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Woman gives birth to 14 pound baby

He’s one of the largest babies ever to be born in Florida

Maxxzandra Ford thought she was pregnant with twins. Instead, when she gave birth last Thursday, just one baby came out. One, 14-pound baby.

Avery Ford, at 14.1 pounds, set the record for the heaviest baby born at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital, and is one of the largest babies ever born in Florida, Fox 13 Tampa Bay reports.

“I was cussing up a storm,” Maxxandra said of the birth. “Yeah, it was bad.”

Maxxandra and Allen Denson, the baby’s father, already have two other children. But with the addition of big baby Avery, “I have a linebacker now instead of a fullback,” Allen says.

Source – T I M E

100 % Water Proof Metal

Scientists at the University of Rochester have created a metal that is so extremely hydrophobic that the water bounces on it as if it were repelled by a magic force field. Instead of using chemical coatings they used lasers to etch a nanostructure on the metal itself. It will not wear off, like current less effective methods.

The applications can be revolutionary: From the construction of airplane surfaces—which will avoid water freezing of the fuselage—to non-stick pans to phones to computers to TVs to cars to whatever you can imagine made of metal. They are also thinking of applying the technique to create 100-percent efficient water recollection systems in underdeveloped countries and the creation of latrines in areas where water is not abundant enough to allow for effective cleaning.

But it gets even better: The lead scientist says that ‘the structures created by their laser on the metals are intrinsically part of the material surface’ so they will not disappear over time, like current chemical coatings do.

New amazing metal is so hydrophobic it makes water bounce like magic

Their research paper says they made the metals using a “powerful and precise laser-patterning technique that creates an intricate pattern of micro- and nanoscale structures to give the metals their new properties.” According to Chunlei Guo, professor of optics at Rochester the effect is amazing:

The material is so strongly water-repellent, the water actually gets bounced off. Then it lands on the surface again, gets bounced off again, and then it will just roll off from the surface.

Here’s Guo in a explanatory video along with the co-writer of the study, Anatoliy Vorobyev, who is a professor at the University of Rochester’s Institute of Optics.

Source – Sploid 


Tomb “Discovered” in Egypt

A Czech archeology team in Egypt has uncovered an intriguing find: the tomb of a previously unknown queen.

The discovery was made in an Old Kingdom necropolis southwest of Cairo in Abusir, home to the pyramid of Pharaoh Neferefre, who ruled 4,500 years ago. The tomb was found in Neferefre’s funeral complex, and it’s believed that the queen was Neferefre’s wife.

In a statement to the Agence France-Presse, Egypt’s Antiquities Minister Mamdouh el-Damaty called the queen Khentakawess III, noting that this is the “first time we have discovered the name of this queen who had been unknown before the discovery of her tomb.”

The tomb, which one official said dated back to the middle of the 5th Dynasty (2994-2345 BC), had an inscription that indicates its owner was the “king’s wife.” Archaeologists also found roughly 30 utensils made from limestone and copper.

“This discovery will help us shed light on certain unknown aspects of the Fifth Dynasty, which along with the Fourth Dynasty, witnessed the construction of the first pyramids,” el-Damaty told the AFP.


The expedition was led by the Czech Institute of Egyptology, which is affiliated with Charles University in Prague. The team’s leader, Miroslav Barta, said in a statement that their newest find is just more proof of how ripe the Abusir site is for further research.

“This is another significant discovery in the last few years (that) have repeatedly confirmed that the Abusir necropolis provides a number of unique sources for the reconstruction of major epochs of ancient Egyptian history,” Barta said.

Source : CNN

Ufo Ejecting Orb ? California

I can’t make this stuff up but that is exactly what this looks like

Uploader/Witness I was driving home after work when this UFO or whatever you call it caught my eye. I pulled over in front of somebody’s house to film it. I would have got a better shot but I didn’t want to jump these peoples fence. Anyway I don’t know what the hell to make of it. Couldn’t have been a plane cause there was no noise. And I never heard a crash after either. The Orb thing flew straight up into the sky and disappeared. Sorry I didn’t film that. I didn’t know what to focus my attention on.


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Human Library

The Human Library – Check Out A Living Book And Listen To Their Story

London – In the Human Library you can rent people who have been through difficult times – and they will tell you all about it. It’s a way of debunking the stereotypes that have spread around Great Britain.

