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Jamaica to Open First Cubensis Lab

While many Americans are familiar with the current decriminalization of marijuana, few are familiar with the decriminalization news of “magic mushrooms”. This year both Denver and Oakland decriminalized the magical plant due to it’s very low toxicity rating and positive health benefits (particularly for it’s natural anti-depressant and anti-anxiety purposes). In fact, in recent news man countries have begun to globally accept this fungal plant as a benign spiritual healer.

Scientifically known as Psilocybe Cubensis , this type of mushroom has been known to be used in early African and South American civilizations. For example, the Aztecas were known to use psilocybin for religious and celebratory purposes. With hundreds of years of research and knowledge of how our predecessors used magic mushrooms it’s long overdue that countries begin putting more money into research and teaching of this fungal species.

In recent news, botanical research firm of psychedelics Field Trip disclosed that they were building a 3,000 sq. ft. center at the University of West Indies (Mona, Jamaica) dedicated to magical mushroom research. According to reports, this would make Jamaica home of the first center solely dedicated to the benefits of this enigmatic plant.

“A woman harvests magic mushrooms in a grow room at the Procare farm in Hazerswoude, central Netherlands, Friday Aug. 3, 2007. “ (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

[BNNBloomberg Excerpt]:

“One of the goals is to build a library of psychoactive fungi and developing scalable commercialization options,” said Jafferi. “We know of a few alkaloids based in these mushrooms but there’s a lot we don’t know yet.” 

Aside from developing its research lab, Field Trip also plans to open a series of clinics in Toronto, New York, London and Los Angeles where doctors will be able to prescribe ketamine and monitor patients seeking mental health treatment, Jafferi said. 

He added that unlike cannabis, which can be used as medicine in an “as-needed” basis, there is already documented research from the 1970s that suggest psychedelics are an effective treatment for mental health when they are prescribed in a controlled and safe setting. 

“It’s not that far out for us to see doctors prescribing some psychedelics for a particular mental health disorder,” Jafferi said. “


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Introducing the Cube 001 : Blessons From The Pope

Introducing the Cube: “Blessons” From The Pope

In this episode we visit the Pope! Somehow some way I came across Pope on instagram and her magnetic personality would always have me laughing so I made sure our paths would cross with a touch of effort. Fast forward a year or so and here we are!

We planned to link up, roll up, and paint up some canvases. I didnt plan on talking about mushrooms or any psychedelics it just happened to unfold in that manner. Pope remembered she had some mushrooms in the back of her closet she had been reluctant to eat so we decided to make a little tea while we paint.

This episode I placed the audience in more of a fly on the wall atmosphere.  It goes in and out of conversation, giggles and paint strokes so listen close or click around. The time stamps are below if you would like to listen directly to the conversational parts below.
Enjoy Peace

3:00 Difference between LSD & Mushrooms?
8:22  Pope has mushrooms
20:20 Making Tea / Tea Complete
23:10 Liquid vs Eating
25:02 Long term effects of eating mushrooms
26:15 Problem Solving & Decision Certainty
32:19 When Do you feel it?
42:21 ??? Sound Ringing ( Phone Rings Loud)
54:00 Painting
1:00:07  The Health Benefits of Eating Mushrooms ?
1:10:00  How it all started…. The Juice
1:26:57  What is your best  mushroom memory
1:46:33  Why are you a mushroom advocate?
1:48:18  What changes have you seen in yourself?
1:55:33 Mushroom Tour 2019 ?
1:55:00 Impromptu Mushroom Meets / Black Friends vs White Friends | Sober Demons
2:03:00 How many freak outs have you had? Weed Moment
2:07:00 Mushroom Freak out
2:12:35 Sex On Mushrooms / Mushroom Head
2:16:56 What is your advice for first time mushroom takers?