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Kundalini Yoga 3.20 with Shakeesha Semone

Peace ATL and all Y’all!! Many of you know that I teach Kundalini yoga (I know I’ve been off of the map for a minute, but we still here doing the work!) but you may not know what kundalini yoga is or what it is like..

If you are interested, come experience it at our Spring Equinox Kundalini Yoga Community Ritual tomorrow , Tuesday March 20th at 730p. You can get your ticket and more info at or just call or text me Shakeesha at 404-324-2155.

I so appreciate you and your support!!

MovingArtATL Anniversary Show 4.21

Its that time again!!!

April 21st we celebrate our 3 year anniversary with another level to our movement… ” I AM MOVING ART ” .

Everything has an art form and that art starts with you. Here at MovingArtExperience we are taking the time to recognize the ART that you are with a affirmation, a mantra, a movement that acknowledges the greatness in you… ” I AM MOVING ART “


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When people ask you… “ Whats the MovingArtExperience vibe? “ Tell them its looks a little like this!! Here’s a snippet of @hippie_heathen flowing during #NappyRoots show. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #IamMovingArt ( Get Your Tickets Now ) #VIP #GeneralAdmission #linkinbio📲💻 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Date: 4/21/2018 Time: Doors Open @8pm Location: STAINED ARTlanta Gallery Address: 1719 Sayer St. SW City: Wakanda, Atlanta, GA 30310 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #Movingartatl #movingart #artist #artistlife #positivevibes #melanin #unity #community #lifestyle #blackexcellence #entertainment #yogalife #artlife #artsy #yogart #artlove #yogalove #movement #movingartexperience

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FOCUS: Agreements, Quality & Vision


At times can get lost in translation. What happens once it is no longer upheld? We make choices or agreements with ourselves that can determine how life unfolds after that point. I’ve learned it’s better to walk away from an agreement if it doesn’t feel right or becomes exhausting. The quicker you can assess a situation the less energy you will expend walking to find middle ground that may or may not exist. It will feel better knowing you did not compromise what you offer. Even with all that said …. I thought there was a mutual agreement to never use these photos but a choice was made.




The measurement of value. This one is interesting from a creative perspective because value can often be governed by opinion. If you offer what no one else can or will then your value/demand will increase. The opposite is true. Set yourself apart and know why and who your valuable to. Ask yourself “How much would I pay me” and be real. I often see people asking for prices I know I wouldn’t pay them for but that’s my opinion, another person may find value in it. Stay consistent, hold yourself to a high standard and remind the free-spirits being creative is also work that should be valued as such.




Every perspective isn’t created equal. The lens you see the world through is crafted by your experiences in life. Observe what your thoughts are when you look at someone for the first time. Notice where your eyes like to look. I think it’s a good way to see where your mind is at in the moment. Dreams teach through vision, how many lessons are you learning each day/night? Ever view anything that seemed outside of this reality, foreign to human existence? Abandoned planets made in gold and ink colored creatures that will attack if you violate. Beautiful landscapes that would bring tears to your eyes. How do you push the limits of your visual abilities? Everything you experience effects how you see the world and will show once you press that button. Stay focused



The Goddess Glo Up 2

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For all those who are curious as to what the Goddess Glo Up is all about allow me to take you on a journey. This clip was captured from the NYC Glo Up this past #fallequinox if you can’t make Atlanta no worries I have a (new moon circle tomorrow in NYC 7-9pm @arayanyc Link in bio for contribution) ✨ ✨ ✨ About the Glo Up The #goddesses that attended were from all ages, sizes, races, and walks of life. All are welcome no matter where you come from or your social or religious background. We are bringing back our old #wildwoman ways through the power of our #energies combined we bring an experience of #healing #laughter #education #dance #nutrition #adornment #ceremony as we bring forth the Spirit of the #divinefeminine I’m so excited to bring to you an amazing line up of women for the 11:11:17 Goddess Glo Up ATL Day Retreat. To fully understand what it means to #Glo Up you have to #showup @chefahki on holistic wellness @thetrapwitch on homegirl healing @olanikeeosi bringing you the @goddessdetox from NYC to ATL we have @maya_louisa on belly dance hall and her @kole_jewel waist beads we have @reignglobal on Manifestation Henna and the power of crystals jewelry and then we have myself bringing you the good word and ceremony…..yes I go deep we all go deep…and just know that most of these women coming together do not know each other. The connection here is by spirit deeper than what you can see and so much more!! Visit and follow 👉🏽👉🏽@goddessgloup 👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽@goddessgloup @goddessgloup to purchase your early butterfly 🦋🦋🦋ticket before they are gone!!! I promise you will never be the same. #allwhite #unity #womencrushwednesday #womensupportingwomen Thanks @eyefocus for such a lovely capture #atlanta #goddesslife #stillirise #queen

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The next Goddess Gathering will be taking place in Atlanta on 11.11  to view more info  go to EventBrite : The Goddess Glo Up ATL 

FOCUS: Latarria 9 Months & Counting

 Feels like I’m low key creating @coyiasworld life documentary and I’m cool with that lol 😂 in 25 years there will be a Life and times of Latarria doc. We needed a maternity shoot to complete the yearly Why we do yoga 2 doc I didn’t know it would be Lattaria but I’m happy it is! After 4 attempts we finally coordinated on the most perfect day to do yoga and talk about the changes life has presented both of us. I was secretly hoping for a an epic delivery /rush to the hospital as the baby recoded to be born in the middle of the shoot.. maybe next time ha! 

