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Malcolm X Park x Bali Daisha

Washington DC … my friend Daisha made note that I’m in Dc quite often these days. It’s a nice in between place before getting to New York! In about a week Daisha will be flying off to Bali for a 6 month yoga teacher training. Im excited for her to start a brand new adventure. Traveling let’s us see life from a different space. We had to link up once more before she goes and it happened to be a drum circle popping off at Malcolm X park. The energy was high and the circle instantly brought back memories of Central Park drum circles I would go to years ago.

It was great to seeing those I rock with the most as usual! It took us 5 minutes to setup the camera for these lil shots so appreciate it! The people walking up the steps watched us fumbling around with iPhone cameras and negro rigged tripods had a laugh. We made plans to link up on that side of the world once our planets align!

Hawaii 1890, The oldest known photograph of Surfer

Dating back to 1890 this is perhaps the first photo ever taken of a surfer. The muscled Hawaiian beach man is photographed wearing a traditional loin cloth and shown standing in the shallows holding his rudimentary board. The original owner and the photographer are not known.

Source – vintage everyday

Blu Magic In Harlem

The pace of patience has been set, the waters calm as we feel each on coming wave effortlessly. Bringing my nose to your ear to be certain you feel the ocean depth of breath. Sexual energy can be an intoxicating trance. Grounding my fingers along the grooves of your spine sprouting roots of pleasure. My hands magnetically sinking into the tightest muscles of your back, loosening with every stroke. Lost in bliss with a high sensitivity level for your tongue. The anticipation, subtle laughter before that 3 degree move you made, I won’t forget. A full body stretch was necessary to subside some of the intensity. A brilliant star experiencing a supernova through the rhythms of your love. The sunrise symbolized a reminder to conserve myself for the day in contrast to ending the night languorously. The New Moon cycles of pleasure are still mysterious, magnetic and majestic.

From the imagination of Harlem Nights in Blu’s Kitchen

Golden Flourish Tea II

The smell makes you want to grab a cup everyday! I love taking photos of Golden Flourish products mainly because I get to keep the tea once the photos are complete and secondly because the tea really taste good. My favorite happens to be Moon.

Interested in tasting Golden Flourish ? Go to the website and pick up a pack or two 

(They are currently swapping out photos and making changes but the site will be back online shortly! )


The Plush Crave

The Plush Crave

aggressive anxiousness, persistent patience, nonchalant passion, bottomless heights direction lost, infinite orgasms, a blissful abyss, two magnets in a closed fist, melted chocolate, familiar mystery, shameless vulnerability, de ja vu times two, sleepless dreams, the last fruit snack in the bag, finishing the good mango no knife, waterfalls on a hot day, warm brownies on a cold night. Long stares before you blink, short stares in silence before we think.  The plush crave delivers the balance of receiving.

Plush – Comfortable, and of high quality,  rich fabric of silk, cotton, wool, or a combination of these, with a long, soft nap.

Crave – Feel a powerful desire for (something).

Gaze of Deliberation

It had been an hour since the plane landed in DC and a hot photoshoot would soon absorb the little energy that I had left. The flight was booked around 3 am it left at 6 am meaning I didn’t sleep all night. Somewhere in between picking up açaí bowls from South Block and finding supplies for an art project we drove pass this wall of greenery. The temperature for the north east is currently set to “hell”. The heat felt like it was giving you a hug and jumping on your back at the same time. We managed to snap a few shots then rush back to the car where the air conditioning was our ticket to heaven!

Why Film makers lose money?

In this Film Courage video interview, Chicago filmmaker Mark Harris shares why most filmmakers lose money on their movies.



Queen Afua Planet Healing Expo

“A black state of mind led me to Queen Afua

Yesterday was unexpectedly eventful. I was laying in the bed getting ready to walk down to the river for a workout when Kaela called. It’s before Noon, typically I don’t answer calls before noon unless it’s about business or pleasure. I answer and agree to what was being asked. That quick, my day changed and I would be meeting up to assist Kaela on a maternity shoot.

I made it to West End tapped  @occasionalsuperstar on the shoulder as he was spraying up a Bob Marley Mural on the side of Mangoes gave him a quick head nod and kept it moving as time was of the essence. I make it Tassilis to meet Kaela. Stood in line for 20 min then hopped in a Uber/Nascar to head to Cascade Nature Reserve. The shoot was another day in the life of a photographer to say the least. Things don’t always play out as they are planned but some how the mission is accomplished. Hearing the sound of two children yelling in pain  from the sting of ant bites is enough to wrap up any shoot. I’m sure Kaela captured some great shots you can check her work at @ablackstateofmind.