They are each sitting at a round table and wearing yellow silk sashes with “book” written across. A dozen people have volunteered to become part of this human library set up in the London headquarters of an NGO called Crisis. They have all been through hard times. Some took drugs; others lived in the street or suffered from mental illnesses. They have put themselves at the public’s disposal and can be “borrowed” for half an hour, enough time to learn a little about their experience.

“I was agoraphobic,” says Teresa, a shy redhead with green eyes. “At times, I couldn’t leave the house for 12 weeks.” Why is she participating in this project? “To show that there is a face behind the illness and to dispel the stereotypes about it, since its often perceived as a form of laziness.”

Other “books” include Mafruha, a Bangladeshi refugee and poet; Joirute, a Lithuanian with a handicapped daughter; or Rafeik, a homeless drug-addict. On the wall, a board sums up their life story and indicates who is “available” and who is “taken.”

Life stories, as told by those who have lived them

A former alcoholic and drug addict, 45 year-old Gordon is the first to be borrowed today. “I started taking drugs when I was 11,” he tells the first four people who chose him. “I increased the doses, mixed ecstasy, amphetamines, cocaine, heroin. I went to prison.” A listener interrupts to describe his own experience as an alcoholic. He wants advice on how to stop. “For me, the trigger was the day I accepted to see myself as a drug-addict,” explains Gordon.


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African Renaissance Monument


The monument is made of 3-centimetre thick metal sheets and depicts a family group emerging from a mountaintop: a full-length statue of a young woman, a man, and held aloft on the man’s raised left arm, a child resolutely pointing west towards the sea. Construction of the bronze statue group was carried out by the North Korean firm Mansudae Overseas Project Group of Companies.

The project was launched by then Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade who considered it part of Senegal’s prestige projects, aimed at providing monuments to herald a new era of African Renaissance.


On 3 April 2010, the African Renaissance Monument was unveiled in Dakar in front of 19 African heads of state, including President of Malawi and the African Union Bingu wa Mutharika, Jean Ping of the African Union Commission and the Presidents of Benin, Cape Verde, Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania and Zimbabwe, as well as representatives from North Korea, and Jesse Jackson and musician Akon, both from the United States. Everyone was given a tour.

President Wade said “It brings to life our common destiny. Africa has arrived in the 21st century standing tall and more ready than ever to take its destiny into its hands”. President Bingu said “This monument does not belong to Senegal. It belongs to the African people wherever we are”.Reverend Jackson said “This renaissance statue is a powerful idea from a powerful mind. This is dedicated to the journey of our ancestors, enslaved but not slaves”


Expense : The colossal statue has been criticized for its cost at US$ 27 million (£16.6m). The payment was made in kind, with 30 to 40 hectares of land that will be sponsored by a Senegalese businessman.

Style : opposition leaders have also questioned the style of the project, labelling it “Stalinist”, while others say that the body shapes are not African. Local imams argue that a statue depicting a human figure is idolatrous, and object to the perceived immodesty of the semi-nude male and female figures.

In December 2009, president Abdoulaye Wade apologised to Senegal’s Christian minority for comparing the statue to Jesus Christ.

Revenue: The project has also attracted controversy due to Wade’s claim to the intellectual property rights of the statue, and insisting that he is entitled to 35 percent of the profits raised. Opposition figures have sharply criticised Wade’s plan to claim intellectual property rights, insisting that the president cannot claim copyright over ideas conceived as function of his public office.

Local artists: Sow, a world-renowned Senegalese sculptor, also objected to the use of North Korean builders, saying it was anything but a symbol of African renaissance and nothing to do with art

Thousands of people protested against “all the failures of [President] Wade’s regime, the least of which is this horrible statue” on the city’s streets beforehand, with riot police deployed to maintain control. Deputy leader of the opposition Ndeye Fatou Toure described the monument as an “economic monster and a financial scandal in the context of the current [economic] crisis”.

Source:  Gigantic Statues 

To read more of the African Renaissance Statue Visit Google!


Solar Sponge

MIT has created a new, cheap material that converts sunlight into steam at an amazing 85% efficiency. MIT mechanical engineer, Hadi Ghasemi developed the new material which consists of a thin double layered disc. The bottom layer is a spongy carbon foam that doubles as flotation for the disc and a thermal insulator that prevents solar energy from dissipating into the fluid below. The top layer is the active layer and consists of graphite flakes that are exfoliated in a microwave. The microwave makes the graphite bubble like “popcorn” according to Gang Chen who is also researching the new material.


