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Harley Davidson E – Bike

For the ultimate combination of style, performance and innovative design, look no further than the new line of electric bikes from Harley Davidson.

It’s not all about the premium branding that comes with the 116-year old motorcycle manufacturing legacy.

The highly anticipated set of bikes comes with impressive features that any biking lover would relish.

Slated for release in 2019, the LiveWire is first on the line, with the capacity to go from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 3.5 seconds.

For motorcycle lovers who delight in that unique rumble of speed, it comes with a new signature sound during acceleration. That’s an outstanding feature in as far as electric bikes go.

Another first for the new model is its cellular connection, which the company claims is not available on any other mass market motorcycle.

It’s telematics system displays all the necessary data about operations via a connected app. On a single charge, the bike can go for up to 110 miles.

Details are still scanty for their other all-electric concept bikes, but judging from their style, they hold promise of great things to come.

Source – awesomestuff365

Deity Darkness in India

India is the most diversified country in the world. With 29 states and a population of 1.2 billion living in these states, the culture and traditions are followed by 9 religions.

But, there’s one thing in common. Every God or Goddess has been portrayed  to us as White Skinned when majorly the population has a darker tone.

And thus, these Chennai based photographers- Naresh Nil and Bhardwaj Sundar, break all the stereotypes and re-create the same image of Gods with a dark tone in their beautiful photographs.

Divinity has many forms, and colours have been used in various ways to depict the Divine. The jury is out, but in common culture, we still find godliness being depicted through ‘white’ or ‘fair’ skin, right from the small photo of God in the neighborhood store, to the big framed photo hanging inside a house.

By depicting Gods we revere as dark-skinned, this initiative aims to celebrate a different view of their divinity, serenity and all pervasive beauty by going beyond perceptions.

1. Goddess Lakshmi

2. Goddess Durga

3. Goddess Saraswati

4. Lord Shiva

5. Lord Krishna

6. Bala Murugan, form of Lord Subrahmanya

Read the full article and see more art work at buddybits

Guggenheim Tulum’s Treehouse

The brainchild of Peggy Guggenheim’s great-grandson, IK Lab’s new seaside gallery features curved walls like the NYC original—and a few other surprising features

Before you enter IK Lab, a new arts and cultural space in the heart of Tulum, you must first take off your shoes. Part of the experience, according to its designer Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel, is through your feet, which alternately pass over carpets of curving jungle vines and polished cement. And proceed with caution: The floor occasionally slopes unexpectedly.

“If you don’t pay attention, you’ll fall,” says Sterkel, explaining how an uneven floor is a humbling attitude adjustment. “You have to lose control to pay attention to what you feel, emotionally and spiritually.”

The Argentine native, a former painter with no formal architectural background, constructed the curvaceous, womblike IK Lab on the site of his eco-conscious resort Azulik (a portmanteau of the Spanish word for “blue” and the Mayan word for “wind”) with a deep reverence for Mother Nature: No trees were cut, and the amorphous structure sits on stilts so that local wildlife can still pass below. Light permeates both the walls of vines reinforced by transparent fiberglass and the grand, misshapen portico doors—all of which normally spells disaster for showing art.

“This is the counter model of the standard gallery,” says IK Lab director Santiago Rumney Guggenheim, since curators typically prefer the reliable blank canvas of straight white walls. But when Rumney Guggenheim moved to Tulum in January (having grown up in Paris and lived in New York, where he temporarily had a gallery of his own), he immediately proposed that Sterkel turn the site into a gallery.

“When I walked into the space, it reminded me that in 1948, Peggy [Guggenheim, his great-grandmother] had opened a gallery in New York called Art of This Century, and the walls were curved,” he says. (The family legacy of difficult architecture also includes the curving walls of the Frank Lloyd Wright’s New York building, for starters, or the cavernous, billowing ones of Frank Gehry’s Bilbao). “I saw it as a challenge,” he adds. “You have to rethink how you’re going to put together a show.”

