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Wild World of Fungi Captured by Steve Axford


Photographer Steve Axford (previously) continues his quest to document some of the world’s most obscure fungi found in locations around Australia. Axford lives and works in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales in Australia where he often has to travel no further than his own back yard to make some of the discoveries you see here. The forms of fungi, slime molds, and lichens he prefers to document seem to have no limit in their diverse characteristics. Axford explained when we first featured his work last year that he suspects many of the tropical species he stumbles onto are often completely undocumented. You can follow more of Axford’s discoveries on Flickr and SmugMug.










Source – COLLOSAL 

Ra Sekhi Level 2 Workshop

This was a very informal experience. Ra Sekhi spoke and demonstrated how to use pendulums, crystals and sound therapy tools. To learn more or join in on the experience of learning about energy and the many methods of moving energy go to and sign up now! You will only benefit from this class!   There are books online you can purchase starting from Level 1, 2 and 3 but If i’m not mistaken you must be attuned to receive level 3 knowledge!

Lucid Visions w. Alia

This was an expected unexpected adventure. Its always around this time of year that me and Alia link up for some type of magical discussion or video/photography session.  It was bright and early and by 9am we were sitting in the woods sipping tea and talking about dreams, life, nature, cultures, power, books and much more. Soon after we went on a Juice run then returned the waterfall to partake in a spliff or two while pressing buttons to share the moment! 

Ancestral Hair Retreat

The Hair Retreat brought together by @AncestralHairStrands was very informal. Methods of relaxation were presented and everyone shared their personal experiences growing up and living with natural hair. Yoga presented by andYoga.  To learn more about the hair movement go to Ancestral Hair Strands. 


Informative panel discussion w.
Yoga by @sandiyogini
CBD Mocktail Drinks by @herbalhairbar
Raw Vegan Pizza Made by @embracerawliving
Yoga Space @andyogastudios

Delicious Raw Jackfruit BBQ Vegan Pizza by @EmbraceRawLiving

Malcolm X Park x Bali Daisha

Washington DC … my friend Daisha made note that I’m in Dc quite often these days. It’s a nice in between place before getting to New York! In about a week Daisha will be flying off to Bali for a 6 month yoga teacher training. Im excited for her to start a brand new adventure. Traveling let’s us see life from a different space. We had to link up once more before she goes and it happened to be a drum circle popping off at Malcolm X park. The energy was high and the circle instantly brought back memories of Central Park drum circles I would go to years ago.

It was great to seeing those I rock with the most as usual! It took us 5 minutes to setup the camera for these lil shots so appreciate it! The people walking up the steps watched us fumbling around with iPhone cameras and negro rigged tripods had a laugh. We made plans to link up on that side of the world once our planets align!

Hawaii 1890, The oldest known photograph of Surfer

Dating back to 1890 this is perhaps the first photo ever taken of a surfer. The muscled Hawaiian beach man is photographed wearing a traditional loin cloth and shown standing in the shallows holding his rudimentary board. The original owner and the photographer are not known.

Source – vintage everyday

Blu Magic In Harlem

The pace of patience has been set, the waters calm as we feel each on coming wave effortlessly. Bringing my nose to your ear to be certain you feel the ocean depth of breath. Sexual energy can be an intoxicating trance. Grounding my fingers along the grooves of your spine sprouting roots of pleasure. My hands magnetically sinking into the tightest muscles of your back, loosening with every stroke. Lost in bliss with a high sensitivity level for your tongue. The anticipation, subtle laughter before that 3 degree move you made, I won’t forget. A full body stretch was necessary to subside some of the intensity. A brilliant star experiencing a supernova through the rhythms of your love. The sunrise symbolized a reminder to conserve myself for the day in contrast to ending the night languorously. The New Moon cycles of pleasure are still mysterious, magnetic and majestic.

From the imagination of Harlem Nights in Blu’s Kitchen