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Yesterday was Hot yoga day @ The Yoga House of Houston. I went in with the intentions of shooting only… being I am making a few adjustments to my eating habits (raw only) I wasnt sure if I was prepared to join in on the session.  YH-2The video shoot went amazing as always and I happened to jump into a few postures when I could… You have to blend in when you shoot photo/video, makes it seem like your not even there!  I enjoyed myself and will definitely be back to capture and practice with Jill owner/instructor of Yoga House Houston!  If you are in Texas and practice, We are working on a Project Highlighting Yogis and Helping more people get into Yoga. Contact me if you are interested!  Peace

Meet Jill, The awesome owner and instructor at Yoga House Houston

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Fields of Lavender

Lavender is a plant rich in history and myth.  With its roots with the ancient herbalists, lavenders properties as a disinfectant and antiseptic grew through the centuries, even gaining the reputation of warding off the plague.  Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 7.40.07 AMLavenders popularity with the English royalty gave it a birth in the ranks of a cosmetic herb, and was with Queen Victoria that lavender was recognized as a tonic for nerves.

With its history of healing properties, glorious colors and enchanting scent, lavender has remained the Swiss Army Knife of herbs.  Lavender has stepped out of its attachment to old fashioned use and has found a modern status in aromatherapy.  Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 7.40.23 AMWith scientific research verifying its ancient uses, lavender is an essential component of any household first aid box.  The essential oil is used on burns,insect bites and blemishes.

The name ‘Lavender’ is a derivative of the Latin word ‘lavare’, meaning ‘to wash’, and was a bathing ritual herb in Roman times.  

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 7.40.34 AM


A Few Facts

Lavender is cultivated all over the world: Bulgaria, England, United States and France are historically know for producing the essential oil.  Harvesting the lavender for oil must be done at the peak of the day’s heat.  Essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the fresh flowering tops.

Common Uses

Ideal for physical and emotional support.  Lavender as a whole is an ‘adaptogenic’ essence with a relationship to all body systems.  It is nicknamed the ultimate “first aid in a bottle’ oil.  Lavender produces an anti-allergic essential oil.  It is also an astringent as well as a skin moisturizer.  It alleviates aches, pains, and swelling from arthritis, injuries and headaches.  Lavender also alleviates motion sickness.
Source : SunGazing

5 ways Yoga can change your Life

Increases flexibility, balance and strength: Yoga will make you strong, flexible, and balanced—not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. The mind, body and emotions are intimately connected with one another. What effects one effects the other two. When we practice yoga we work with our muscles and tissues. This makes us stronger and more flexible, but we are also becoming more stable and open in our way of thinking which helps us feel more balanced and at ease.

Releases Stress and Calms the Mind: The practice of yoga teaches us how to breathe mindfully, helping us release stress and calm the brain. When we concentrate on our breath, our bodies automatically begin to relax, the muscles soften and the mind starts to calm down. Fewer thoughts are produced at slower rates, helping us clear the excess noise. Having a clear mind helps us to make better decisions, feel centered and calm.

Mind/Body Connection: Yoga increases body awareness, reconnecting you with your body. The practice of yoga will help you strengthen your sense of intuition and inner power. This mind and body connection helps you realize that what effects your body effects your mind and emotions, and vice versa.

Yoga Teaches You to “Let Go”: Yoga can teach you how to let go of tension, limiting beliefs, self-imposed barriers, etc. At the physical level you learn how to release tension while holding the poses by using your breath. At the energetic/emotional level you will learn to let go of what you have been holding on that does not longer serves you.

Cultivate Inner Peace, Self-Love and Positive Thinking: The more we practice yoga the more we begin to cultivate a sense of inner peace and serenity. We begin to see ourselves in a loving way. It cultivates positive thinking and increases our positive vibration.

Are you ready to live to your fullest potential? Give the practice of yoga a try. There are so many great styles and teachers that can guide you through this process. The key is to get started and find the right style that works for you!

