Corrine is a yoga instructor/ Equine therapist. From the first email I had a feeling this meeting would teach me lessons I didn’t initially have an interest for but would definitely learn to appreaciate. I had a flight booked, 21 days in another country and only one person I planned on meeting. My schedule felt underwhelming at first but I went with the flow.

Costa Rica has a interesting way of locating address. It’s usually a marker and a few directions like go 30 meters south then 2 leaf lengths west then follow the wind north until you arrive. So when the cab attempted to drop me off on the side of a hill in my best English/Spanish I said mmm keep going. We found the driveway and rode all the way up to an amazing view! Corrine showed me around and gave a bit of history of the land. Escazu mountain … mountain of the shamans or now know as brujas. I noticed there were pizza shops called Brujas pizza on the ride up the hill.  We walked over to the arena  and the curiosity of the horses led them to where we were standing. Corrine began explaining what natural horsmanship is and the different approach that is taken. There is more of a genuine connection with the horse, you invite or ask never demand and if the horse would like to do it’s own thing it is free to. Observation is key in working with horses. Not only because they are large animals but because they are very aware of who is around constantly watching, observing your energy so doing the same is useful.

Being aware of your breathing, observation, movement without even mentioning yoga my mind was already beginning to make the connections and see how having a consistent yoga practice can help you center yourself and in turn create a greater relationship with the horse your working with.

Corrine went into speaking about working with the horses chakras/energy points along their spine. I learned making a connection with the horse before riding or asking to do anything makes a huge difference. Somewhere in between learning about the mountain and observing the horses my drone decided to malfunction. This has already brought the next trip to life, there are so shots I must come back for. It turned out to be a good thing, I was forced to mainly focused on the “ground cam”. Aerial photo and video has a way of snatching your focus into these beautiful shots from above but an unexpected happening actually helped the mission I should be focused on.

Land/Horse Keeper Antonio and Corrine’s Daughter visiting home for a few days to check in on Mom and help her with a few healing aspects of life!

The next day I returned to Corrine’s stable and actually had a chance to connect with the horse. We started by sitting in the middle of the arena and  begun verbalizing a mantra. I will have to get the name of it later, after we began walking in the direction of the horse but not in a direct line. We await for the horse to make a “connection” this could be a subtle breath out the nose or a brush up against. It’s like an acknowledgment.

We concluded the day with me leading the horse around the arena, this experience taught me how to establish your boundaries while respecting the horse as well. The paint horse kept attempting to bite my hand or what really felt like testing my limit so I had to put my finger in his cheek and push away a little. I even had a chance to ride with the horse and as soon as I sat I began to feel the enormous heart pulsations beneath me. We went around the arena a few times and I even was able to do a few yoga asana while riding. The experience was great and I felt a new connection and respect for  horses.

After the second session in the arena we packed up and went over to a pool. Corrine had a pool yoga class and with all the drone madness happening I thought it would be cool to put the cameras aside, enjoy the moment and join in.

With one interview complete,I didn’t have anything else planned accept getting aerial shots of the country but since that isn’t possible I decided that San Jose may have runits course and it was time to relocate.

Speaking with an Ex-Pat poolside, says she has lived in Costa Rica for more than 11 years from New Jersey and never learned spanish but has made it from day to day quite alright. 


On the day that I was planning to leave San Jose I took a walk to the shop for some coffee and noticed a gorgeous taller woman walking behind a photographer. Hmmm, I said to myself.  This was the first time I saw a photographer in San Jose so I began following them. I didn’t want to interupt the shoot so  I quickly openedInstagram pointed to it, because who knows if they speak english, then pointed to the camera and showed her my page. 15 minutes later I finished loading in some laundry I received invite back to the park to come get some photos of the model also! Wonderful…they had a small crew of 4 and they were definitely helpful in translating my body movements and protecting my coconut juice.

I called my boy Cristian for some green and a ride to the bus station. With one call I was off to the Caribbean side of the country, Limon!

Even though everyone suggested I go to Puerto Viejo for the lush chocolate visuals I decided to rellllaaaax and go to a town not too far from Viejo which is called Cahuita. In San Jose I didn’t see many monkeys or wild life but when I made it to Limon I heard birds monkeys and even started getting bit by mosquitoes. Your not enjoying time away until your getting bit.

I stayed in Cahuita for a few days even though I had an Airbnb booked for a few days back in Atenas I decided to take that loss and stay on the Carribean side.  There was a national park in Cahuita that followed one simple path straight in and out. I captured some moody shots there you can view below.

