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Top U.S. doctor says medical marijuana may help

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States’ top doctor said that medical marijuana can help some patients in comments on Wednesday that may boost pressure on the Justice Department to re-designate the drug under federal law.

In an interview on “CBS This Morning,” U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said the medical effectiveness of marijuana had to be shown scientifically and much more information about it was coming.

“We have some preliminary data showing that for certain medical conditions and symptoms, marijuana can be helpful,” said Murthy, who became surgeon general in December.

“I think we have to use that data to drive policymaking, and I’m very interested to see where that data takes us.”

The Justice Department designates marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance, a category for drugs that have no accepted medical value and have a high potential for abuse.

Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana, according to the Drug Policy Alliance advocacy group.

Florida also allows a narrow use of medical marijuana. Two states, Washington and Colorado, have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

Tom Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority, another advocacy group, said in a statement that Murthy’s remarks mean that President Barack Obama should direct Attorney General Eric Holder to begin changing how the department categorizes marijuana.

“Dr. Murthy’s comments add to a growing consensus in the medical community that marijuana can help people suffering from painful conditions,” Angell said.

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Pot arrests plunge in NYC after policy change

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City’s pledge to stop making many marijuana arrests is playing out on the streets, where arrests and summonses for small-time pot possession have plummeted since the policy change this fall.

After a mid-November turn toward violations and summonses instead of misdemeanor arrests for carrying modest amounts of pot, such arrests plunged by 75 percent in December compared to last year, from about 1,820 to 460, according to state Division of Criminal Justice Services statistics obtained by The Associated Press. The November numbers fell 42 percent, from 2,200 to 1,280.

Even summonses have fallen by about 10 percent since the policy change, to 1,180, compared to the same period a year ago, New York Police Department figures show.

“Since the inception of our policy in 2014, marijuana enforcement activity is trending down in all categories” for the bottom-rung marijuana charge, Deputy Chief Kim Royster told the AP.

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New Species of Cannabis Discovered

It was thought that Cannabis sativa, indica and ruderalis were the only three species of cannabis that existed, but in 2010 hikers in Australia’s Blue Mountains came across a single plant that resembled cannabis, and donated it to researchers at the University of Sydney. Through a battery of tests, it was confirmed the plant was indeed a new species of cannabis, never before seen.

Researchers were hesitant at first. “When we first received the plant we were very skeptical about its relation to cannabis. It has somewhat similar growth structure but the leaves look nothing like cannabis leaves,” said researcher Christopher Pool in an interview with Discovery News.

While researchers think the most likely explanation for the new strain’s existence is from humans bringing over hemp seeds 50,000 years ago when the continent was first populated, it is also possible that Australia’s continental drift away from the rest of the world led to its creation. This has beentheorized regarding other unique Australian species.

The University of Sydney only has one specimen, and it’s offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can bring researchers another one. According to Pool, “The only problem is that we don’t have any seeds, we only have one plant. We’ve exhausted our funding trying to find another like it.”

HIGH TIMES is reaching out to the University of Sydney to get more information on the new strain. We will follow up with pictures and more information on this fascinating discovery when we can.

Source – HighTimes

Sativa Select: Hawaiian Snow

Hawaiian Snow is a cross of Hawaiian Haze, Pure Haze and Neville’s Haze.  This trifecta of Hazes produces a light and fresh taste and radiant highs

Looks: Dense Buds, the pistils (hairs) are light, dusty orange, and are covering the buds.  The buds are light green but appear yellowish green owing to the heavy trichome coverage.  Any leaf left on a poorly manicured bud adds a slightly darker green to the bud.

Smell: Strong hazy aroma which becomes harder to describe with any other word than “haze”  as I stick my nose in the jar.  For anyone without a haze reference, think lightly sweet with a rich musty or spicy note that could border on astringent.  The sweetness of the musky scent is not sickingly sweet.  The smell of the ground herb is a much stronger musky astringent with practically no hint of sweetness.  The astringent smell almost makes me sneeze.

Taste: The herb was smoked in an unpercolated bong.  The flavor is very mild and slightly pine-y.  The sweetness is dismissible in the flavor of the smoke and I can only taste a slight syrup-y flavor on the exhale, and that sweetness is only present in the first few green hits.  Most of the flavor on exhale is a musty or piney flavor that almost mirrors the smell of the ground herb.  I enjoy this hazy flavor, and I’m very partial to the musty aromas rather than the overwhelmingly sweet ones.