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Ankhing Sexual Energy

Sex, and specifically the orgasm, is more that just something that feels good and allows procreation. There are many other functions, such as the release of dysfunctional energy within the body, which can help to keep one from becoming diseased. There is the function that opens the higher chakras, and under the right conditions allows a person to begin the process of enlightenment. And further, if two people, lovers, practice sacred sex, the entire experience can lead them together into higher consciousness and into worlds beyond this plane

And so, adapted for our readers from The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume II, I offer this insight to assist two lovers — or even yourself, alone — to begin to find the higher path. This practice will not directly show you the true path. But it will increase your life-force energy, making you stronger, more alive, and more conscious. And perhaps — if you believe the Ancient Egyptians — it may lead you into eternal life.

Egyptian Sexual Energy and the Orgasm

It was believed in ancient Egypt that the orgasm was the key to eternal life, and that it was intimately connected with the chakra system. A chakra is an energy vortex connected to the entire human energy field, and the Universal Heart Chakra is the fifth of thirteen chakras. (There is also a system of eight chakras; in that system, the heart chakra is number four.) The Egyptian system held that the orgasm was intimately connected to this fifth, or Universal Heart Chakra.

First, we will explain the connection to eternal life.

Most people in the world are ignorant about what happens to their sexual energy after they have an orgasm. Usually, the energy moves up the spine and out the top of the head directly into the eighth or thirteenth chakra (same chakra, different system). In a few rare cases, the sexual energy is released down the spine into the hidden center below the feet, the point opposite the one above the head. In either case, the sexual energy — the concentrated life-force energy called prana in Hinduism — is dissipated and lost. It is similar to discharging a battery into a ground wire. It is no longer in the battery and so it is gone forever. This is what all the world’s Tantric systems that I am aware of believe, that orgasm brings one a little closer to death because a person loses his or her life-force energy in the orgasm and is made weaker. But the Egyptians found long ago that it does not have to be this way.

It is for this reason that the Hindu and Tibetan Tantra systems ask the male to avoid ejaculating. Instead, they speak of these tiny invisible tubes where, when a student learns to control the orgasm and the flow of their sexual energy, the sperm migrates up to the higher centers.

Both of these systems, and also the Chinese Taoist Tantra system, are all primarily concerned with the sexual energy flow, sometimes referred to as ”sexual currents.” They are primarily concerned with what happens as the sexual energy is movedbefore the orgasm, but they all have entirely different views of this energy compared to the Egyptians.

The Egyptians believed that orgasm is healthy and necessary, including the release of sperm in males, but that the sexual energy currents must be controlled in a deeply esoteric procedure that is unlike any other system. They believed that if this energy is controlled, the human orgasm becomes a source of infinite pranic energy that is not lost. They believe that the entire Mer-Ka-Ba or lightbody (the field of energy surrounding and interpenetrating the body) benefits from this sexual release. They even believe that under the right conditions the orgasm will directly lead to eternal life, and that the ankh is the key.

Egyptian ankhWhat is the ankh, and what has the ankh to do with sexual energy? It is complicated to explain, but we will simplify. First the ankh itself is a shape that looks like the figure at right.

In order to see and understand what took thousands of years for the Egyptians to grasp, we will begin with the fifth, Universal Heart Chakra. This lower heart chakra, the chakra of Unconditional Universal Love, is the first place where the energy completes itself. Each chakra has a ”direction” associated with it, as the life-force energy rotates its way up the body in a pattern similar to the DNA molecule. In the lower heart chakra, the fifth place of a thirteen chakra system, the energy is facing the same direction as it began, and thus the circle is complete.

Energy Flow Diagrams
In the three views above, you can see how the rotation of energy either around the body, as in (a), around a circle, as in (b), or in a sine wave, as in (c), all complete themselves in five steps.

Ankh ViewsThe fifth or heart chakra is the first chakra that completes itself and has the energies of both front-to-back and left-to-right. If you could see these energies — and the Egyptians could — from above the head, as in (a), at left, they would appear as this symbol. It needs to be understood that these are actual energy lines around the body coming from the fifth chakra.

If you were to see these energies from the front view of a human, they would appear as in (b) at left. In the center of the cross there is a hidden energy line coming straight off the page and also moving in the opposite direction away from the reader.

Notice that both of the above examples are Christian symbols that come from the heart chakra. However, if you could see the same energies from the side of a human being, they would appear different than you would expect. There is another energy-flow ”tube” there (in Chinese medicine it’s called a ”meridian”) that the Egyptians discovered long ago. It looks like (c).

