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Ra Sekhi Level 2 Workshop

This was a very informal experience. Ra Sekhi spoke and demonstrated how to use pendulums, crystals and sound therapy tools. To learn more or join in on the experience of learning about energy and the many methods of moving energy go to and sign up now! You will only benefit from this class!   There are books online you can purchase starting from Level 1, 2 and 3 but If i’m not mistaken you must be attuned to receive level 3 knowledge!

Rhythm of Breathing Affects Memory and Fear

Summary: A new study reports the rhythm of your breathing can influence neural activity that enhances memory recall and emotional judgement.

Source: Northwestern University.

Breathing is not just for oxygen; it’s now linked to brain function and behavior. 

Northwestern Medicine scientists have discovered for the first time that the rhythm of breathing creates electrical activity in the human brain that enhances emotional judgments and memory recall.

These effects on behavior depend critically on whether you inhale or exhale and whether you breathe through the nose or mouth.

In the study, individuals were able to identify a fearful face more quickly if they encountered the face when breathing in compared to breathing out. Individuals also were more likely to remember an object if they encountered it on the inhaled breath than the exhaled one. The effect disappeared if breathing was through the mouth.

“One of the major findings in this study is that there is a dramatic difference in brain activity in the amygdala and hippocampus during inhalation compared with exhalation,” said lead author Christina Zelano, assistant professor of neurology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “When you breathe in, we discovered you are stimulating neurons in the olfactory cortex, amygdala and hippocampus, all across the limbic system.”

The study was published Dec. 6 in the Journal of Neuroscience.

The senior author is Jay Gottfried, professor of neurology at Feinberg.

Northwestern scientists first discovered these differences in brain activity while studying seven patients with epilepsy who were scheduled for brain surgery. A week prior to surgery, a surgeon implanted electrodes into the patients’ brains in order to identify the origin of their seizures. This allowed scientists to acquire electro-physiological data directly from their brains. The recorded electrical signals showed brain activity fluctuated with breathing. The activity occurs in brain areas where emotions, memory and smells are processed.

This discovery led scientists to ask whether cognitive functions typically associated with these brain areas — in particular fear processing and memory — could also be affected by breathing.

The amygdala is strongly linked to emotional processing, in particular fear-related emotions. So scientists asked about 60 subjects to make rapid decisions on emotional expressions in the lab environment while recording their breathing. Presented with pictures of faces showing expressions of either fear or surprise, the subjects had to indicate, as quickly as they could, which emotion each face was expressing. image is for illustrtive purposes only.

The amygdala is strongly linked to emotional processing, in particular fear-related emotions. So scientists asked about 60 subjects to make rapid decisions on emotional expressions in the lab environment while recording their breathing. Presented with pictures of faces showing expressions of either fear or surprise, the subjects had to indicate, as quickly as they could, which emotion each face was expressing.

When faces were encountered during inhalation, subjects recognized them as fearful more quickly than when faces were encountered during exhalation. This was not true for faces expressing surprise. These effects diminished when subjects performed the same task while breathing through their mouths. Thus the effect was specific to fearful stimuli during nasal breathing only.

Read the full article at NueroScienceNews

Healing With the Trees | Taoist

Heal Yourself Using The Chi Energy

Trees are very powerful according to Taoist masters. Aside from absorbing carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen, trees also can absorb negative energy and transform it into positive.

Source – IBelieveInMotherNature

The roots of trees dig deep into Earth, the deeper their roots, the higher they rise to the skies. They absorb the energy of the Earth as well as the universal force of the sky.

Trees are considered the most spiritually advanced plant on Earth because of their constant meditation with subtle energy.

You can establish a relationship with trees so long as you understand their language. And they can help you open up your energy channels to cultivate calm, presence and vitality.

They also can benefit from you when you help them eliminate their blocks and devitalized parts. Like any other relationships, you benefit from each other by the constant cultivation of your connection.

How to Use The Chi Energy of Trees to Heal Yourself?

Follow these steps to choose the right tree, to establish an energy relationship with that tree and eventually heal yourself:

1. How to Choose The Right Tree?

Humans have been using parts of trees for medications and healing almost as long as humanity exists. But, along the way, they discovered what type of tree should be used for what kind of remedy.

The big ones are the best, like pines. They radiate Chi, nourish the blood, strengthen the nervous system, and even help in longevity while feeding the soul and spirit. Pines, which are often the subjects of ancient Chinese poetry and paintings, are considered to be “immortal trees.”

There are, however, other trees which you can choose from. The big ones have maximum energy while those that sit up near the streams are also the best.

Trees have different characteristics. Some are hotter or warmer, and others are cooler or colder. With constant practice, you can distinguish each species from the others.

