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DEAD RINGER l Bridging the gap between inspiration and recognition.

@jemireese + @eyefocus
Group Exhibition
12 painters + 12 photographers
Saturday 06.03.17 l 7-11pm
100 Broad St SW, Atlanta
Wonder what they’ll produce together? We’ll see, can’t wait.



Cloud House

CLOUD HOUSE is a unique rain harvesting system that creatively reuses the rainwater it collects to provide a deeper look into the natural systems that give us the food we eat. It is a sensory experience that amplifies the connection between our existence and the natural world.


On rainy days, a gutter system collects rain that hits the roof and directs it to a storage tank underneath the house. Sitting in the rocking chairs triggers a pump that brings the collected rainwater up into the ‘cloud’ to drop onto the roof, producing that warm pleasant sound of rain on a tin roof. At the same time, rainwater drops from the tops of the windows onto the edible plants growing in the windowsills.
Designed to collect and store rainwater for the ‘cloud’ to rain, this display of the water cycle illustrates our dependence on the fragile natural systems that grow the food we eat: at points throughout the year when there is low rainfall, the ‘cloud’ will not rain on the roof because it is simply out of water.

CLOUD HOUSE is clad with barn wood and tin reclaimed from a nearby abandoned farm by a group of Amish builders. With rocking chairs on a barn wood floor, the sound of rain on a tin roof, and rain drops bringing the necessary elements for plants growing in the window sills, the look and feel of CLOUD HOUSE are the epitome of a rural farm experience from simpler times and offer a space to reflect on the natural processes of food production.

Located at Springfield, MO’s largest farmers’ market, CLOUD HOUSE is a poetic countterpoint to the busy market, inviting visitors to a meditative space in which they can slow down, enjoy the fresh edible plants, and listen to rain on a tin roof.

“For years, grocery stores have provided food that relies on large agro-conglomerates with unsustainable farming practices, international food distributors, and chemical companies. Many people have demanded that we have another relationship with our food that focuses on personal health, the health of the planet, and supporting local community. Farmer’s markets, like the one at Farmers Park, give the option to know by whom and how our food is made. However, the changing climate has brought a new threat of increased instability to our food systems by creating unpredictable weather patterns, which we are seeing as more drought in some locations and more floods in other locations. This makes it harder and harder to grow food. It is becoming increasingly important that we have a clear understanding of how closely we are tied to ecological systems like the water cycle. CLOUD HOUSE offers a moment to sit in a rocking chair and listen to the rain on the tin roof to reflect upon the fragile dance we are in with nature and our own survival.”

Matt O’Reilly at Green Circle Projects – Developer | Patricia Lea Watts – Project Manager | Jeff Broekhoven – Artistic Advising | Sujin Lim – Cloud Design | Ben Jennings -Structural Engineer | Sue Evans and Kenny Underwood at Elemoose – Cloud Construction | Omar Galal and John Walker at Rain Reserve -Water System | Aaron Sampson at SamCo Construction LLC – Barn Wood Siding and Tin Roof Steve | Wilson at Wilson Creek Rustic Furniture – ootings/Piers | Richard Thompson at CHR Metals – Steel Framing | Bryan Simmons at A Cut Above – Landscaping Jeff Shelton Outdoor Lawn Service, Gravel | Pam Bachus at Picky Sisters, Rocking Chairs and Table | Tim Hawley – Photography

High-Res and Low-Res Images of CLOUD HOUSE:

For More of Matthew Mazzotta’s work —

John Coltrane: An Artistic Spiritual System of Music

Physicist and saxophonist Stephon Alexander has argued in his many public lectures and his book The Jazz of Physics that Albert Einstein and John Coltrane had quite a lot in common. Alexander in particular draws our attention to the so-called “Coltrane circle,” which resembles what any musician will recognize as the “Circle of Fifths,” but incorporates Coltrane’s own innovations. Coltrane gave the drawing to saxophonist and professor Yusef Lateef in 1967, who included it in his seminal text, Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns. Where Lateef, as he writes in his autobiography, sees Coltrane’s music as a “spiritual journey” that “embraced the concerns of a rich tradition of autophysiopsychic music,” Alexander sees “the same geometric principle that motivated Einstein’s” quantum theory.

