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DEAD RINGER l Bridging the gap between inspiration and recognition.

@jemireese + @eyefocus
Group Exhibition
12 painters + 12 photographers
Saturday 06.03.17 l 7-11pm
100 Broad St SW, Atlanta
Wonder what they’ll produce together? We’ll see, can’t wait.



Hena & Chill w. ReignGlobal

Yesterday was pretty cool! It was not as cold as it usually is and universal randomness

brought me right where I needed to be. Hena & Chill w. ReignGlobal & friends. Now i’ve seen Reign .. or Sha as I know her now, in a few events over the past years so it was great to actually have a chance to link up and share a moment in memory.
From Henna in the front to Mini photoshoots downstairs and Yoga interviews in the back… I definitely was running from the front of the house to the back of the house recording everything that was going on.
The ladies exchanged stories of day to day life and Sha also shared a interesting  inspirational story about who she personally handed her first custom Amulet to.
The Ladies waiting patiently to go to the photostudio just beneath us!

I thought the room we were in was all there was…. but to my surprise there was more. It felt like I walked into a cloud because of the surrounding blue all  over Sha’s walls plus She did all the painting herself!

There were so many little moments that I cant type them all… but if you would like to see 4% of what happened check out the video above. It was fun and look forward to the one on one discussion about henna life and crystals with ReignGlobal coming soon.

Book Selects – Making Documentary Films and Reality Videos

Making Documentary Films and Reality Videos: A Practical Guide to Planning, Filming, and Editing Documentaries of Real Events by Barry Hampe

This book definitely was a good go to when I first began recording video and ended up with a box of tapes with little idea of how to bring together a cohesive project.

Making Documentary Films and Reality Videos is the perfect text for students of filmmaking who would like to make a documentary. Barry Hampe, who has made more than 150 documentary films and videos, traces the two main approaches to documentary–recording behavior and re-creating past events―and shows students how to do both effectively. Covering all the steps, from conceptualization to completion, the book includes chapters on visual evidence; documentary ethics; why reality is not enough; budgeting; and casting, crew, and equipment selection.

Availabe on  –  Amazon & PDF (will find the link)


Vantage Point

 “Vantage point” Written by Minaminers 


[dslr: 50mm] “sky|salt|seasoning” i laid in my open window to get some snow shots with movement. i kept throwing my arm out of the window with my scarf to make it dance. the snow landed on my hair and body. I’m going for ethereal imagery. i think this is beautiful. evokes a dreamlike state. calmness. relaxation. thought. humanness. breath. pulse. openness. i dig it. enjoy your weekend.

These past few months have really tested my belief in self. the more I delve into this art of capturing light, the more I see much more than just what’s through my lens. from my vantage point, it’s a different one. I am a woman. a black and brown woman. in a field saturated by men. celebrated by and for men. I see how other men photographers respond to me. i see how women models respond to me. I see the awe in some women who see my camera. I see the smirk by some men who see my camera. i see the white women group photographers, in their exclusive bubble. i see the assumptions made. I see the advantages taken of me, all witnessed by my vantage point. and honestly, I’m not even mad about any of it. I am silently watching. learning. growing. humbly. and for every rough moment, i get little sparks of love. like my momma constantly asking for her to see what i have shot. or the beautiful older black woman on the train who saw me shifting through my shoot images and she had to tell me, “your work is beautiful”, or my little niece texting me to say: “TITI!! I’m taking photography next semester, I can’t wait!” I’m letting this universe take me exactly where I knew I needed to be.
this is the most beautifully tired and unkempt I have ever been.

To Read more of Minaminers work and see more of her photography go to the source 

[dslr: 50mm] “index|to|thumb” ladies. you are fire. not just today. but everyday. every moment. and also. i watched a viral video of a compilation of Oprah’s speeches. She essentially says, I am not living the dream because I am special. I am living the dream because I answered the call from the dream. follow your journey. i am letting this path lead me. step|by|step #internationalwomensday
[dslr: 50mm] “body boulders” two workouts today | feeling firm
[dslr: 50mm] untitled. im playing with different lighting and shadows more. it’s nice to define musculature and strong lines. trying to build my port for more photography projects. fitness|travel| creative content…life is crazy right now. and yet I am still very much grounded. continuing to learn and grow and manifest exactly what I want. which is to create and explore this world. also, fitness while balancing work and life is intense but i still do it. still strengthening my legs. between a split and a lunge. ladies, you’re fire. and remember: what you seek, is seeking you. and i am on the hunt. namaste.

Moments of Synchronicity

Feel where you would like to be mentally then you may arrive physically. The universe has a sense of humor that I can’t seem to one up. Long story short, 3 things I never do led to this moment of peace.

  1. Randomly add someone from fb,

2. Volunteer to meet the person I just added &

3. Shoot that person for

Following intuition can be far from what you would normally do but if you listen it can lead you to where you didn’t see or feel yourself arriving. When I saw Shante make an update about being in Atlanta on a cross country journey something told me to leave a comment/invitation for a photo shoot. Due to the weather being rainy for the next couple days we decided to meet same day.  We coordinated in little five points and the adventure began! The first stop was the crystal shop that I always see and never go in then we made our way back to the park for a impromptu photo session.  Along the way Shante’s son displayed his directing skills. From organizing random crowds of people to the casual dog walker. Everyone seemed to comply effortlessly. sr-4sr-3 sr-5 sr-6 sr-7
It was definitely an expected/unexpected connection! We spoke about a wide array of topics like her plan to relocate somewhere amazing,  plans for the future, entheogen experiences and getting a camera for her son!   After Shante’s son proved he was good via Iphone photos I handed him my camera and let him take a quick shot of his mother and the one below is what he captured. Could be my favorite shot! video coming soon possibly, I feel like I may need to save that footage for when we record more! EyeBeenHer documentary coming soon? who knowwws….

The suns perspective of mother
The suns perspective of mother