The different characteristics of trees

  • Cypresses and cedars can lower the temperature and can feed Yin energy.
  • Willows fight the dry winds and eliminate excess moisture from the body, reduce blood pressure, strengthen the urinary tract and bladder.
  • Elms can calm the mind and strengthen the stomach.
  • Maples fight the dry winds and help reduce any pain.
  • Carobs help eliminates internal heat and balance conditions of the heart.
  • Banyan trees or Bengali figs purify your heart and help eliminate moisture in the body.
  • Cinnamons can remove the cold from the heart and the stomach.
  • Fir trees help absorb bruises to reduce sweating and heal bone fractures.
  • Hawthorns help in digestion, strengthen the intestine and fight low blood pressure.
  • Birches help lower body temperature, eliminate body moisture and detoxify the body.
  • Prunes feed the spleen, the stomach, the pancreas as well as calm the mind.
  • Figs help eliminate excess heat in the body by increasing salivation, it also nourishes the spleen, and helps cure diarrhea.
  • Knees help strengthen the bladder and relieve urinary problems in women.

Keep in mind that small trees don’t have enough energy to accommodate you while gigantic trees may drown you with their energy. It’s best to select one that is medium sized and robust.

2. How to Establish an Energy Relationship With The Tree?

You can create a silent communion rite with the tree that is understood by both of you and the tree.

But first, you must see the personality of the tree and its life. Some trees are very generous and quickly give you the energy you need.

Other trees are weak or ill and need your healing energy first.

Some are friendly while some are plain indifferent depending on their energy.

You can work with all of them to find which tree works best for you.

Be open and give them your respect without pushing them too hard to bend to your purpose.

The most important thing when establishing a connection is to be near the tree so you can touch it, to open yourself up shamelessly and to be clear in your intent while showing love.

By activating these four elements you will establish an energy relationship with the tree:

  • Touch;
  • Openness;
  • Sincerity;
  • Love;

Just make sure that you spend at least 30 minutes around the tree. However, some trees might respond quicker depending on their energy.

Here are some techniques you can practice:

  1. Tree Hugging:

Tree hugging

  1. Sitting facing the tree:

Sitting facing a tree

  1. Meditation near the tree:


  1. Standing facing the tree:

Standing facing the tree

How The Healing Process Begins?

Visit the tree regularly. Building a relationship with trees takes a longer time than building one with humans.

But if you keep returning to the same tree, you are likely to begin your lasting friendship with it.

Once you visit it regularly, it will soon expect you. Some say that it might even miss your presence.

Creating a spiritual communion with trees is like making love that requires sensuality and tenderness.

When you finally establish that communion, you don’t need to control the situation. Just allow yourself to relax and melt in that communion.

Allow the tree to guide you in your healing. It might remedy your issue, or it might give you intuitive guidance as to how to find additional help.

If nothing else, it will heal the spiritual aspect of your problem.

“In Japan, people practice ‘forest bathing,’ where they spend quiet time absorbing the wisdom of ancient forests, taking long walks among the trees to stimulate their immune system.

In Taoism, students are encouraged to meditate among trees, and it is believed that the trees will absorb negative energies, replacing them with healthy ones. Trees are seen as a source of emotional and physical healing, and themselves as meditators, absorbing universal energies.”

NOTE: Our advice is first to consult your doctor and use everything else as additional help.

Avocado & Honey ep #68 Organizing for love

In this episode of #avocadoandhoneypod, Rebekah is back this time to talk about the beginning stages of Organize For Love, tips on how to declutter and organize your home, eliminating distractions on your phone and so much more! Please be sure to LIKE< SUBSCRIBE & SHARE!

This episode’s sponsore: Sankosa Athletic Apparel, @sankofa_athletic_apparel
Intro song: Ari Lennox “New Apartment”

Introducing the Cube 001 : Blessons From The Pope

Introducing the Cube: “Blessons” From The Pope

In this episode we visit the Pope! Somehow some way I came across Pope on instagram and her magnetic personality would always have me laughing so I made sure our paths would cross with a touch of effort. Fast forward a year or so and here we are!

We planned to link up, roll up, and paint up some canvases. I didnt plan on talking about mushrooms or any psychedelics it just happened to unfold in that manner. Pope remembered she had some mushrooms in the back of her closet she had been reluctant to eat so we decided to make a little tea while we paint.

This episode I placed the audience in more of a fly on the wall atmosphere.  It goes in and out of conversation, giggles and paint strokes so listen close or click around. The time stamps are below if you would like to listen directly to the conversational parts below.
Enjoy Peace

3:00 Difference between LSD & Mushrooms?
8:22  Pope has mushrooms
20:20 Making Tea / Tea Complete
23:10 Liquid vs Eating
25:02 Long term effects of eating mushrooms
26:15 Problem Solving & Decision Certainty
32:19 When Do you feel it?
42:21 ??? Sound Ringing ( Phone Rings Loud)
54:00 Painting
1:00:07  The Health Benefits of Eating Mushrooms ?
1:10:00  How it all started…. The Juice
1:26:57  What is your best  mushroom memory
1:46:33  Why are you a mushroom advocate?
1:48:18  What changes have you seen in yourself?
1:55:33 Mushroom Tour 2019 ?
1:55:00 Impromptu Mushroom Meets / Black Friends vs White Friends | Sober Demons
2:03:00 How many freak outs have you had? Weed Moment
2:07:00 Mushroom Freak out
2:12:35 Sex On Mushrooms / Mushroom Head
2:16:56 What is your advice for first time mushroom takers?

