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Written by Assata Nzingha 

Best piece of advice I can give you if you want to leave the US.

Conceive an exit strategy NOW.

My current existence has been in the making in my mind for over 20 years, but logistically for about 1.5 years.

I paid down all my debt, all I have now as far as debt is my vehicle. This was a choice. Whenever I go back to the states I want and deserve to ride nice.

Start working on yourself. This is the most important piece believe it or not.

If you are miserable and complaining in the US, you will do the same in another country. Geography doesn’t change who you are, it only changes your location.

Readjust how you are living, this prepares you for life in another country.

Stop being so attached to people, places, and things. Embrace new changes and environments.

Expand your mind and learn new languages. There are tons of free and paid programs online. YouTube is a great resource as well. This is just a start as immersion into another culture is the best way to learn. I know more Spanish in 3 months than I’ve learned in 10 years.

Start expanding your interests. Get a hobby. Learn a new skill. Really explore who you are and what makes you happy because these are the things you will be doing while living abroad.

GET YOUR PASSPORT. Take action on your dreams and watch The Universe present opportunities to you for travel. Gotta be ready in order to stay ready.

Subscribe to travel websites and blogs, start randomly looking at other countries until you vibe with one you like. Go to YouTube and research scams, currency, things to do, cost of living, etc.

Research your dream like you study and research all these things that keep your attention like cell phones, celebrities, and the latest trends!

Do what a person who plans to live abroad would be doing and you are steps closer to your dreams.

The Universe and God is a supply and demand system that likes to fill voids, present what you want and watch it materialize before your eyes.

Known as the “poor man’s saffron,” the sunset-hued marigold flower really does taste like saffron when it’s sautéed in olive oil to release its flavor. Here’s how to make a calendula oil infusion. Uncooked marigold petals have a more subtle, slightly spicy taste and add depth to deviled eggs.

Courgette Blossoms

Meatballs and Milkshakes

The bright yellow flowers of the courgette or zucchini plant have a delicate and slightly sweet taste. Enjoy them the classic way–stuffed with herbs and goat cheese–or on a pizzalike this one, which features fresh pesto, a summertime favorite.



Both tart and sweet, hibiscus petals have a cranberry-like flavor that makes them perfect for teas and cocktails. Drop fresh hibiscus buds into glasses of bubbly and let your guests watch them bloom before their eyes.


Climbing Grier Mountain

Sweet and slightly perfumed-tasting, lavender works well when the buds are sprinkled in champagne and cocktails and over desserts like chocolate cake. Or try it in a lavender peach crisp served with vanilla ice cream. Click here for the recipe.



These gorgeous flowers have a slightly peppery taste, almost like watercress, which makes them perfect for summer rice paper rolls like these. You can also stuff a whole flower with a savory mousse or enjoy nasturtium flowers like this with beef carpaccio.


Carla Ruben

Pansies have a slightly grassy—even minty—flavor, so they work well in herb-flavored summer cocktails and fruit salads. For a quick, easy, and festive summer hors d’oeuvre, spread some cream cheese on a small round cracker and top it with a whole pansy.


Bon Appetit

While roses have a strong floral scent, their flavor is quite subtle and fruity. Roses lend themselves well to everything from soups and salads to teas, jams, and desserts like this delicious strawberry, pomegranate, and rose petal treat.

Sage Flowers

Cooking with Toddlers

With their soft, yet sweet-savory flavor and beautiful color, sage flowers add dimension to a variety of dishes. For summer, pair them with lemon and other garden treats in a popsicle for a surprisingly refreshing treat.


Brooklyn Locavore

Violets, which come in a range of pastel and vibrant colors, have a sweet and floral taste, making them a perfect companion for everything from salads to iced drinks. They are particularly beautiful when crystallized and used to top frosted cakes and other desserts.

Be sure to avoid using flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals. Always purchase your edible flowers from the produce section of your grocery store or, for online sources, try The Chef’s GardenGourmet Sweet Botanicals, or Marx Foods.

When cooking with or serving edible flowers, clean them by washing them gently in a large bowl of cold water and letting them air dry on a paper towel. Use them immediately or store them in the refrigerator for up to a week in an airtight container lined with a damp paper towel.

Tiger Mushroom Farms is a small Family owned business located in Blacklick, Ohio. We grow Gourmet Shiitake Mushrooms, Yellow Oyster Mushrooms, and Gray Oyster Mushrooms. The company was founded by our 9 year old son when he was just 7. It all started after a cub scout project ended where Te’Lario grew Cat Grass and Basil. He enjoyed his project and wanted to keep growing stuff. It was winter and our family tried to think of things we could grow indoors. Te’Lario came up with the idea to grow mushrooms because as he says it, “Mushrooms can grow in the dark.” Pretty soon we had too many mushroom for us to eat so we decided to sell them at Farmers Markets during the summer. After doing some research we discovered that you have to have several licenses to sell products at Markets. We decided to start a business and called it Tiger Mushroom Farms because Te’Lario was a Tiger Cub Scout when he came up with the idea.

In the 1800s, there was an all-female army in modern day Benin that pledged a similar loyalty to the throne. They were known as the Dahomey Warriors and were praised for their bravery and strength by local leaders and European colonizers alike who encountered them. Their role in preserving the mighty Dahomey kingdom cannot be overstated.

The growing conversation about the Dora Milaje therefore presents a perfect opportunity to learn about the Dahomey women.

The Dahomey Warriors

The Dahomey Warriors were traditionally called the N’Nonmiton, which means “our mothers” in Fon, the language of the Fon people of Dahomey, now in present day Benin. Some European historians and observers called them the Dahomey Amazons as they reminded them of the mystical and powerful all women’s army called Amazons in Greek mythology.

According to a beautiful comic by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, the Dahomey Warriors first appeared as part of the entourage of the King of Dahomey’s bodyguard in the seventeenth century. They were to ensure his personal protection and guard the royal palace. Soon, the women’s number and prominence grew – from a troop of 800 to 6000. They would later go to fight in battles against other kingdoms as the Dahomey began to expand, lost their male soldiers in war, and were threatened and attacked by the French.

The Dahomey Warriors were known to be especially skillful, competitive, and brave. Their drills and military parades were always performed to dancing, music, and songs and their weapons were sometimes used as choreographic props. As expressed in their songs, their goal was to outshine men in every respect, and European travelers observed that they were better organized, swifter and much braver than male soldiers. As such, the King would send them to war as opposed to their male counterparts and European soldiers would also hesitate to kill them as they were often young women.

The women also enjoyed privileged relations with the king, swearing to celibacy and living in the royal palace, which only the king and his entourage had access to. As a testament to their power, women servants rang little bells to warn the people of the women soldiers’ presence and inhabitants were required to move aside, bow and avert their eyes.

The Dahomey women’s army only became defunct when the Dahomey kingdom fell at the end of the 19th century. According to UNESCO, after two months of fighting and previously broken accords between the French and Dahomey, the king of Dahomey took flight and set fire to most of the royal palaces, marking an end of the Kingdom of Dahomey and its army of women in 1892.

The Dahomey king was later arrested, deported to Martinique, then Algeria where he died. Dahomey then became a French possession between German Togo and British Nigeria, until Benin declared independence in 1960.

The Dahomey women are truly a testament to the real life story of the African women depicted in Black Panther. Their importance as strategic allies in the safety and vitality of the nation cannot be overstated.

Source – Face2FaceAfrica