On Friday, IK Lab opens its first exhibition: “Alignments,” in which Rumney Guggenheim makes use of the unusual space by hanging nearly-ten-foot-long sculptures by Artur Lescher from the cavernous ceiling and illuminating neon works by Margo Trushina. In an adjacent 39-foot-high dome, Tatiana Trouvée’s 250 Points Towards Infinity comprises suspended pendulums pointing at 250 different points on the ground.

Beyond this inaugural show, the duo’s vision is farther reaching, including art programs for local children, and a multidisciplinary residency for aspiring artists, fashion designers, chefs, musicians, and more now under construction off-site deep in the jungle. “The artist will be developing his or her work as a resident taking in consideration and being affected by what’s happening around them, walking barefoot, touching different textures and exchanging ideas,” says Sterkel, who calls Tulum “a Mayan paradise.”

“They’ll make a playful space of creativity and sharing and playful and everyone is learning,” he adds. “This is my dream there.”

12 Hour Flight Time | Methanol Powered Drones

  • Developers of FY-36 say they overcame ‘tons of problems’ to create alcohol-fuelled battery that allows 15kg (33lb)6 drone to fly for up to 12 hours
  • With 15 test flights under their belt, Chinese team achieve methanol-powered flight before German company
Scientists working on a drone development programme created a “game-changing” methanol-powered fuel system that kept their UAV in the air for 12 hours.

It took them more than two years to get the FY-36 unmanned aerial vehicle to the flying prototype stage, said Zhang Wenyu, general manager of Feye UAV Technology, a Tianjin-based drone manufacturer that collaborated with the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in northeastern Liaoning province.

At 15 kilograms (33 pounds), the low-noise FY-36 can be lifted by an adult or transported in a pickup truck, and designers said its hybrid aerodynamic shape – with four vertical propellers – can allow it to cruise at speeds as high as 90km/h, or 56mph.

With a payload of up to three kilograms, the FY-36 was designed to perform tasks such as power line inspection, search and rescue missions, geological mapping and military intelligence gathering, but its power source is what stands out.

Developers say the FY-36 has been flight-tested 15 times. Photo: Handout
Developers say the FY-36 has been flight-tested 15 times. Photo: Handout

Its methanol fuel cell was designed to generate enough electricity for a flight time of up to 12 hours per charge. By comparison, a low-cost lithium-powered Chinese DJI Spark “selfie drone” can stay in the air for 15 minutes, while the professional-grade DJI Inspire 2 can barely top half an hour using a lithium-ion battery pack.

“There were tons of problems which had to be solved on the ground” before the FY-36 took its maiden flight in November, Zhang – who described the technology as a “game-changer” – said on Monday.

Jolllof Rice w. Yewande Komolafe

“We don’t say a dish is spicy — we say it has pepper.” Yewande Komolafe is a recipe writer who grew up in Lagos and found herself searching for the heat and flavor of Nigerian food in the U.S. She picked the 10 essential Nigerian recipes, and this jollof rice was No. 1. It’s smoky and has a spicy kick. Get the jollof rice recipe: Yewande’s 10 Essential Nigerian Recipes: Photo Credits: Photography by Johnny Miller Food styling by Rebecca Jurkevich Prop styling by Paige Hicks —————————————— SUBSCRIBE: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PINTEREST: About NYT Cooking: All the food that’s fit to eat (yes, it’s an official New York Times production).

Making Mushrooms Meaty

On my cooking show today I welcome my friend Chef Derek Sarno & what we create is simply INCREDIBLE 🌎 SUBSCRIBE –… 💬

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Daily Focus 050

As promised I go over the most recent book knocked off the list Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg. Two quick  entheogenic stories and the lessons that come with it. Flying planes on Mushrooms and The pendulum of emotions. Tune in and listen close.