I find it very interesting that the Christians must have understood what we are talking about here, for on the robes of many Christian priests, at certain times of the year that are usually associated with resurrection, you will see the following symbol.

This symbol (d) shows all three views — the top, front, and side simultaneously. I believe the Christians omitted the complete loop of the ankh so that they would not directly show a connection with the old Egyptian religion, since they were breaking away from that tradition. But it is obvious that they knew.

Now that you know that this ankh energy conduit is located in the human energy field and where, you will be able to understand the reason for the Egyptians’ sexual conduct, which we are about to explain.

First let me explain something about the ankh before I speak about its relationship to sexual energy. When I toured the museums in Egypt, I personally observed over 200 Egyptian rods.

Egyptian rodThese rods (pictured at right) were mostly made of wood, although other materials were sometimes used. They had a tuning fork on the bottom end, and the top end had four different types of devices that could be attached. One of these devices was in the shape of the ankh. What we found is that if you put the ankh on the top of the rod, which is like the human spine, the vibration from the tuning fork lasts a great deal longer. The energy seems to wrap around back into the rod along the curve of the ankh, moving downward as it returns, thereby sustaining the energy.

I was in Holland a couple of years ago, and there some people had made some rods out of copper with a high-quality tuning fork at the bottom and a threaded end at the top, so that different end pieces could be screwed on. I experimented with this rod. Using it without a top piece, I struck the tuning fork and timed how long it would vibrate. Then I screwed on the ankh and struck the tuning fork again. With the ankh on top, the rod vibrated almost three times longer. If you apply this idea to the human spine, you can see why the energy of the orgasm enhances the entire human system and the energy wraps itself back around and back into the human meridians.

This is the key to why the Egyptians performed the particular sexual practices we are about to explain. They found that if they had an orgasm and let it go out the top or bottom of the spine, the sexual energy was lost. But if the sexual energy was guided by consciousness to move into the ankh conduit, it would come back into the spine and continue to resonate and vibrate. The life-force energy was not lost. In actual experience, it seems to increase the energy. One does not feel depleted after sex, but rather recharged.

You can talk about it all day, but if you try it one time, you will understand. However, it is not easy to do in one test. For the first few times, the sexual energy will often shoot past the point of the fifth chakra and continue on up and out of the body. So it takes practice. Once it is learned, I doubt seriously if you would ever have an orgasm any other way. It’s too powerful and feels too good. Once your body remembers this experience, it is not likely to revert back to the old way.

Instructions for the Egyptian Orgasm

Here is exactly how to achiever the ankhing associated with the human orgasm. Whatever you do sexually before the orgasm is completely up to you. I am not here to judge you — and definitely the Egyptians would not, since they believe in knowing all sixty-four sexual modes before you enter the King’s Chamber to ascend to the next level of consciousness. This is their idea, but it is important to know that it is not necessary. You can reach the next level of consciousness without knowing this information. However, from their point of view, the idea of ankhing is of paramount importance in achieving eternal life. You will have to decide for yourself if it is something you wish to practice.

  1. The moment you feel the sexual energy about to rise up your spine, take a very deep breath, filling your lungs about 9/10th full, then hold your breath.
  2. Allow the sexual energy of the orgasm to come up your spine. But at the moment it reaches the fifth chakra (located just a couple of finger-widths above the sternum), with your willpower you must turn the flow of sexual energy 90 degrees out the back of the body. It will then automatically continue inside the ankh tube. It will slowly turn until it passes exactly through the eighth (or thirteenth) chakra, one hand-length above the head at 90 degrees to the vertical. It will then continue to curve around until it returns to the fifth chakra, where it began, only this time in the front of the body.Even if you don’t understand what was just said, it will happen automatically if you get it started out the back of the body at the fifth chakra, and it will automatically come back around to the front of the body and reconnect at the fifth chakra. You just have to make it turn 90 degrees so that it begins.
  3. It will often slow down as it approaches its point of origin, the fifth chakra. If you can see the energy, it comes to a sharp point. When it approaches the fifth chakra from the front of the body, there is sometimes a tremendous jolt as it reconnects with this chakra again. All this takes place while you are holding your first breath.
  4. The instant the sexual energy reconnects with its source, the fifth chakra, take in the full breath. You had filled your lungs only 9/10th full, so now you fill your lungs as completely as you can.
  5. Now exhale very, very slowly. The sexual energy will continue on around the ankh channel as long as you are exhaling. When you reach the bottom of this breath, you will continue to breathe very deeply, but a change happens here.
  6. It is here that, if you know the Lightbody work of the Mer-Ka-Ba, you would begin to breathe from the two poles using Mer-Ka-Ba breathing. But if you are like most people and don’t know this work, then continue to breathe deeply until you feel the relaxation begin to spread throughout your body. Then relax your breath to your normal rate. Feel every cell becoming rejuvenated by this life-force energy. Let this energy reach down into the deepest physical levels of your body structure even past the cellular level. Feel how this beautiful energy surrounds your very being and brings health to your body, mind and heart.
  7. Once the relaxation begins, slow your breath down to a normal shallow breathing.
  8. If possible, allow yourself to completely relax or even sleep for a while afterward.

