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Flying Planes on Magic Mushrooms/Psilocybin

Many of my friends don’t quite understand what I do but they reassure me it’s something they would never attempt. Airplanes are one of my favorite places to eat mushrooms of the Cubensis variety. There are a few reasons that I’ve observed and will detail below. This may help you see things from my perspective.

Pre flight ritual: Roll all the weed left, smoke then go to the airport with super munchies

First, when do you eat the mushrooms? Well I think I’m familiar with my body and know I have about 15-20 minutes before I start feeling the on set of the mushrooms.

This sets up an ironic perfect time to eat them, take off. As the plane takes off you begin your takeoff as well. Important part I didn’t mention to the Magic, you must have a window seat. This is essential to enjoying the flight. To get even more specific flights around 5:30-6 get nice orange sunset hues bouncing off the clouds and what not. If you really want to go the extra step be sure your window is facing the west coast.


How much mushrooms are you eating on a flight?

It doesn’t feel right telling people how much they should be eating, especially on a flight. I’ll make a suggestion but knowing your own comfort level is the key here. I usually eat about 1- 2 grams mixed in with some nuts and berries for a 2-3 hour flight so I’m definitely walking off that plane still in the clouds.

Lovely Sun and Psilocybin hitting the same 

Why do you do this and is there a difference in the effect/flight?

The first time I did it was by accident, I forgot I had a little on me before I hit security so I just ate em. Turned out to be the most comfortable flight I’ve ever taken.

Growing up I’ve been haunted with ideas of planes crashing so it took a while to get that stuff out of my head but from time to time I’ll get a little nervous because of the turbulence. One thing I noticed instantly when I was on cubensis was that the feeling of my stomach dropping when the plane dips was no longer happening. It felt as if when the plane dipped my body didn’t lag it dipped right along with it…hmmm that was a cool observation. Being “one” with the planes movements eased my mind. It made a obvious difference in flight ease and relaxation.

The view, the last flight was quite spectacular as the clouds were heavenly. I really wanted to fly into them. At one point I forgot I was on the plane with other people. My eyes were adjusting to the lighting outside so the contrast created an interesting lighting effect upon glancing back to my left. It was as if the plane were a cave and the light source was my window. When I would peek over my shoulder back into the plane I only could see darkness. To paint a picture of what was happening, my eyes were locked on the clouds, phone in my left hand ready to take photos, hoodie over my head, listening to my own songs “this is soooooooullllll” vibrating through my headphones. Safe to say I was feeling great, the lady sitting next to me dosed off and could careless about what I was doing. Sometimes people can disrupt my selfie flow.

Initial takeoff
I can feel you now, (neo voice)

The sound is usually muffled when flying so that adds to the quietness of the whole experience. Even if there are people talking the effect of being so high (in the air) gives a silence that I really appreciate.

Last but not least, breathing deep seems a bit more rewarding on a flight too. It feels like I just sink deep into my seat then zone all the way out. The plane transforms into my personal spaceship for a few hours.

Would I recommend a rookie to do this? Nah this is for those that know themselves well enough to handle a trip on a trip.

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What is Ital ?

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Who Still Cares About The Moon ?

Going down the youtube rabbit hole i stumbled upon a video about the Moon. Soon after i finished watching that I felt a curious urge look over that China announcement about the darkside of the moon again. You would think something of that nature would be talked about more but 8 months later and none of the videos uploaded online barely have passed 300k+ views, the highest reaching close to 800k views.  This made me wonder does the general public still hold interest today as it did decades ago?  Eclipse seem to bring out the casual on looker but is that where it stops.

Im guilty of being the person thats looks for the “inconsistencies/conspiracy” within the presented information. So with a quick google search of “China landed on dark side of moon inconsistency” An article pointing out a photo that made it through without being edited clearly shows a stage prop line.