Neither description seems out of place. Musician and blogger Roel Hollander notes, “Thelonious Monk once said ‘All musicans are subconsciously mathematicians.’ Musicians like John Coltrane though have been very much aware of the mathematics of music and consciously applied it to his works.”

Coltrane was also very much aware of Einstein’s work and liked to talk about it frequently. Musican David Amram remembers the Giant Steps genius telling him he “was trying to do something like that in music.”

Hollander carefully dissects Coltrane’s mathematics in two theory-heavy essays, one generally on Coltrane’s “Music & Geometry” and one specifically on his “Tone Circle.” Coltrane himself had little to say publically about the intensive theoretical work behind his most famous compositions, probably because he’d rather they speak for themselves. He preferred to express himself philosophically and mystically, drawing equally on his fascination with science and with spiritual traditions of all kinds. Coltrane’s poetic way of speaking has left his musical interpreters with a wide variety of ways to look at his Circle, as jazz musician Corey Mwamba discovered when he informally polled several other players on Facebook. Clarinetist Arun Ghosh, for example, saw in Coltrane’s “mathematical principles” a “musical system that connected with The Divine.” It’s a system, he opined, that “feels quite Islamic to me.

Lateef agreed, and there may be few who understood Coltrane’s method better than he did. He studied closely with Coltrane for years, and has been remembered since his death in 2013 as a peer and even a mentor, especially in his ecumenical embrace of theory and music from around the world. Lateef even argued that Coltrane’s late-in-life masterpiece A Love Supreme might have been titled “Allah Supreme” were it not for fear of “political backlash.” Some may find the claim tendentious, but what we see in the wide range of responses to Coltrane’s musical theory, so well encapsulated in the drawing above, is that his recognition, as Lateef writes, of the “structures of music” was as much for him about scientific discovery as it was religious experience. Both for him were intuitive processes that “came into existence,” writes Lateef, “in the mind of the musican through abstraction from experience.”

Source – OpenCulture

Yogi Selects – LittleMsDaisha

Finally got it done! I couldn’t stand to be called out again lol….  –LittleMsDaisha 

Yes we will call you out occasionally at Infocus247, persistence is a element we definitely value over here! So if your taking a few months to answer some question we want to know why! Today Littlemsdaisha climbed her way out of the Questionnnaire sucken place lol… she was struggling to get the answers but Im glad she was able to pull through. We always run into each other at the movingartshows, she is one of the people I will look for to feel like ah.. everything is how it should be. …  Check out what she had to share about her practice!

If you could of started yoga earlier in life at what age and why? 

Hmmm… at first I was thinking I’d love to have started yoga as a toddler. Mainly because I’m thinking of how far along I’d be in my journey if I would have stuck with it from then until now. However, I honestly feel like I started my journey at the right time, when I was 25. I think now, as an adult with life experience (lol) I have a better appreciation of the practice and the journey.

Seriousness is a sin… What do you often take too serious about your yoga practice?

Seriousness is a sin! I agree with that completely. I like to take my practice as lightly as possible. I think that’s why I love to practice at home listening to whatever my playlist delivers. This way if I am stressing over something I can take a dance break or I can just stop. I usually get serious when I’m doing a challenge, then I find myself stressing about getting into the pose and getting a perfect (enough) shot of it. I actually went to school for photography so I’m my biggest critic when it comes to composition, lighting, etc. Yoga is hard when you force yourself to think about doing it “right”.

How has your yoga practice changed your thinking? And what problems has that change solved?

You usually hear yogis saying that yoga has changed their lives, I can say that is so true. Yoga turns you inward. I’m not sure how that magic I guess, but it happens to all the yogi’s I’ve seen. Once you notice that you hold emotions and stuff in certain areas of your body you naturally want to release them. When I learned to release things physically I then wanted to learn how to release them mentally and emotionally. So far from my practice, I’ve learned the importance of letting go and how to flow with the universe. This change has helped me start to view my life as if it were a movie, each scene as a lesson.

Have you had any mysterious or yoga related dreams ? If so feel free to share.

Hmm… I dont think I’ve had any yoga related dreams…. If I did I surely don’t remember them. Haha.

What’s the most important question you could ask yourself? What would you do with the answer ? 