On the last day in Cahuita I went out to catch a sunrise and encountered two lovely ladies jogging on the sand. They initiated a conversation then began telling me about two events one is a calypso festival that will take place next month and an all black people festival in August. I may have my birthday plans already ready! Once again I was told about the lovely beaches of and crazy women of Puerto Viejo.

I had to check out in 2 hours and the meeting on the beach with the two ladies led me to feel I should go to Puerto Viejo. I actually planned to stay in Cahuita for one more day at one of the ladies spot. When I went to the area they told me to go to, I couldn’t find them so in a split decision I bounced!  Walked to the bus station and happened to see the neighbor from where I was staying for a few days. She was taking her children to Puerto Viejo also. Between me drying my shirt on the fence and chasing it in the wind we began talking and I discovered she also was experienced in coordinating Equine therapy sessions for corporate leadership development. Once the bus arrived we sat next to each other and I showed her some of the footage I captured during the previous days as she shared her corn chips with me. The ride was shorter than I expected, time can fly when watching footage.  As we entered Puerto Viejo I saw a Yogi that I recognized from Instagram walking, dressed in all black. Since she crossed my sight, I reached out to see if her time would allow for an interview/shoot.  Once I stepped foot off the bus I could tell this town would be more active. There were much more stores and people and dogs and  it felt like the activity picked up a few notches. Once I settled in the Airbnb I checked my emails to discover Corrine sent me a message pertaining her friend that lives on the Caribbean side of the country, the side I happened to be on! Wonderful, I reached out to Terry and it was a great connection. We coordinated a time to meet the next day. On my way to Nema the cafe chosen for our rendezvous, I came across a cool dude with some green! He met me at the cafe as well right before Terry arrived.

I jumped in the suv, introduced myself and we began talking about what exactly it is that I do. As we drove down the street Terry pointed out some cool spots that I should check out and even let me know where the monkeys can be found and whereto find the best coffee and chocolate.  We made it to the land and the property was spacious open and beautiful like many homes in Costa Rica.

Terry began showing me around the property and telling me more about the land and herbs that grow wild.

We made a quick stop to see the yoga platform and talk a little bit about yoga and horsemanship. Photos will have to do for now… the video will be in the Why We Do Yoga 2 Doc!

We made our way to the stable and arena to see the huge horses. I think there were 5 horses total and 1 stallion. Terry began telling me about each horse and how one of the horse pictured above is 4 months pregnant. She led two of the horses into the arena and they began playing and running around. The pregnant horse instantly began rolling around in the mud, before she did Terry comically made me aware that she just cleaned her off

It was important to let the horses run and around and get all that playful energy out.  Terry let me know that the horse rolling around was a way to ground itself. When I first stepped into the arena they were definitely excited even running around. I made sure I observed and stayed close to Terry just in case. I learned a little from Corrine but I know I have much more to learn. Terry let me know that subtle things like the wind can cause the horse to become excited. The wind carries smells, sounds and things we may not be able to pickup on but can cause a reaction from the horse. Once the horses settled down Terry began showing me different ways she begins working with the horse from simple routines and stretches she does for the horse to loosen up its legs. As I’m recording the lens I’m using decides it has had enough and quit working. Second horse shoot and another camera malfunction, Costa rica seems to not like my recording efforts. I quickly figured out what was going on (ants) and continued filming. Throughout the day Terry continuously mentioned how it is important to be in the moment and acknowledge how you feel so in that moment I shared with her that my camera/lens is malfunctioning thats reason I keep stopping and starting and Terry shared her brain seemed to be malfunctioning as she was forgetting some of the information, and from that moment everything worked almost normally.