Source –

Hmmmm in todays wild world of content manipulation who knows if someone created this image in effort to get a buzz going about a potential staged moon landing.  I personally think it would be more of a cinematic event if ships were actually going to the Moon landing then returning to earth. We love to film every little thing on earth and all of a sudden that ends once we decide to go to space?  Im skeptical for this reason but lets continue.

It feels like a club and in this club we must believe each other because if we don’t who will?  That is the scenario I imagine when I read lines like “However, scientists, including those who are not from China, believe the east Asian nation has accomplished the mission.”

Human error reveals human error once again but do we even care?  Simple mistakes like this make me think these space missions and launch missions have become the WWF of  Space travel presentation but the production team is being underpaid.  If it were me I would double and triple check to make sure all the edits in the photos were correct so not one person can say a thing about how we faked a moon landing. It’s a billion dollar error in the business of belief.

El Mirador: The Ancient Lost City of the Maya | Ancient Architects

When you think of the Maya ruins of Guatemala, you often think of the Great Plaza of Tikal, a city that was thriving between 700 to 800 AD with pyramids and palaces aplenty. The ruins are iconic, being one of the largest archaeological sites of the pre-Columbian Maya civilisation, covering more than 6 square miles and boasting an incredible 3,000 structures. Much like the Mexican site of Teotihuacan, compared to the relatively unknown Great Pyramid of Cholula, the ancient city of Tikal overshadows another superpower of the Maya, the lost city of El Mirador, which is today lost within the dense jungle of Guatemala. El Mirador, thought to be the ancient capital city of the Maya, rose to prominence many centuries before Tikal and flourished between the sixth century BC and the first century AD. As well as being the home of tens of thousands of people, it also had several thousand stone structures, including the tallest structure ever built by the Maya – La Danta Pyramid. Watch this video to learn more about the lost city of the Maya, as well as the thousands more structures that have recently turned up in LiDAR scans of Guatemala. History is being re-written.

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Ancient Evidence Rockets Were Built Before 1900s


This is the Ganesha Ratha in India, a monolithic structure which was carved around 7th century A.D. What do you see? It definitely looks like A Rocket spacecraft, with a wide cylindrical base and a sharp aerodynamic top standing erect on the temple tower. Notice the similarity of the design to our modern day rockets sent into space. Remember that these carvings were done 1200 years ago, although we know that the first rocket spacecraft was launched only in 1957. There are no temples or structures whatsoever that resemble this cylindrical carving in Mahabalipuram. However, there is a perfect cylindrical tank made out of solid granite a few hundred feet away, which would perfectly hold something like this. This huge monolithic rock has been drilled to make a perfect cylindrical hole. Was this constructed to hold and launch a rocket? At the very top of the tower, you can see a strange figure with three antennas on its head. If it were only two antennas on the sides, we can easily dismiss it as a mythical figure with 2 horns. If you look closely, you can see that this is a helmet. A figure like this is not described anywhere in the Hindu scriptures or in other Hindu temples. Just to give you an example, this is a carving of a Hindu God, and this is definitely not a Hindu God. It must have been a very important figure, because they carved it at the very top. Could this be an extraterrestrial taking off using the rocket spacecraft? Note that there is a similar figure mounted right on top of the rocket spacecraft. If these are not ancient astronauts, what else could it be? But, this is a temple carved for the Hindu God Ganesha. That’s why it is called Ganesha Ratha. Why put an 8 feet Elephant God statue inside the temple if this is all about ancient astronauts, Right? Not really, it turns out that the statue of the Hindu god was placed inside the structure less than 50 years ago! No one knows what was originally inside. In fact, the name Ganesha Ratha itself was given shortly after putting in the idol 50 years ago. Before that time, people simply referred to this structure as the “Vimana” which means an “aircraft” in Sanskrit. Is this just a coincidence that the structure with a spacecraft and an astronaut carved on it was called a Vimana? For further proof that this entire structure was not built for religious purposes, let’s look into a similar chamber in another structure nearby. What is inside this chamber? Nothing! No carvings and no sign of any existence of statues installed, only a flat rock bed. What could have been inside 1200 years ago? What was the original purpose of making such extraordinary monolithic structures? If they had only managed to install a door made of solid rock or steel, they could have used it for a wide variety of activities including scientific experiments. But what if I told you that they did have doors installed? Look at the slots carved inside the chamber. These rectangular slots inside the entrance were obviously carved for doors. So, now we know that doors were used in these structures and they must have been removed at a later time. Remember that the entire structure is made of granite, which emits radon, a radioactive gas. Were these structures used for experimenting with radioactive material? This is definitely a possibility, as the thick rock walls would protect and prevent others from getting hurt. If an air tight steel door was installed in the doorway, it would have been an ideal place for testing radioactive elements. Let us get back to the carvings on the tower. We can see multiple faces carved within circles, like vignette photographs in a museum. Why are these faces carved on the tower? They are definitely not depictions of Gods. And these are not Indian Kings either. The Indian King Narasimhavarman who supposedly built this place has his face carved in a sphinx nearby that shows him with a big mustache and a round nose. These faces look very different from his face. What about these two faces? The one on the right looks very much like a Caucasian face. Note how similar it is to a photograph of a European or an American. Let us take a look at the entire monolithic structure. We can all agree that the entire Vimana has a very aerodynamic structure. Was it built as a model for an actual flying machine? After all, isn’t that what a Vimana means? In fact, archeologists agree they do not know the actual purpose of any of the many Vimanas or Rathas in Mahabalipuram. None of these Vimanas have a primary God’s statue inside them. So are all these Giant monolithic Vimanas, models for flying machines? What do you think?