I struggled the most with this question. I mean, there are sooo many questions I could ask myself, what makes one more important than the other? In a strange web of connected events, yoga has lead me to learn about the universal Law of Attraction. Basically explained as like attracts like. Whatever we have & get out of life is attracted to us by our subconscious thoughts. This made me more interested in figuring out what was going on deep down. So I think the most important question that I could ask myself on a daily basis is; “Have you checked in with your subconscious today?” What could I do with the answer? Literally, anything, align my vibration to match the frequency of my desires, or just take a mental note and keep on keepin on.

If you pick a planet to travel to with the intention of spreading yoga throughout the universe which planet would you pick and why? 

I would pick Mercury. Two reasons first because I’m thinking with it being the closest planet to the sun it would create a ripple effect down the solar system spreading yoga to the other planets. Secondly, because hot yoga classes seem to be popular throughout the US, sure it’s probably much hotter than 105 degrees on a typical day on Mercury BUT I think we’re onto something there.

How was your experience getting a chance to do full of body paint in the past movingart show?

Omg it was surreal. I remember the day I found out I was going to be in the show. I was sooo excited! Literally jumping up & down excited. I’m pretty sure I cried too lol. I went to the very first Moving Art show as a yoga newbie, I think I was 4 months into my practice at the time. It was so amazing to see the yogis that I’d been following on Instagram doing their THANG in person. I remember I took a photo with Dara @pintsizenurse & DJ @Dade_2_shelby. I knew I wanted to be in the show from that day. Fast forward to just under 2 years into my journey and I was standing on a platform next to Dara & DJ being painted as a thunderstorm! It’s so crazy how that turned out. Being body painted was also one of my goals and my artist Fenton was very passionate about his work. I represented Oya the Orisha of storms & wind and I surely looked like a dark & stormy night. A flexible one though. 🙂

If you were to look at yoga as an art form what would you express? 

My life theme is freedom, I would want my yoga to express just that. Freedom to transform. Freedom to transcend. Freedom of choice. Freedom to be light, to carry light, to share light. Freedom to just exist. I want my yoga art to have a delicate but strong expression of freedom.

What would you say to anyone thinking of starting yoga but just hasn’t found their way to the mat? 

Remember, I started out just looking at other yogis on social media. If you find yourself inspired by myself and/or other yogis then I invite you to just go ahead and start your journey. Yoga has no prerequisites. Just start without worrying about who, what where, when, and why. No excuses, it’s time 🙂

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of

Yes. First, thanks for reading. Second, I’m working on a website. It’s Pardon, it’s a little unfinished, but it’s in the works to be a great black-owned yoga/meditation shop & funny blog. I want to connect with all of you. Namaste  🙂

Sometimes you have to chase the eagle that stole your Leopards yoga mat and fled to hawaii through the clouds.

Vantage Point

 “Vantage point” Written by Minaminers 


[dslr: 50mm] “sky|salt|seasoning” i laid in my open window to get some snow shots with movement. i kept throwing my arm out of the window with my scarf to make it dance. the snow landed on my hair and body. I’m going for ethereal imagery. i think this is beautiful. evokes a dreamlike state. calmness. relaxation. thought. humanness. breath. pulse. openness. i dig it. enjoy your weekend.

These past few months have really tested my belief in self. the more I delve into this art of capturing light, the more I see much more than just what’s through my lens. from my vantage point, it’s a different one. I am a woman. a black and brown woman. in a field saturated by men. celebrated by and for men. I see how other men photographers respond to me. i see how women models respond to me. I see the awe in some women who see my camera. I see the smirk by some men who see my camera. i see the white women group photographers, in their exclusive bubble. i see the assumptions made. I see the advantages taken of me, all witnessed by my vantage point. and honestly, I’m not even mad about any of it. I am silently watching. learning. growing. humbly. and for every rough moment, i get little sparks of love. like my momma constantly asking for her to see what i have shot. or the beautiful older black woman on the train who saw me shifting through my shoot images and she had to tell me, “your work is beautiful”, or my little niece texting me to say: “TITI!! I’m taking photography next semester, I can’t wait!” I’m letting this universe take me exactly where I knew I needed to be.
this is the most beautifully tired and unkempt I have ever been.