Introducing The Cube: Week 001

This weekend/week  has been interesting and revealing to say the least. When I set out to create Introducing The Cube I wasn’t quite sure of the direction it would go in.  There are so many aspects and responses to eating/drinking mushrooms I felt reluctant to gear a project around documenting the experiences of others. One of my favorite topics of discussion is the adventures, effects and the fundamentals that can help you navigate in the realm of “magic ” mushrooms better.

After eating mushrooms for years i’ve found pleasure in listening to the first time experiences of people that have never tried them before. Introducing the cube will be a movie / audio experience of people that are curious about and may be still deciding if they want to give them a try or not. Recording audio can be less intrusive than video so i’ve been honing in that element of documenting thus far.  I’m still deciding the editing process of audio I want to go with for example … combine a weeks worth of audio edited down to the essentials of each conversation with brief introductions setting up the scene and how it came about or we can go with the standard one person one episode kinda of deal. Decisions… decisions.


So far we have some impromptu audio recorded with Angie. Talking about mushrooms wasn’t the plan and for the most part we didn’t.  There was a moment she had some questions about the cubes and volunteered to be filmed for a session after eating mushrooms . I’m looking forward to documenting that experience.

We still have to catch the illusive Blu on audio speaking on her insights and experiences. Theres plenty of photo and video for her so we just need to get the good good info recorded for the record. I will be making that happen on the next orbit to New York.


There was an improtu sessions with Pope. Once again the plan was to paint and light spliffs but that turned into pope remembering she had some mushrooms stashed away in the closet. This whole encounter was recorded on audio only lots of giggles so I will need to edit some of what we spoke about into one cohesive flow. It was only 2 grams split but the feeling was subtle and perfect for the sunny day. Popes curiosity led to asking me some interesting questions pertaining psychedelics and the different effects they may have.

We also have a video interview with Artwiiitch and Kaela but It was ennn that was my first swing at getting this project going so the effort was needed but the timing called for us to just chill and vibe on something else. That night actually ended with a quick jogo.

IMG  by @artwiiitch

I may link up with Kaela today and get another swing at it. I’m finding my groove with this audio recording only flow, listening to myself helps me identify what I need to work on.


At one point in time marijuana, mushrooms and other “mind altering” plants would be looked at with taboo. A transition of thought amongst the masses has allowed the legalization of marijuana and the potential decriminalization of psilocybin containing mushrooms.  I think its time to open up dialogue about the potential of these substances without forgetting we are still working in a very gray area of the law. Being imprisoned for what grows in nature is still a reality supported by a justice system that benefits monetarily from imposed infractions.

Stay tuned for the next write up and expect to see and hear some audio once I compile enough to edit into one cohesive stream of consciousness.  Until then know that I haven’t felt compelled to do anything like this in a while and the satisfaction is unfolding right before my eyes!

If you would like to support the cause/movement/project we have Cubensis T Shirts Available 

A Fresh Batch of Grey and Whites are being created right now  by @ EUGENE V BYRD III

Once I get the new boxes in my hand i’m going to lock in and make sure we get the flow how it should be!




The Grey edition will be available after December (maybe), I have a very specific intention for this one. There is a grey area of the law and this will focus on that aspect.  Plus I like being the only one wearing it.

Currently brainstorming the next culture we would like to highlight with history of psychedelic use!  If you have any ideas and suggestions please feel free to share them with us. If you would like to participate or volunteer to help Im open to that as well. Peace




Sufism & Psychedelics w. Cheikh Sufi & Dr Gerry

Magnets Pyramids and Crystals Blogtalk Radio

Tonight’s show will be an epic revelation into the intimate connection between spirituality and psychedelic states. Two world famous authors, lecturers, workshop facilitators, and world travelers, Cheikh Sufi and Dr. Gerry. The first hour will feature Cheikh Sufi. He will share with us the origins and meaning of Sufism and how the Sufi path leads to higher levels of spiritual awareness and eventually enlightenment.

The second hour we will be honored to have as our guest, Dr. Gerry.  Dr Gerardo Sandoval Isaac will share with us the mystical power of Bufo Alvarius. Bufo Alvarius is the scientific name of The Sonoran Desert Toad. In this magical creatures venom is a potent compound that aids people in overcoming addiction, depression, and is a pathway to greater self awareness.

