Introducing the cube.
This year we are working on a project titled Introducing the cube. This will be a documentary exploring the idea of simply introducing people to the Cubensis mushroom and documenting their experience. There has been a mis-perception built around the “magic” mushrooms and we wish to show that it is more than you will ever know.

Look forward to How to Grow workshops and yoga meditation sessions based around Cubensis.

Support the project & Grab a Spore Print  

CUBE 333 Tee for 33.00 + 3.00 Shipping







Items will arrive within 7 business days of order placement

See Breathe and Know is a beginners guide to yoga, meditation and learning how the mind works. Using visualization and breathing techniques one can begin shifting their consciousness.

Order your Copy Here 



Set of  3   150.00  @ 18 x 24 sizing


         “A Jungle Sometimes”

      Set  of 3   150.00 @ 18 x 24 sizing 


“Aware of me, Aware of You”

Set  of 3   150.00 @ 18 x 24 sizing 

Message us for specific/custom size & pricing

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