Source – Medical Marijuana 

Marijuana Smoking Vs Eating Breakdown

Eating marijuana tends to produce a stronger and much longer-lasting high than smoking it—one that is often scary to inexperienced users and can be disconcerting to regulars. This has created some controversy in Colorado, as cannabis neophytes consume newly legal “edibles” ranging from ganja brownies to pot-infused salsa.

There are two reasons for this. The first is that the pharmacokinetics of marijuana—the way it is absorbed and excreted by the body—are different for smoking and eating it. The second is “set and setting,” the way in which people use it and the expectations they bring—specifically, that it’s much easier to control the dose when smoking.

“In a nutshell, eaten cannabis gets metabolized by the liver, so delta-9 THC becomes 11-hydroxy-THC, which passes the blood-brain barrier more rapidly and has more of a psychedelic effect than standard THC,” says Understanding Marijuana author Mitch Earleywine, a professor of psychology at the State University of New York at Albany. “Smoked or vaporized cannabis bypasses the liver and doesn’t create the same 11-hydroxy-THC.”

Smoking marijuana gets THC into the body much faster and at higher concentrations, but it stays there much longer after eating. With smoking, as much as 50 to 60 percent of the THC in a joint can get into the blood plasma, and peak concentrations come in 5 to 10 minutes. It “very quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier,” explains Paul Armentano, deputy director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. With orally administered cannabis, only 10 to 20 percent of the cannabinoids reach the blood plasma, and they do so 60 to 120 minutes later, says Dr. Mark A. Ware, an associate professor of family health at McGill University in Montreal.

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Marijuana Vs Alzheimer’s

Research published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has found that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) could be a potential therapeutic treatment option for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease through multiple functions and pathways. Interestingly, findings also indicate that cannabis isn’t only effective in the treatment, but also the prevention of Alzheimer’s.

Scientists at the University of Southern Florida conducted their study by giving one group of rats a constant dose of a cannabis derivative for three consecutive weeks and nothing to a second group of rats. Follow-up memory tests conducted on the rats indicated the treated rats did better than the control rats in learning and remembering how to locate the concealed platform. The results indicate cannabis may be effective in preventing memory loss.

According to the American Academy of Neurology, those afflicted with this disease experience problems in behavior, memory and personality changes as well as a decline in cognitive abilities such as decision-making, language skills and problems recognizing family and friends. Symptoms develop slowly over time,

Blackberry Kush Cannabis

becoming severe enough to interfere with everyday tasks. Other cognitive abilities such as swallowing, walking or controlling bladder and bowl due to inflammation around the brain decline as the disease progresses over time. Minor infections are also common in incapacitated patients. Typically, treatment regarding daily health regiment routines become particularly difficult to deal with because Alzheimer’s patients are unable to understand and participate in their own treatment.

Previous studies have shown that cannabinoids in cannabis are anti-inflammatory and also act as anti-oxidants, which prevent contamination of cells including brain cells. They also organically interact with communication systems in the body to bring customary balance. Chuanhai Cao, PhD, the lead author of the study, was on a mission to further illuminate the therapeutic qualities of THC as an effective drug to slow or stop the progression of Alzheimer’s as THC lowers certain markers of the disease.

Source: CannabisNow

Top 10 Ganja Paradise


 Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 9.55.12 PM

Prague, Czech Republic
The Czechs have the most liberal drug laws in Europe. Just about everything is decriminalized; as long as you’re carrying no more than half an ounce of pot, a gram of cocaine, two grams of speed, or five LSD tabs, you’re good to go, traveler. And if you’ve got all of the above in your fanny pack, you’re really livin’, man. L-I-V-I-N.
Average cost of a gram: $13.00

Kingston, Jamaica
Although it’s officially illegal, the cannabis leaf is the unofficial national emblem of Jamaica. Visitors wanting to pass the dutchie pon the left-hand side can sign up for pot-sampling tours, following in the footsteps of Mr. Marley. But before you begin, be prepared to smoke a spliff in front of your tour guide to prove you’re not a narc.
Average cost of a gram: $1.40