 Dr. Gerardo Sandoval Isaac — is a medical doctor, gynecologist, medicine-man and ambassador for the Bufo alvarius toad, the best ways to harvest and experience the Bufo alvarius toad venom and 5-MeO-DMT.

  • Dr. Gerry’s first entheogenic experiences
  • What happens in a shamanic sacred mushroom ceremony
  • Importance of letting go during entheogenic experiences
  • The Bufo alvarius toad
  • How to harvest and consume the Bufo alvarius toad venom
  • 5 most common effects of smoking 5-MeO-DMT
  • How and why the body produces DMT
  • Entheogenic homework
  • Message from the Bufo alvarius toad
  • How to prepare yourself before you experience the toad

When a person smokes 5-MeO-DMT, there is an increased production and release of neurotransmitters and endorphins, such as serotonin and dopamine. They promote body regeneration, healing and an enormous release of unconscious stress

Flying Planes on Magic Mushrooms/Psilocybin

Many of my friends don’t quite understand what I do but they reassure me it’s something they would never attempt. Airplanes are one of my favorite places to eat mushrooms of the Cubensis variety. There are a few reasons that I’ve observed and will detail below. This may help you see things from my perspective.

Pre flight ritual: Roll all the weed left, smoke then go to the airport with super munchies

First, when do you eat the mushrooms? Well I think I’m familiar with my body and know I have about 15-20 minutes before I start feeling the on set of the mushrooms.

This sets up an ironic perfect time to eat them, take off. As the plane takes off you begin your takeoff as well. Important part I didn’t mention to the Magic, you must have a window seat. This is essential to enjoying the flight. To get even more specific flights around 5:30-6 get nice orange sunset hues bouncing off the clouds and what not. If you really want to go the extra step be sure your window is facing the west coast.


How much mushrooms are you eating on a flight?

It doesn’t feel right telling people how much they should be eating, especially on a flight. I’ll make a suggestion but knowing your own comfort level is the key here. I usually eat about 1- 2 grams mixed in with some nuts and berries for a 2-3 hour flight so I’m definitely walking off that plane still in the clouds.

Lovely Sun and Psilocybin hitting the same 

Why do you do this and is there a difference in the effect/flight?

The first time I did it was by accident, I forgot I had a little on me before I hit security so I just ate em. Turned out to be the most comfortable flight I’ve ever taken.

Growing up I’ve been haunted with ideas of planes crashing so it took a while to get that stuff out of my head but from time to time I’ll get a little nervous because of the turbulence. One thing I noticed instantly when I was on cubensis was that the feeling of my stomach dropping when the plane dips was no longer happening. It felt as if when the plane dipped my body didn’t lag it dipped right along with it…hmmm that was a cool observation. Being “one” with the planes movements eased my mind. It made a obvious difference in flight ease and relaxation.

The view, the last flight was quite spectacular as the clouds were heavenly. I really wanted to fly into them. At one point I forgot I was on the plane with other people. My eyes were adjusting to the lighting outside so the contrast created an interesting lighting effect upon glancing back to my left. It was as if the plane were a cave and the light source was my window. When I would peek over my shoulder back into the plane I only could see darkness. To paint a picture of what was happening, my eyes were locked on the clouds, phone in my left hand ready to take photos, hoodie over my head, listening to my own songs “this is soooooooullllll” vibrating through my headphones. Safe to say I was feeling great, the lady sitting next to me dosed off and could careless about what I was doing. Sometimes people can disrupt my selfie flow.

Initial takeoff
I can feel you now, (neo voice)

The sound is usually muffled when flying so that adds to the quietness of the whole experience. Even if there are people talking the effect of being so high (in the air) gives a silence that I really appreciate.

Last but not least, breathing deep seems a bit more rewarding on a flight too. It feels like I just sink deep into my seat then zone all the way out. The plane transforms into my personal spaceship for a few hours.

Would I recommend a rookie to do this? Nah this is for those that know themselves well enough to handle a trip on a trip.

Introducing the Cube Podcast coming soon! Getting my equipment list together!

Malcolm X Park x Bali Daisha

Washington DC … my friend Daisha made note that I’m in Dc quite often these days. It’s a nice in between place before getting to New York! In about a week Daisha will be flying off to Bali for a 6 month yoga teacher training. Im excited for her to start a brand new adventure. Traveling let’s us see life from a different space. We had to link up once more before she goes and it happened to be a drum circle popping off at Malcolm X park. The energy was high and the circle instantly brought back memories of Central Park drum circles I would go to years ago.

It was great to seeing those I rock with the most as usual! It took us 5 minutes to setup the camera for these lil shots so appreciate it! The people walking up the steps watched us fumbling around with iPhone cameras and negro rigged tripods had a laugh. We made plans to link up on that side of the world once our planets align!