Travel Select – Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher –  Aillte an Mhothair) are sea cliffs located at the southwestern edge of the Burren region in County Clare, Ireland. They run for about 14 kilometres. At their southern end, they rise 120 metres (390 ft) above the Atlantic Ocean at Hag’s Head, and, eight kilometres to the north, they reach their maximum height of 214 metres (702 ft) just north of O’Brien’s Tower, a round stone tower near the midpoint of the cliffs, built in 1835 by Sir Cornelius O’Brien, then continue at lower heights. The closest settlements are the villages of Liscannor  and Doolin  


Ancient Underground Heavy Water Medicine Re Discovered

Hey guys, today we are going to see a very strange ancient temple in South India. The temple houses something very unique. Some people think this is an underground well. Some people think there is something hidden underground inside the structure. From the air, on the eastern side of the temple complex, we can see a mysterious Keyhole shaped structure. There is a long rectangular structure and there is a circle on one end. This looks very similar to a modern day key hole. What is this structure? and why is the circle, covered with a metal fence? When I walked towards the temple entrance, my initial thought is that, this structure does not look like a Hindu temple at all. It is a square structure made of granite without the typical pyramid shaped towers. There is something strange about this place which needs to be investigated. When I entered the temple complex, I saw several sick people praying inside, as they believe they could be healed by the energy from this temple. When I walked towards the underground structure, I was surprised to see that not only was the circular part of the structure fenced, even the rectangular structure has a metal gate, and it is also locked! When I peeked through, I could see there are steps going inside, probably about 100 feet below ground level. Where do the steps lead? What will I find? More importantly, I was told the keeper who has the key for this gate, has left for the day, so it is impossible to access this. Inside the structure, there are solid granite steps which are many centuries old. The walls have been renovated with bricks and mortar recently. There are dried leaves and trash on these steps, no one has used them in many months. What is on the other end? Will it lead me to an underground tunnel which has ancient secrets? There is also an arch on top, which probably housed some kind of an idol or even a device. As I went deeper, I could finally see something on the surface. It is water. My camera is messing up because of low light. When I finally reached the end, I could see a diamond shape cut inside a square. It is filled with water. There is a large cylindrical structure built around it which goes all the way to the top, to the ground level. Is this merely a water well? If so, why the complicated Key hole structure? Even more importantly, what is the need to put gates and locks on all sides, so no one can access it? There is some strange energy in the waters, it feels amazing to be here. There is definitely something which we do not understand.

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