Quotes Of The Day

The tongue carries that which is light

Over discipline makes a child stunted

Too Long Honest, Too Long Poor

Hell itself holds dishonor in horror


Wildlife Photographer Roie Galitz

Roie Galitz considers himself an ambassador for the creatures he photographs, capturing their intimate moments in hopes of inspiring conservation

Roie Galitz’s adventurous spirit has quite literally driven him to the ends of the earth. He has made several excursions to the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard and the ice sheets of Antarctica, as well as the snowy tundra of Norway and the wild waters of Kamchatka, Russia — all in the hopes of capturing some of the earth’s most elusive creatures.

Although the photographer hails from Tel Aviv and first fell in love with wildlife photography in the sweltering savannahs of Tanzania, Galitz says he prefers to work in the cold—even when that can mean temperatures as low as 40 degrees below zero. He layers up multiple pairs of long johns, fleece shirts and the thickest wool socks he can find. On top of all of that, he wears an eight-pound Arctic suit. “When you’re cold, you can always put on an extra layer,” he says. “But when you’re hot, there is a legal limit to how much you can remove.”

Read the full in depth article at Smithsonian

Goddess Space w. ReignGlobal

In my journey from Pittsburgh to Atlanta I planned to make a quick stop to decide the direction I would be heading in. The date of that decision landed on 1.11. Washington DC was the mid point. From a random scroll on the gram I saw that Sha (ReignGlobal) was having an event Goddess Space Root Chakra themed. There was a video posted on Instagram of a previous Goddess Space. I noticed it was recorded from a iPhone because of the flickering due to lighting. I thought to myself why not put on some red threads swing by to soak in some of the laughter of Angela aka Goddess Body, Twist some of the finest DC greenery, plus drink a little wine, all while recording the proper video an event like this deserves. The last event I shot was in Atlanta a few weeks ago. A few weeks my camera has been sitting in the corner collecting dust, staring at me lifelessly. These days I’ve found more pleasure In contemplating what story I will be reliving to record orally or writing out from day to day. Practice perfectly is a saying I like to keep In pocket for moments like this. Even when I haven’t completed a creative activity for a while I trust all the practice will return to me perfectly, I’ve had plenty of practice over the years. I began hitting buttons and flipping switches on the memory capturing device I had forgotten about. All the familiar highs of being surrounded in a golden sun lit room full of beautiful women wearing a vibrant hue of red came rushing back like dope to an addict that relapsed. I begin tuning into the music, dance and vibe my way around the room while visually determining who wants to be filmed and who runs away from the camera if I even look in their direction. The anchor, there’s usually one lady amongst all that my eyes will focus on more than any other. This helps me contrast what I’m looking for against who or what I would like to look at. There’s a balance to maintain between playful attention and a disciplined wandering going on in my mind. This gives space for ideas and thoughts that bring a smile to myself and anyone just as observant noticing me in my own world. A taste of spicy lentils on my tongue began a reflection of the Ethiopian dish I grabbed from around the corner before I began. The chef took just long enough for me to roll a rushed spliff inside the bathroom to blaze a on the walk back to the venue bumping Nas God’s Son to set the mood. In my zone, camera swinging I take in all the laughs along with subtleties of women expressing themselves together growing more comfortable by the minute. From the Cacao ceremony to the space women held for each other it still feels good to have the responsibility of remembering this feeling. Now when will you see an edit of the video? who knows. When will it be requested, paid for, then released? who knows. Until then you can hold on to these candids below. I’m looking forward to seeing what Kwam has in stored, he even managed to grab some shots of me! Check his page out for the photography side of this event. Kwam is real cool down to earth brother, rocking a chain with a copper wrapped pointed quartz crystal the size of my forearm I know he brought back from Wakanda. Shout out to Emmy, writer, story teller creator. It’s always funny when I encounter someone that follows me already and even more funny when I’m already following them but we still can’t recognize each other in person without loading up the gram. Emmy and I shared a mutual moment of genuine excitement that starts on a phone but comes full circle in person with a hug.