I learned more about connecting with the horse on an energetic level and how each interaction will be different. We ended the session with a delicious salad and Terry dropped me back off at Nemas for the second round of Tequila Sun rise.  Half my trip was complete and I’ve finished all the interviews I had planned out. Was still waiting to hear back from the Yogi I spotted the day before walking around. I’ve yet to see the monkeys and that was top priority on this trip! The next day I had to checkout of the Airbnb but I wanted to stay in the area so I switched locations and rented a bike to move my stuff from point A to B! I made my first stop at the location Terry told me I would find the monkeys. There was a rock in the ocean that reminded me of a similar rock in Martinique called Diamond rock. I find these little big rocks in the ocean fascinating I want to see what’s beneath it actually. Either way I setup camp took some photos and enjoyed the transparent water that seemed to be the exact temp you would want it to be.  The previous day I walked along the road further than I thought, I walked to Punta UVA and found a nice tree to chill under, roll a spliff and do some yoga in the sand.  I also had a nice meditation session where my tongue found its way to the back back of the roof of my mouth, It usually never goes back that far. There was a also a rhythm that I began to vocalize that seemed to be in sync with the waves and I couldn’t stop my body from moving along with the rhythm even when I kinda wanted to lol it was like listening to a song that wouldn’t stop playing and your body just continues to do yoga and your mouth continues the song after the rhythm released me as hostage I crawled out of the water… forgot where I was, completely zoned out. I kept the melody going as I walked allll the way back to the Airbnb.  With the bike I could travel further and quicker. After a 5 minute back in forth of English to Spanish I was able to get the bike for 6 dollars (3000 collones) no depsoit.  On a mission to find atleast one monkey I traveled to Manzanilllo which was the end of the road. Along the way I heard a monkey, it almost sounded like a hey who’s that, not literally but that’s how the sound itself felt. So I stopped and looked up to see about 4 or 5 of them just chilling in the tree. FINALLY I see the monkeys!! This was a joyous moment! I grabbed a photo of one of them and didn’t stick around for too long. Keeping the momentum going I continued biking and made it to Manzanillio… allll that biking and the view wasn’t as great as I had in my mind. There was a spot I grabbed two thick shrimp tacos from that was well worth the trip. Did some yoga on the beach and made my way back to Viejo. Half way back i felt like I was going to pass out so I stopped and ordered 4 mango x passionfruit smoothies. This has sparked a new love for passion fruit.

The next few days were pretty intense. The heat really took its toll on me so I decided to lay down and relax in good company. Spliffs and skype calls with a special ladybug seem to accompany wifi.  On the last day of Puerto Viejo I found the basketball court! If I had a ball with me I would of seriously stayed another week or so. Basketball courts on the beach bring me happiness. Either way I grabbed a bus ticket back to rainey San Jose, ate a falafel and almost missed the bus ordering a mango x passionfruit smoothie.

It felt like this is a trip I needed but didn’t necessarily want for myself. That could explain the sequence of events that took place leading up to being here. Making the most of a trip was the plan and I did just that. There were many unexpected expenses from the flight being canceled to forgetting my laptop charger in Florida to the drone malfunctioning, cant forget about the faulty lens contact issues…  all problems I would accept in exchange for the experience with the people I’ve met. Until next time!  Stay Focused

All Photos are available for print! Message me for pricing and size 

Book Select: Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound

Modern science and ancient wisdom traditions agree that the universe is a symphony of vibrational frequencies. In this beautiful, comprehensive, and unique work, Dr. Frawley elaborates the essential truths about cosmic sound, and how we can employ important mantras for healing, transformation and inner awakening.

You can order a copy at Amazon

Medical Study: Meditation and The Heart

Relationships between heart coherence and EEG alpha band activities

In this study, relationships were assessed between the proposed heart coherence as a meditation index and EEG alpha band activities. The parietal peak alpha power is increased with increasing heart coherence during meditation but no such significant relationship was observed at baseline. Average lagged alpha coherence are increased with increasing heart coherence during meditation but reverse relationship was observed at baseline. Relative alpha power also increased with increasing heart coherence during both meditation and baseline while the regression coefficient still higher as similar in the other alpha variables during meditation than baseline.

There is a previous meditation-related study examining correlations between conventional HRV indices (LF, HF, LF/HF) and EEG variables (Takahashi et al., 2005); however, respiration rate in the study was fixed at predetermined rate that could give a sense of restraint to the participants. It would be more natural that the participant decides their respiration rate by themselves according to their own tempo for their successful meditative state.

There was a study exploring the correlation between average cardiac index changes and average EEG index changes during meditation (Kubota et al., 2001; Hamada et al., 2006) but there are few cases considering dynamic correlation changes between cardiac and EEG indices at within baseline and within meditation. One such exception was a study in which the correlation between heart rate and BOLD signals in the ACC region was higher in the meditative state than in a neutral state (Lutz et al., 2009).

In this study, the relationship between cardiac and EEG indices were explored at baseline and during meditation for 12 participants. The results show that our proposed cardiac index, heart coherence, has a significant positive correlation with every EEG alpha index (peak power, relative power, and average coherence) during meditation, but not during baseline.