Self care looks like connecting with a good friend and enjoying a day of yoga and recording in the park. Because time in nature will forever and always have an immense effect on my life. I spend alot of time inwardly but I’m a sucker for genuine connection with like minded people. Add a nice nature walk and several moments to breathe in that good prana, and it’s a win every time… Read the full article at AllThingsCoyia

Why We Do Yoga 2 Complete!

Its a wraaaaap kinda… There was one interview that I had to get before I officially felt finish and it was like those scenes in the space movies where you have to get your timing right or you miss the “orbit point”. We attempted to link up 3 times and on the 4th was successful. Surprisingly I didnt even tell Coyia I was in town because of my inconsistent schedule but  she sent me a random message that felt like “I know your here lets link up! and im like how did sheee knooow!” So it was meant to happen.  I’m still looking for Yogis so if your in NY with some time on your hands Let me knoooooooooo, Wheres the yogiiiiis!

In this episode of Why We Do Yoga 2  we are presenting

Unfinished business in Martinique
Costa Rica Equine Therapy Meets Yoga
Wolaba Parade of Limon
Little MsDaisha Adventures
A Moment in Time with Yemojaoshun
Henna & Chill  2 Random Yogis
Faith (fay_doll) Breaks down Yoga through My Life Experiences
PintsizeNurse x Nakeesha Photo Shoot/Discussion
Kemetic Yoga in Harlem
Trap Yoga with Lauren
Lost in the World with Renee Watkins
Maat Petrova Sensual Yoga Flow
Lattaria 9 months and counting

Okay, Im going to write up some illustrious voice overs to narrate your through this journey. This time I tried to include myself a bit more. Not that people were asking me to or anything. Should be done toward the end of this month. Once I complete editing and voiceovers we will begin planning out where and who we definitely would like to capture for the next!



This Asana is good for ???

I stumbled upon a website that list different issues you may be dealing with and a yoga pose that may be able to help. This is a quick guide and I think it is helpful but would recommend looking further into each  pose for specific details. I typically go to some of these postures when I feel it is necessary. To read the full list check out Holistic Online

Ageing, To Delay Full practice, mental and physical, with special emphasis on Headstand; Half-shoulderstand; Shoulderstand.
All swinging-downward exercises and Slow Movements; Raised Poses.
All breathing cycles; Recharging of Vital Energy; Uddiyana; Nauli; Savasana; Yoga-mudra.
Mental Exercises: Mind Mirror; Releasing of Inner Light; Concentration on Love and Devotion.
Ankles, Swollen Headstand; Inverted Poses; Vajroli mudra.
Arms, To Firm Arm exercises.
Raised Poses.
Head of a Cow Pose.
Arthritis All asanas and exercises possible.
Asthma All abdominal breathing.
Pose of a Frog; Pose of a Fish; Savasana.
Backache, From Displaced Organs Headstand; Inverted Poses; Aswini mudra.
Backache, From Weak Muscles Back exercises; Plough; Cobra.
Backache, From Menstruation Spinal Twist; Fish; Locust; Camel; Headstand.
Breathing away pain; Sending prana to spine.
Bust, To Firm Cobra; Camel; Bust exercises.
Chin, To Prevent Double And Firm Underneath Pose of a Camel; Supine Pelvic; Face exercises; Pose of a Lion.
Circulatory Troubles Triangular Pose.
Inverted Poses.
Breathing cycles.
Colds All breathing cycles, specially Blacksmith’s Bellows; Headstand; Shoulderstand; Vital Energy charging.
Concentration, To Improve Headstand; Half-shoulderstand; Lotus Pose; Balancing Poses; Yoga-mudra; Concentration exercises.
Confidence, Loss Of Headstand; Raised Poses; Cobra; Spinal Twist; Lotus Pose; Balancing Poses; Vajroli mudra; Angular Pose; Mental exercises.
Constipation Uddiyana; Nauli; Head-to-knee; Plough; Fish; Cobra; Savasana; Locust; Inverted Poses; Yoga-mudra; Aswinimudra; Vajroli-mudra.
Depression General practice, especially Savasana; Headstand and all inverted poses; Cobra; Vajroli-mudra; Locust; Spinal Twist; Breathing cycles; Mental exercises; Also diet control.
Dowager’s Hump Neck exercises.
Pose of a Camel; Headstand; Inverted Poses.
Energy, Vital -Loss Of Headstand; Shoulderstand; Savasana; Vajroli-mudra; Breathing cycles; Recharging cycles; Energy-charging cycles; Circulating Life Force.
Facial Muscles, Sagging Inverted Poses; Headstand; Facial exercises.
Head of a Cow; Yoga-mudra.
Fear Pose of a Hero; Lotus Pose; Headstand; Shoulderstand; Vajroli-mudra; Spinal Twist; Cobra; Meditation; Mental exercises, specially on Fear.
Feet, Swollen Inverted poses; Feet exercises.
Cold Circulation Exercises.
Warming breath.
Triangular Pose.
Flatulence Knee-to-stomach Pose; Digestive cycles; Breathing cycles.
Frustration, General Breathing cycles; Savasana; Lotus Pose; All mental exercises.
Frustration, Sexual Dangerous Pose, and transmuting of energies.
Hemorrhoids Inverted poses; Aswini-mudra; walking on buttocks; Massage.
Hearing, Failing Headstand; Half-shoulderstand; All forward swinging exercises; Yoga-mudra.
Heart Conditions Savasana; Breathing cycles for slowing down breath and heart.
Mental exercises; Pose of a Frog; Pose of a Child; Diamond Pose.
Lotus Pose; Fish Pose; in some cases, with doctors permission, Headstand.