To Read more of Minaminers work and see more of her photography go to the source 

[dslr: 50mm] “index|to|thumb” ladies. you are fire. not just today. but everyday. every moment. and also. i watched a viral video of a compilation of Oprah’s speeches. She essentially says, I am not living the dream because I am special. I am living the dream because I answered the call from the dream. follow your journey. i am letting this path lead me. step|by|step #internationalwomensday
[dslr: 50mm] “body boulders” two workouts today | feeling firm
[dslr: 50mm] untitled. im playing with different lighting and shadows more. it’s nice to define musculature and strong lines. trying to build my port for more photography projects. fitness|travel| creative content…life is crazy right now. and yet I am still very much grounded. continuing to learn and grow and manifest exactly what I want. which is to create and explore this world. also, fitness while balancing work and life is intense but i still do it. still strengthening my legs. between a split and a lunge. ladies, you’re fire. and remember: what you seek, is seeking you. and i am on the hunt. namaste.

Yogi Selects – LifeisArt

We caught up with Allen aka LifeisArt to get an idea of his perspective on life yoga and art. We were repairing his sling ring and he had a few minutes to spare in between the fix. Check out the insight he shared below and find out more about what is coming next!
How can time be perceived as your friend or enemy? 
Time is everything and an illusion. Because time is important we must pay attention to it in some shape or form. With that understanding Time will always be on your side. Without the knowledge of the importance of time. It becomes an enemy to progress.
Name 3 things Yoga will not help you with 
Yoga will not help if your not helping yourself. Its really that simple. To name 3 things I would say If you cannot give your all to the experience. Let it go and return when you can. I learned that the hard way.
How can yoga be looked at as an art form?
Anything you can manifest with your mind I consider an Art form. Think about it. You have to draw it out in your mind before you do it. Even instinct is a Drawn out reaction created with in a split second to manifest. Yoga is the same, but an extremely more settle, more peaceful way to create with the mind. The mind is the ” True Art “
How can art give you benefits similar to a consistent yoga practice?
When I think of Art, I think of expression. Each artist I have encountered have expressed how art is such a release for them. I believe that is a great benefit. Having a painting in your home can give your mind a memory of positivity. A moment where a complete stranger understood your point of view so well, they created it & this is how it looks. Same as with a consistent yoga practice. Practicing Yoga everyday really broadens your horizon to more perspectives, more diversity. Its a mind opener, just like Art.
What was your first memory?
My first memory was an accident I got into with my father when I was maybe 2 or 3 years old. I remember the firefighter holding me while we were walking down the street and I was crying because I didn’t know what was going on. I could have died that day, but I didn’t. Its crazy because no has ever ask me that and I’m able to go that far back…whoa!!
Which aspects of life do you choose to control vs let happen? 
Having access has always been a hassle for me so I would say access. What I mean be that is having access to things that can benefit not only me but everyone around me. Watching My Older brother and his crew I learned real quick…” You ain’t shining if your whole team ain’t ” And thats been a proving fact showed to me over the years so I stay true to that. When I let things happen its based on the case finding the ” Why ” behind it. A lot of people say..” somethings are not meant be known “. Thats bullshit to me. If your honest with yourself and others then the why should be evident and just. You got to hold yourself accountable and man up when you fuck up. I remember me and you had this talk almost a year and half ago. The way I live, it goes a long way.
How can yoga and capoeira go hand in hand? 
Most people don’t even realize how much yoga and capoeira are one in the same. There like yin and yang. Probably for every move in capoeira there is an asana or variation of an asana that resembles it. Have my Yoga Instructor and Mestre share the same space of education gives the vision of how Yoga and Capoeira are beautifully connected when combined together.
Provide one insight about the power of breath that you have learned purely from observation. And How has that helped you?
From observation what I have noticed is a calming but powerful force behind someone who is control of the breath. Its very serene and intriguing in many ways. The phrase ” Flow like water ” comes to mind watching someone so in sync with breath and movement. I try to be as fluid as my example. In my own practice I have found it very useful in critical situations. Sometimes I have to catch myself, which is cool, those moments are times of growth.

What do you feel is the greatest mystery of life? 

The greatest mystery of life is life itself. Life is a discovery. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new, something extraordinary. The experience of life is a complete mystery before it happens.
If the world were to end tomorrow or unite in peace ..what  do you think would be  responsible for both? 
If the world ended tomorrow it would be due to the lack of love and compassion for one another on every scale. If the opposite happen where the world would unite in peace it be due to a global conscious decision to put down all of our ” personal ” differences and focus on the healing of the world from the inside out. By any means necessary.
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To Stay Updated with LifeisArt check out the Instagram page and look forward to the next MovingArtExperience show coming up in May.