@ablackstateofmind pulling it all together and working with the childrens on a photoshoot.

Now I’m downtown with two  plans in mind. One – stop by an art show later that night and Two – get some greenery from my friend that also lived in the vicinity. After Kaela wrapped up the shoot she reminded me of an event that was happening. Queen Afua’s Planet Heal Expo, it wasn’t too far from the park and right around the corner from plan Two, perfect. I’m familiar with events revolving around holistic practices but the presentation was much different from anything I’ve experienced.  I didn’t have the full amount on cashapp to get in but they were still kind enough to let me through. Its the little things that make the world go round.

Queen Afua’s strong elegant movements demand your eyes not to blink. Her powerful voice resonates throughout the audience touching each and every women that can relate to the struggles, beauty and pain that are experienced daily.

Uncertain if I was allowed to record photos or video, I took my normal approach. Keep going until someone tells you to stop. When attending this type of event there are consistent similarities that i’ve learned to expect. Informational presentation, dance, group release, group love then finally testimonial is the usual flow.

Queen Afua’s presentation hit all the points in a way I’ve never seen. There were a few approaches that stood out to me. Instead of speaking in lecture form sharing what she has been through she transformed the truths of life into a performance giving you a chance to witness her go through the full motions. As a child i’ve been to a play but this felt new and refreshing.  I think Queen Afua’s method of performance really highlights the holistic experiences women have trouble dealing with. Play/stage format gives the audience a chance to feel and absorb each moment. Taking your imagination and sitting it down for a second to take in what is it right in front of your eyes and ears.  To hear Queen Afua share her personal honest perspective cuts through, getting directly to a real relatable point.

The mmms coming from the audience let me know what she was saying was being felt deeply. The information was weaved throughout the play showing the process of finding an answer by listening to your intuition.

There was the group love type segment I happened to join in on. She called up about 7 or 8 women and an equal amount of men. I noticed there was a shortage on men but I continued shooting because if I put the camera down then none of it is recorded which I saw as a travesty. It seemed like right after I had that thought Kaela floats in from the shadows behind me. Gracefully relieving  my hands as my eyes look up refocusing on her face to see who was taking the camera away.

Photography @ablackstateofmind
Photography @ablackstateofmind

Queen Afua began by walking up each step asking for forgiveness as well as giving forgiveness to each of us. Once she went up the whole staircase it was our turn to look into each other’s eyes and forgive each other. At this point in my mind I’m taking in the experience but I’m still in videographer mode so I’m hoping Kaela is recording video and not taking photos but I know she is most likely taking photos. Focus … looking into the eyes of young lady standing directly across from me I felt relaxed thinking about how life is so interesting I didn’t plan to be here yet here I am once again, right place right time.  Once we finished hugging each other it was our job to go spread the love into the crowd and forgive everyone!

This was unexpected being warped from observer to participant but I felt a bit lighter after. I made my way around the room passing on the hugs to eyes that attracted me most. The forgiving hugs flowed into the next act of the play. The importance of having your sisters with you during hard times to lift you up. She went through a sequence of giving birth even improvising when the “mid wife” was being found. The performance was powerful, impactful and most importantly effective. It’s easier to remember everything when it invokes a feeling you can’t forget.

The Planet Heal Expo wrapped up with a wonderful dance performance. The women in attendance were also given a chance to say their peace and share their experience.  I’ll be looking forward to capturing more events with a theatrical approach. A black state of mind led me to Queen Afua.


You can find out more about Queen Afua at
Planet Heal is the new book that she will be releasing. Follow @QueenAfua on instagram for daily updates.

Until next time stay focused, Peace – London 

Goddess Body Angela

This is the magnificent Angela of the GoddessBody Health and Wellness brand. We have been capturing moments all up and down the east coast the past few years. From New York to Dc to Virginia Angela definitely keeps me on the move. Every shoot causes me to step my game up and think of new ideas. The new videos were working on having some floating crystals and interesting effects look forward to that!

Goddess Academy is in the works and will be inspirational for everyone that views what Goddess Body Angela has planned to present the world.

Find out more info at 
Follow @GoddessBody on Instagram

Goddess Glo Up NY

The @goddessgloup was impactful as always. Hearing the stories shared can really give your mind and heart a stretch. Life is more interesting than fiction to say the least. Follow the feeling and make it through every challenge you face. Truthful self reflection within a circle of women who share similar experiences is a way to see the problems you have vs the problems you can create for yourself. It all starts with self!