Toronto and Vancouver, Canada
Our neighbors to the north can enjoy a smoke without the Mounties riding in to ruin their high. Although it’s actually illegal to carry pot without a medical certificate, police will generally turn a blind eye if you’re caught with less than a quarter ounce. In the country’s two largest cities, you’ll find a number of Amsterdam-stye cafes where you can enjoy a doobie with your dinner. Don’t expect to be able to order off the menu though; weed is strictly BYO.
Average cost of a gram: $12.70

Nimbin, Australia
Pot is decriminalized in the capital, Canberra, but high times Down Under also occur on the regular in Nimbin — a little town in the mountains of northern New South Wales. Hippies moved here back in the ’60s, and most of them got too baked to ever leave. It’s home to the annual MardiGrass festival, which includes a Hemp Olympics with competitive events such as “Speed Rolling”, “Bong Throwing”, and the “World Stoned Chess Championship”, mate.
Average cost of a gram: $22.90

Cusco, Peru
This is where people stop to get baked before visiting Machu Picchu. Cusco has a heaving nightlife, and a relaxed attitude towards bloodshot eyes. Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 9.54.11 PMIt’s legal to carry small amounts of pot in Peru, so the cops aren’t likely to hassle you. Beware the dealers though; they’ve been known to make off with tourists’ money and never return with the goods.
Average cost of a gram: $20.00

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Sativa Select: Purple Haze

Purple Haze marijuana is actually a glorified term that was adapted from the Jimi Hendrix song, which most believe was created about the “brand” of super potent LSD created by Owsley Stanley called “Monterey Purple” named for the Monterey Pop Festival at which Hendrix consumed before going onstage.

Purple Haze, or “Piff,” is a term used to describe a specific vividly purple strain of cannabis. It was however, originally used to describe a purple form of LSD.

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 9.17.44 AM
Leafly statistics



Contrary to highly popular belief regarding cannabis strains, Purple Haze marijuana is simply slang for a number of genetic crossbreeds of a purple strain and original Haze, such as Purple Star x Haze #1, Purple #1 x Haze #1, or Purple Skunk x Haze #1.


GENETICS: 100 % sativa. Hybrid of tropical sativas of the 70’s, with a strong dominance of purple highland colombian sativa.

STRUCTURE: Extreme tropical sativa of pale colors, but when it ripens it acquires beautiful purple tones and reddish edging under its leaves. Very thin and flexible stems that can cope with the worst downpours and blizzards.

BOUQUET: Wood, species, incense and black liquor. Ancient old school sativa aroma.
FLOWERING: 16-20 weeks. December-January.
YIELD: / M2 Medium-Low.
HIGH: Clean euphoric and creative high without tolerance limits.


InFocus247 ExperienceA friend of mine called me over to come check out something new that he had picked up. I didn’t know what to expect. So i took the ten minute walk to his house crossing the riverand enjoying the scenery along the way. I arrived, went in sat down and he threw me a can of powdered Ice – T.  I look at it … look back at him… look back at the can and noticed it was a little more heavier than it probably should of been. That made me want to open it … I began to dig and in the center there was a plastic package. I removed the plastic package and startws unwrapping what felt like endless layers. Then It occured to me why he threw “me” the can.  Just as soon as you think you have reached the last wrapping a new color of saran wrap appears. The odor that came from this package was not the sweet scent of cannabis but of oil and vaseline. Finally making it to the end of the smell protection cautionary wrapping I reach a knot of Purple Haze. This is the first time I had ever seen this strain and straight from California .. the coast with the most.  It reeked a smell that I won’t forget and the dense deep purple nuggets looked good enough to eat. This particular strain and batch was very strong. There was a time I took a hit  sitting on the edge of my bed and my legs went numb, I poked them for hysterical assurance.  The most bizarre/funny with the haze in retrospect was when two of my friends from Athens GA were driving out to pick some of this stuff up. It was about a hour drive so I had a nice spliff rolled 1 gram to be exact prepared to smoke with them when they arrived. They call me to let me know they have arrived I meet them outside, hop in the backseat of their jeep say a few words then spark the spliff under the mutual agreement of wanting to smoke. I took one real good hit and literally passed out. Woke up about 2 minutes later and we were now driving… along the river… Upon my gaining of consciousness I didnt know who these people in the front seat were… what  i was doing in the backseat and where are we going .. all these thoughts rushed to me but all that came out of my mouth was yooo …. we gotta turn around … this weed is too strong.

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