Next up … The Occasional Superstar aka Fabian. Presented his show at FDA ARTlanta gallery we had a chance to capture all the fun vibes. Check out the video and photos below.

BLVCK HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF l Fabian Williams solo art exhibition @occasionalsuperstar l Opening February 24th l 7-11pm l FREE

Fabian Williams will have over 60 drawings on display. Some of the drawings are the sketches behind Fabian’s iconic street art though out Atlanta. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of history.



FDA: Occasional Superstar//

Its that time again!!!

April 21st we celebrate our 3 year anniversary with another level to our movement… ” I AM MOVING ART ” .

Everything has an art form and that art starts with you. Here at MovingArtExperience we are taking the time to recognize the ART that you are with a affirmation, a mantra, a movement that acknowledges the greatness in you… ” I AM MOVING ART “


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When people ask you… “ Whats the MovingArtExperience vibe? “ Tell them its looks a little like this!! Here’s a snippet of @hippie_heathen flowing during #NappyRoots show. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #IamMovingArt ( Get Your Tickets Now ) #VIP #GeneralAdmission #linkinbio📲💻 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Date: 4/21/2018 Time: Doors Open @8pm Location: STAINED ARTlanta Gallery Address: 1719 Sayer St. SW City: Wakanda, Atlanta, GA 30310 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #Movingartatl #movingart #artist #artistlife #positivevibes #melanin #unity #community #lifestyle #blackexcellence #entertainment #yogalife #artlife #artsy #yogart #artlove #yogalove #movement #movingartexperience

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We had a chance to capture a show by Eugene V Byrd III!  Dope artwork  and good vibes always make a great video!

<a data-flickr-embed=”true” href=”; title=”FDA: Unguarded Hopes and Dreams “><img src=”; width=”683″ height=”1024″ alt=”FDA: Unguarded Hopes and Dreams “></a>//

Written by Akasha Martin 

“Create a world, your world. Alone. Stand alone. Create. And then the love will come to you, then it comes to you.” -Anaïs Nin​-


I’ve always had a longing for The Other. This innate craving to mentally, physically, and spiritually fuse with another soul—creating a bond that time nor death could separate. Perhaps it was the absence of father that created this search for some other being to validate my worth or a desire to see all that I was willing to give of myself for love be reflected back to me. Whatever the intention, this lifelong yearning has sustained a pattern of seeking soulmate connection in every lover—but consistently coming up empty.

I sought refuge and reassurance in the bed of my conquests and used them as a cove to hide from all the aspects of myself that were deficient. They sought refuge and strength in the safety of my womb and I was more than happy to oblige—even if for the short-lived charge of electric pleasure that came with being wanted. It’s a dangerous web to weave; creating energy cords and soul ties with temporary bodies that lose their sense of purpose after the climax has faded. But this is the connection I’ve always had with men—pouring my love, my time, and my energy into vessels with no room or desire to receive to me.

Each lover arrived with the same purpose and I was never content. Only left with symptoms of withdrawal—hands shaking and pacing wall to wall like an addict anticipating her next fix. It was only after an overdose on a lover much too potent for my already overtaxed system that I began to retreat within and reflect on my escapades with men who didn’t have the capacity to love me. What was I truly trying to fill? And why did I have this perception that my existence lacked value unless there was another to pour myself into?

This is where I currently reside on my journey of healing. Recovering the fragments left scattered about in my search for validation and bringing them back into wholeness. Going within and asking the right questions revealed to me that this quest of “The Other” was really a deep seated fear that I wasn’t enough and if I never found “The Other”—would I be able to live with that? Although it’s something I’d rather not imagine—the answer is yes.

I can exist without the ideology of a beloved soulmate arriving to save me from myself.

I can walk the solitary path with courage—because it is far more frightening having my energy taken with no intention of replenishing what I’ve supplied. I am not content with lack of reciprocity.

So I have become much like Daphne; a lone goddess retreating into nature to nurture my passions and longings—to study all the cracks and unraveling seams that make up Me. I am in a state of preservation and will transform into an inanimate object should any hunter attempt to pursue me.

I am learning that my presence is more than enough to sustain me.

Through the absence of lover—I have found comfort in a Universe of my own making.

Photography Credit: Expressions Untold

Akasha Martin is a traveling freelance writer and blogger hailing from the “Windy City” of Chicago. She’s a hedonistic Goddess and holistic health enthusiast who’s passionate about empowering women and young girls of color on how to be more connected to mind, body, and spirit and hopes to be a catalyst for helping others transform every area of their life and be their most authentic self.

Her upcoming book The Soul Promptings of a Nomadic Goddess is set to make its debut in Spring of 2018.

You can follow her travel adventures @nomadic_akasha on Instagram and read more of her work at

Time for the Clouded Ways Art Show! I arrived early to get some behind the scenes setup shots. On the ride over the Uber lady asked if I were going to work. I responded “kinda” though I view taking photographs as work I really was just going to see the art and catch up with some familiars! With that being said the show was dope I scooped up a piece and bounced with a cup or two of wine! It was fun seeing everyone and Im looking forward to more! Left with some inspiration and motivation to finish this painting i’ve been staring at for a week.  Bri also made the big announcement of being 5 months along her pregnancy!

A combination of calm, productivity and relief circulating the room as speakers are tested and the final cloud lights are hung!

Shanice came through with the little one, just as spunky as I remembered from the last encounter.

Parents taking the next step into grandparent hood, celebrate the night with a dance before the dance floor is filled. 

Bri stopped for a second to talk with @InvertTheWorld about the show and idea behind the night!

Twisted cakes came through with the delicious cup cakes that was so good I was more focused on eating them than getting a photo. Ill tag her once I find her IG page. We were brainstorming on making the caramel drips into animals that are placed on top of the cupcakes!

All in all it was fun. Great musical performances from one half of the wonder twins (bri’s sisters) It felt like a family affair! Video coming soon  Peace 

Here today and gone tomorrow seems to be the trend for problems and events that happen in life. Some issues resonate with people using social media but after the social media phase  you hear less and less about the issues everyone was up in arms about two days prior. I shared this link with someone and they just scrolled past it like it never happened, that didn’t surprise me though.  Makes you wonder if the media, commercials, internet, games and entertainment has been effecting us in ways we aren’t sure of. Who isn’t desensitized to violence?  We see people die on television everyday (almost) but how many people do you actually see dying in front of you in your day to day experience?  Are you just trying to get a like?  A powerful visual, simple yet effective! If you can’t feel this you may be heartless with reptilian ways.