Freda Payne x Yoga 1975

Circa 1975

Rare photos buried deep and found by Bikram Yoga NYC feature singer Freda Payne in the September 1975 issue of Ebony magazine

When you aren’t singing and performing, what is Freda Payne up to? What are your leisure activities?

“I go to Equinox and workout, but I mainly take the yoga classes. I started doing yoga 34 years ago with Bikram Choudhury. I started out doing Hot Yoga for years and then I discovered 6 years ago that I could no longer take the heat anymore. That was when I started taking yoga at Equinox. Yoga relaxes you, takes the stress out of your body and balances you out. I also like going to the movies when there’s a good movie to see and sometimes I play a little bit of tennis.”


Tantric Sex vs Just F#*%ing

A friend shared with me  a while back that they were sexually frustrated. I asked why do you have sex, their answer was manifesting with orgasmic energy and feeling that connection. I feel everyone has their own preference of pleasure. Two people can have totally different objectives but still find mutual pleasure. As she expressed her desires sexually all I could think of in my mind was … our connection doesn’t feel like what she is expressing. To be blunt It felt more like fucking. Physical based pleasure, grabbing pulling and ultimately ejaculating etc….like porn. There is much to learn about how a person expresses themselves during intimacy but that’s another article in itself. Don’t get me wrong our connection has its deeper moments of being in sync with breathing and discussing new sensations but for the most part it didn’t feel like the intense energy exchange I’ve shared with previous partners. The frequency is also different I noticed the amount of sex had during fucking was a lot more. It’s like eating meals that don’t fill you up, you must keep eating and eating and eating in comparision to tantric sex I felt more than satisfied and it feels like the connection last longer.

To me there is a thick line between practicing tantric sex and just fucking. Energy work in general requires discipline and fucking requires genitals that function.  The question was returned to me,  What is my “reason” for sexual desire … I answered ” It is to learn more about energy and apply what I learn when I practice specifics method of circulating energy.”  To me sex/intimacy with someone is an extension of a connection you should first have with yourself. If it feels like the path to an orgasmic manifestation  can only happen with someone other than yourself then it could cause frustration when that person(s) isn’t available.Was this always my mindset no… but things change and you learn more in life. When it comes to doing energy work in combination with sex, I say the work starts with yourself first.


The more you and your partner know of chi, prana, reiki, kundalini etc through experience the better. This makes progress easier in learning with each other. I noticed a few differences I think would be good to share so you can determine if your tapping into the power source of sexual energy or just fucking.  During tantric/energetic sex vulnerabilities tends to surface. In tantric sessions emotions are much more intense. These emotions can run the gamut from hysterical laughing, crying, confusion, release, bliss plus so much more. Letting all that out may not be what you intended but when it happens your in a very vulnerable place emotionally.  “Fucking” didn’t bring up those past traumatic wounds that may be deep within.. well at least it never did when I was simply aiming to reach ejac/orgasm.

The recharge, I noticed feeling more energetic after having a tantric session. I could run a few miles, type up an article, do a photoshoot then another tantric session. Just fucking leaves me drained of energy and I just want to sleep after or eat to replace what I just lost. To compare it with fitness fucking is like sprinting quickly to the finish line (ejaculation) and tantric is more like a paced jog around the track for however long you would like to run.  I understand some people love that big burst of energy so it all comes down to preference at the end of the day. Last point to make, in fucking, orgasm and ejaculation seemed all the same.  Through practicing yoga and meditation I learned how to experience orgasm without ejaculating. Not only is it possible but you can redirect the orgasm to wherever you focus on in your body. You don’t need to have sex to feel an orgasm or manifest! sex definitely helps bring up your energy quicker but remember breathing is the key.

The more you and your partner know & experience about chi, prana, reiki, kundalini etc the easier it is to make progress in learning with each other. If your with someone that isn’t familiar with deeper aspects of connection via intimacy teach them how to breathe and become more familiar with themselves first. I’m always learning more and  Mantak Chia books are good, i’ve found that practice and observation during meditation can teach you equally as much about the flow of energy.

Leave a comment and share your experience and keep learning. – Focus