At the same time, heart coherence had a stronger coupling, greater regression coefficient, with all EEG alpha variables during mediation than during baseline testing (Figure (Figure3).3). The regression coefficient, slope of the regression equation between heart coherence and EEG alpha variables, means to what extent of EEG alpha activities changes when heart coherence increase by 1. If we only observed average changes in various variables, the dynamic correlations between heart coherence and alpha peak power, for instance, would not have been detected. Many participants did not show positive heart coherence changes when the average changes were statistically assessed (Figure (Figure1).1). It means that coherent behavior of the heart rhythm was not so reliable for many of the participants. It means that many of the participants could not sustain heart coherent meditation for the entire duration of their meditation. However, it would be more natural that there were fluctuations in meditation quality within their entire meditation duration. Furthermore, all the participants only completed a basic course, and none were advanced meditator. Although heart coherence was not reliable in the most of the participants, there was strong coupling between heart coherence and EEG alpha variables within meditative state compared to the baseline. This could suggest that there are many moments in which heart coherence directly influence EEG alpha activities during meditation. In addition, alpha peak power did not also change significantly from baseline to during meditation in the analysis of group-based data. Regardless, the highest regression coefficient (Figure (Figure3)3) during meditation compared to baseline, was between heart coherence and alpha peak power, indicates that there may be many moments when heart coherence is strongly coupled with alpha peak power during meditation, even though the relationship may not be detected during an entire meditation duration (Figure (Figure2C2C).

An indication of meditation quality would be expected from the strength of the relationship, regression coefficient (Figure (Figure3),3), between heart coherence and EEG variables. Heart coherence may not only be a cardiac index but also an index of meditation if heart coherence is strongly correlated with EEG alpha variables especially in meditation. However, there is also an evidence that heart coherence usually increases in the early phase of meditation, accompanying slow and deep breathing, and shows quite different patterns in the deep phase of meditation in which the heart coherence cannot represent such a meditative state any more (McCraty et al., 2009).

Although heart coherence cannot cover all stages or types of meditation, we anticipate that a heart coherence index will become a simple tool for quick assessment of Autogenic meditative states, which is easily achievable during people’s daily lives, considering the fact that heart coherence can be implemented more easily than EEG index, based on the use of contemporary technologies.

In addition, all parameters observed in this study were indices reflecting a degree of ordering or self-organization; heart coherence, EEG alpha activities and the synchronizing relationship between heart coherence and EEG variables. Strengthening the degree of ordering by enhancing heart coherence, promoting EEG alpha activations and improving the relationship between heart and EEG variables would help in recovery of the homeostatic processes within our body. Interestingly, there were some researches showing harmonic frequency architecture in EEG study. Eleven Hertz alpha peak was clearly observed in vibrotactile discrimination task while harmonic peak at 22 Hz also emerged in a recent animal study (Haegens et al., 2011) and simultaneous appearance of 6 Hz frontal midline theta and 12 Hz alpha activity during retention period of a demanding working memory task in a human study (Jensen et al., 2002). Regarding the dynamic correlations between heart coherence and EEG alpha activities argued in this paper, we could assume that there could be a harmonic oscillation architecture in human body, connecting brain oscillating 10 Hz alpha frequency and heart oscillating 0.1 Hz respiration frequency (cardio-respiratory resonant frequency varies from person to person, the frequencies are generally around 0.1 Hz).

We still do not know how the heart coherence are coupled EEG alpha activity more actively in the meditation compared to the baseline. Further study will help to define this degree of ordering more clearly and a causality of the interactions between heart and brain more thoroughly and will eventually determine how we can achieve such a state more easily using physiological knowledge and biofeedback technologies.

Conflict of interest statement

The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

If your really interested I recommend reading the full study here at NCBI 

Indica Selects: Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is an indica strain that has gained notoriety in the U.S. and beyond for its heavy tranquilizing effects. Sweet hashish flavors with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee come through on the exhale, delighting the palate as powerful relaxation takes over. From head to toe, muscles ease with heaviness as dreamy euphoria blankets the mind, crushing stress while coercing happy moods. Bubba Kush exhibits a distinctive, bulky bud structure with hues that range from forest green to pale purple.