If you practice this for even one week, I believe you will more than understand. If you practice it continually, it will begin to give health and strength to your mental, emotional, and physical bodies. It will give great strength and power to your Lightbody, as well.

If for any reason this practice does not feel right, stop and return to normal. It just is not time.

It was this discovery of the secret tube that fostered the Ancient Egyptians’ belief that eternal life was intimately connected to this particular energy-flow. It is this ankhing of their sexual energy through this tube, in an extremely deliberate procedure, that I have been taught to emulate.

Source Spirit Of Maat

The First Eye… The Pineal Gland (Video)


A Short video continuing the chakras series explaining the mechanics of the pineal gland and how I “activate” it.  The pineal gland is sometime referred to as the third eye.


-The eyes of the dragonfly are one of the most amazing and awe inspiring sights. Given almost 80% of the insect’s brain power is dedicated to its sight and the fact that it can see in all 360 degrees around it, it symbolizes the uninhibited vision of the mind and the ability to see beyond the limitations of the human self. It also in a manner of speaking symbolizes a man/woman’s rising from materialism to be able to see beyond the mundane into the vastness that is really our Universe, and our own minds-

DragonFly Symbolism


Why music gives you goosebumps!

When your playlist strikes all the right chords, your body can go on a physiological joyride. Your heart rate increases. Your pupils dilate. Your body temperature rises. Blood redirects to your legs. Your cerebellum—mission control for body movement—becomes more active. Your brain flushes with dopamine and a tingly chill whisks down your back

About 50 percent of people get chills when listening to music. Research shows that’s because music stimulates an ancient reward pathway in the brain, encouraging dopamine to flood the striatum —a part of the forebrain activated by addiction, reward, and motivation. Music, it seems, may affect our brains the same way that sex, gambling, and potato chips do.

Strangely, those dopamine levels can peak several seconds before the song’s special moment. That’s because your brain is a good listener—it’s constantly predicting what’s going to happen next. (Evolutionarily speaking, it’s a handy habit to have. Making good predictions is essential for survival.

But music is tricky. It can be unpredictable, teasing our brains and keeping those dopamine triggers guessing. And that’s where the chills may come in. Because when you finally hear that long awaited chord, the striatum sighs with dopamine-soaked satisfaction and —BAM—you get the chills. The greater the build-up, the greater the chill.

What’s interesting about Panskepp’s theory, though, is that chills don’t sadden most people. The experience is overwhelmingly positive. Recent research shows that sad music actually evokes positive emotions—sadness experienced through art is more pleasant than the sadness you experience from a bad day at the office.

And this may hint at another theory. The amygdala, which processes your emotions, responds uniquely to music. A somber tune may activate a fear response in the amygdala, making your hair stand on end. When that happens, your brain quickly reviews whether there’s any real danger. When it realizes there’s nothing to worry about, that fear response becomes positive. The fear subsides but the chill remains.

Source: MentalFloss 

Photographic Memory?

59-year-old Akira Haraguchi recited from memory the first 83,431 decimal places of pi, earning a spot in the Guinness World Records.

He must have a photographic memory, right? Not so. According to mounting evidence, it’s impossible to recall images with near perfect accuracy.