Here is how it works.
Sunlight hits the graphite which creates hot spots. These hot spots draw water up through the foam via capillary action. The water turns into steam when it hits the graphite hot spots. The efficiency is determined by the amount of incoming light at a solar concentration of 10 times that of a typical Sunday which makes for 85% solar energy converted to steam. The efficiency may even be made higher by using Graphene.

So what can you use the sponge for? 10X solar intensity is relatively easy to produce with the use of a simple lens or reflector. Producing steam in the field is a good way to sterilize things. Another use is desalination; however, removal of the leftover salt crystals is a problem that would need addressing.

The most exiting possible use is power generation. Currently to produce energy the Sun’s intensity must be concentrated up to 1,000 times to produce sufficient steam. If this new material can produce steam at only the intensity of ten Suns then MIT may be onto something here.

Source: OffGridWorld 

Tear Gas 101

Infocus247 is  a reflection of the knowledge that I have come across and discuss on a day to day. Being there are protest going on in Ferguson, having knowledge of how to protect yourself from tear gas is and will be useful to you as well as me if we face similar forces in our neighborhoods.

Tear gas is used both by the police for crowd control, and by individuals for self defense. According to”Tear Gas, With an Emphasis on Self Defense, there are three kinds of tear gas a consumer can buy:

  • CS (chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile)
  • CN (chloroacetophenone) – often sold as Mace
  • Pepper spray – made from chili peppers mixed with a vehicle like corn oil

CS is stronger than CN but wears off more quickly.

Tear gas that you hear about on the news, in the form of CN or CS, is often used by law enforcement when they are faced with a combative crowd. The tear gas is launched in the form of grenades or aerosol cansso that the liquid becomes an aerosol. Both CN and CS are irritants — they irritate mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs, and cause tearing, sneezing, coughing, etc.

Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent that causes inflammation in the eyes, nose and mouth. Its effect is more debilitating, but you have to hit someone with it directly for it to be effective. This makes it more useful for self-defense against an individual. It is also useful against attacking dogs and bears.

Tear gas usually is delivered in the form a grenade, which is fitted onto the end of a gas gun and fired with a blank shotgun cartridge. Therefore, you may hear shots being fired when tear gas is used. Don’t assume you are being shot at. Do not panic. Look up when you hear the shot and avoid being in the path of the grenade. Tear gas grenades often explode in the air, delivering a metal container which will spew gas. This container will be hot, so do not touch it. Do not pick up an unexploded tear gas canister, since it could explode and cause injury.Tear_Gas_LG2-1024x958

Defensive Measures

The best defense against tear gas is a gas mask, but if you don’t have a mask there are still steps you can take to minimize damage from tear gas. If you think you might encounter tear gas you can soak a bandana or paper towel in lemon juice or cider vinegar and store it in a plastic baggie. You can breathe through the acidified cloth for several minutes, which should give you sufficient time to get upwind or reach higher ground. Goggles are a great thing to have. You can use tight-fitting swim goggles if chemical safety goggles aren’t available. Don’t wear contacts anywhere you might encounter tear gas. If you are wearing contact lenses, immediately remove them. Your contacts are a loss as is anything else you can’t wash. You can wear your clothes again after you wash them, but wash them separately that first time. If you don’t have goggles or any sort of mask, you can breathe the air inside your shirt, since there is less air circulation and therefore a lower concentration of the gas, but that is counterproductive once the fabric becomes saturated.

California 100 % Clean Energy by 2050

The entire state of California can—and will—get 100 percent of its energy from wind, water, and the sun in a matter of decades, according to a Stanford professor who just published an extensive report outlining the state’s renewable power potential.

“There’s about a 95 percent chance that [California] will be powered by 100 percent clean energy” by 2050, Mark Z. Jacobson told me in a phone interview.

Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford, is the lead author of  a new paper published in the journal Energy that outlines how the Golden State can meet all of its energy demands with wind turbines, solar panels, tidal generators, hydroelectric dams, and geothermal power stations by midcentury. And zero fossil fuels or nuclear power. Previously, Jacobson has outlined how to do the same, in broader strokes, for the entire world.

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