Bubba’s stocky plant stature and bulky bud structure suggest Afghani descent, but its genetic origins aren’t certain. The breeder whom this strain was named after states that Bubba Kush emerged just after 1996, when an OG Kush hybrid pollinated an unknown indica strain obtained in New Orleans. The mother plant was supposedly Northern Lights, but the genetically ambiguous indica was simply called “Bubba.” Bubba Kush has flourished from its California roots ever since.


FDA: The Dead Ringer

Shot by @Lifeisart_Films

The night was electric to say the least. The gallery was in a location that felt like a raw atmosphere. One of those lawless anything goes kind of vibes. The wandering of Jays in and out of the exhibit intensified the night even further and set a familiar unpredictable tone I can appreciate.

Shot by @LifeisArt_Fims

The artist that I was teamed up with was Jessica Hill.  Jessica found inspiration in a photograph that was taken during a acknowledgement ceremony. She turned the photo into a elaborate detailed designed fabric. This is Jessica’s Grandma explaining to me the process of creating the fabric utilizing wood carving as a transfer medium after painting (photo above).

Shot by @Lifeisart_films

I still don’t quite understand how she did it but I’m going to link up with her later down the line and collaborate on a video project because this style of art interest me and I really would like to know how it is developed. It was great finally meeting Jessica and her family was real cool and laid back as well. Definitely was pleasure being able to take part in the show having some of work being displayed.

A late but stunning entrance was made by this artist!  I was not expecting to see a lady fully body painted walking through the gallery but the art that was on the wall made much more sense once she walked in front of it. I liked their vibe they brought a real fun Gotham villan type of feel but in a good way.  It seems like the best moments I catch of Shon is when she is pouring her heart out telling people what she goes through making the art work.  I’m assuming this is what she says because im never close enough to actually hear it but it seems to be so passionate. She could be talking about how strawberries taste for all I know though.

Young Shon flexxin and Mother of Shon!
@ablackstateofmind keeping it real with black love as always.

Her collaboration with Miya Bailey came out great. There will be more of that in the video. Check out her work and support her next film/journey For The love of the Black Man:  GHANA 

Miya Bailey Searching
IG @Awake.AF
Cool dude and takes some pretty awesome Landscape shots. His girlfriend is always the life of the party at the shows! Check out his work @jahi._
@jahi._ A great capture of a lighthouse that seems to be abandoned 
Out of everyone I personally invited I was really happy to see  Shanti Gumboooo. Right before this moment I was looking around like … i .. dont . … see… anyone I … told/asked … to … lol then walaaa so thank you Alia and Isislove for showing support I appreciate it.
The Ring Pops were in full effect last night …. Why Im not quite sure.
This guy was realllllly excited about seeing himself become apart of the art. The appreciate was all over his smile and joyous celebration!
Sometimes Peace and Water is all you really need.
Finally caught a shot that i think is okay of @kayashoots … Photographers know how to hide from the camera best. I know I do atleast.. So Im glad I could finally catch a shot of her that doesn’t include the back of her locs!
@byrdeyeviews breaking down the inspiration behind is work or thinking of whats next… who knows.
It would’nt be an art show if it weren’t a 80+ degree room full of dope inspirational art. The heat was real but the air conditioning kept the spot at a tolerable environment.


Allen (Lifeisart_Films) came through and grabbed a few shots as well check those out below!

Shot by @Lifeisart_Films
Shot by @Lifeisart_Films
Jessica Hill Shot by @Lifeisart_Films
Shot by @Lifeisart_Films
Shot by @Lifeisart_Films
Shot by @Lifeisart_Films 

Shout out to Bri.Simpson for making my life so much easier with these prints. I was anti print for the longest but now with the help of Bri  and Allen showing me footage of Wak breaking down the print business I think its time to redirect my focus and put both hands in that market.

@Bri.Simpson x @Lifeisart_Films

All of the artist that were apart of the show can be found with the links below. I will be chopping up the videos and tagging everyone that was captured. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to being apart of more shows in the future as an alive artist! with the Future Dead fam. 

Artist x Photographer
@keefcross + @omegaruthimagery
@byrdeyeviews + @kayashoots
@soulfulvoyage + @jahi._
@miyabailey + @ablackstateofmind
@goldigold45 + @reeswa
@occasionalsuperstar + @jolinoire
@cfluxsing + @phyllis.iller
@jbarberstudio + @artemusjenkins
@chillyolovesyou + @thunderass_clap
@deltatangomike + @tresfloresss
@eric_nine + @blctxt
@jemireese + @eyefocus

Additional Photography by  @Lifeisart_Films