Certainly, some people do have phenomenal memories. Chess masters can best multiple opponents while blindfolded. Super card sharks can memorize the order of a shuffled deck of cards in less than a minute. But people with Herculean memories tend to be adept at one specific task—i.e., a person who memorizes cards may be inept at recognizing faces.

Alan Searleman, a professor of psychology at St. Lawrence University in New York, says eidetic imagery comes closest to being photographic. When shown an unfamiliar image for 30 seconds, so-called “eidetikers” can vividly describe the image—for example, how many petals are on a flower in a garden scene. They report “seeing” the image, and their eyes appear to scan across the image as they describe it. Still, their reports sometimes contain errors, and their accuracy fades after just a few minutes. Says Searleman, “If they were truly ‘photographic’ in nature, you wouldn’t expect any errors at all.”

Read the Full Article at Psychology Today

60 Second Challenge

Other than going to sleep or taking a nap…. when was the last time you chose to sit down in silence for peace of mind. JG-160 Second challenge … sit quietly and observe your thoughts for 60 seconds …. there are 1440 Minutes in a day …. Take one of those and dedicate it to your inner self. Very simple way to begin what some like to call meditation. Peace

Aloe Vera Juice

I was offered some aloe vera juice the other day and declined. Two days later my thirst kicked in and I gave some a try…. I was disappointed that I found this drink to be delicious and instantly regretted declining the previous day. Google led me to a “Wiki how to”. Making it is fairly easy enjoy … I would add some lemon juice or grape juice for flavor with honey … Ill give it a try and let you know what works best for my sweet tooth.

Aloe can help with circulation and digestion as well as increase energy and aid in recovery from fatigue. And one of the best ways to get these benefits is by drinking aloe water

Start by removing an aloe leaf from the plant near the base using a sharp knife. No worries about hurting the plant — just like it can heal your skin, aloe heals itself, too.

make your own aloe vera water

Now use your knife to split the leaf down the center lengthwise and reveal all those healing juices. To soothe skin, the natural aloe gel can be rubbed directly on, but we’re going to harvest it for the aloe water instead.

how to make aloe vera water

Transfer the gel to a container. And when I say gel, I mean it — this stuff is gooey, and you should just know that going into it. I scooped mine from the leaf using a spoon and put it in a cup, but you could also gently scrape it off with your knife. Just be sure to get the clear gel only and not the yellowy pulp. Note: Don’t try to skip this step and use off-the-shelf aloe vera gel unless it’s clearly labeled as edible aloe.

make your own aloe vera water

Mix the aloe gel with water and lemon juice using a blender. I didn’t measure out exactly but can estimate that I used a ratio of about 2 tablespoons each of aloe gel and lemon juice to one cup of water. The lemon juice and the high-speed blending helps to cut the gelatinous texture of the aloe. Blend for a minute or more.

make your own aloe vera water

Drink up. Easy, huh? You shouldn’t taste much beyond the lemon, though the mixture will have a slightly thicker feel than regular lemon water. If you’re not feeling the plain aloe water, you can also add the aloe to amp up your green smoothies. Now how’s your headache? Happy New Year!

The Whole Foods Companion also cautions pregnant women and diabetics not to take aloe vera internally, so I wanted to be sure and repeat the warning here.

If you don’t already have an aloe plant of your own, check out some of these beyond-basic aloe varieties. I’m thinking ‘Marco’ is my favorite. Ooh, or maybe ‘Sunset.’ What’s yours?

Source DIY Network

Greta oto

As soon as I saw a picture of this butterfly I thought to myself …. People are so gullible on the internet.. a Butterfly with transparent wings cmon… but my curiosity led me to a informal google search! The very real glasswinged butterfly exist.

The Glasswinged butterfly (Greta oto) is a brush-footed butterfly, and is a member of the subfamily Danainae, tribe Ithomiini, subtribe Godyridina.  Glasswinged-Butterfly-Greta-oto-JA

The wings are transparent, with a span of 5.6 to 6.1 cm (2.2 to 2.4 in). The butterfly’s most common English name is glass winged butterfly, and its Spanish name is “espejitos”, which means “little mirrors”. Indeed, the tissue between the veins of its wings looks like glass, as it lacks the colored scales found in other butterflies. The opaque borders of its wings are dark brown, sometimes tinted with red or orange, and its body is dark in color.

A resource for information and visual manifestation

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