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I know we have been on hiatus for a week or so. Due to travels and things of that nature the focused faded but we are back and have returned to bring you more information everyday! Travel, Yoga, Meditation, Eating tips, Recipes, Photography, videos and useful knowledge as always!

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Why we do Yoga II ? I think its time we reach out to different Yogis and get a different perspective on why they do yoga. This time around I want to focus on the business side of why people do yoga. Its often taboo to talk about business so I think the challenge of getting people to reveal their authentic truth in a world of namaste, love bubbles and open heart chakras. CURRENTLY IN NEW YORK   looking for trill yogis living life!


Be Metaphysical: Effort x Energy

Once you study the information of yoga and meditation etc you begin to practice… Once you begin to practice you learn from your experience. Some experience will require you to go back and study to get a clear understanding.

What I have come to learn in meditation and spiritual practices is that .. yes it works but it requires energy. Its not like I can snap a fingers and be in a transcendental state of mind.   It takes time and effort to really learn how the mechanics of the mind and body work.  You may know how to relieve yourself from pain mentally but the pain itself may make it hard for you to concentrate on the process of relief.  bmf


I find it easier to stay awake and lucid in sitting postures or kneeling postures. This makes meditation more comfortable to me.  Laying down in bed I find it much harder to focus and just fall asleep.  I say this to point out there are ways of doing things that can make it easier and ways to do things that make it harder for you. Utilize your efforts in the most efficient way to make progress.

The focus lately … I have not been really honing in on anything to specific during meditations. Sound still has my interest. An interesting experience that happened twice recently. A relative walked in my proximity after my left ear picked up on a steady tone. I observed any changes in my surrounding to see if anything triggered it.. the only thing was the relative walking in.  A day later it happened again this time i heard the ringing and I remembered the previous day and like clock work the relative came in the house from outside. IGYG-3What does this mean …. Im not sure but what if people carry a tone similar to a computer or any machine that runs on electricity.    I think of listening to the silence the same as staring at the darkness of your eyes when you have them closed. Aiming your focus on these “spaces” reveals the mysteries of concentration.  Another experience that happened that i didnt really look into because it was kind of weird .. i heard a whisper of a voice.. Im normal just like you so when i hear things that are a little too creepy  I say to myself … Okay may be its time to take a break lol.  Didnt really explore that hearing session too much ….

Also I have been experimenting with music and listening with a laser beam like concentration on each sound the song is composes of.  Usually jazz music without words works best all instruments.   DS1I have much more to discuss and observe from this practice.  One cool/interesting happening is when I focus in on each sound it creates a sensation almost like if i took my arms and began moving them as if i were drawing small circles in front of me.  It feels like that but im not moving my physical body.  These sensations take on different characteristics depending on the tone/sound/instrument you focus on.  It usually takes a second for these senses to kick in  … Pranayama ( Breath Control/Conscious Breathing)  is the foundation to redirecting your senses away from your body and into things such as perception of sound for example.


Be Metaphysical: The journey of The Alone

Sometimes we look outside of ourselves for help along the path we travel and I think that is cool. I have also found out in life  there comes times where you must make that journey aloneAAT-5.  I learned that when you take the time to go within you learn and under/innerstand  more than you can explain to others. Most of the times it feels like what you learned/experienced was meant for only you and trying to communicate it to others only furthers that feeling. Being solo comes with full responsibility of yourself. You cant blame anyone for your shortcomings and failures. Its all on you.

Once I realized that I can see now why people are so focused on changing the world around them without looking at themselves first. I see some people even throwing darts at those who take a path that is more self reflective vs community praised.


It takes discipline, honesty, and will power to make life changing admissions to yourself. Its much easier to tell everyone else to stand for something you haven’t quite lived up to yourself. When you live the life you preach that makes your message all the more potent. Your words will carry the same energy you put into your actions. People will resonate with you on a level that goes beyond social media interactions.

The symbol you represent can be greater than what you personally can offer.  What do you stand for?

Be Metaphysical: Early Cognizance

There are a few memories that stick with you growing up. These memories have an impact on the way you view people places and animals in the world. For example as a child my mother would take me to the park while I was in the stroller. She would wheel me up to the edge of the lake then throw bread all around me.

duck-1The ducks would swarm around me to eat the food. At the time I did not know that ducks liked bread or what a duck was but the experience was exciting and opened my mind to knowing there is other living animals in existence.

Ever since then I always seem to find myself near a group of ducks or a river. It brings back that sense of joy I experienced as a child in a subtle simple way. GC-1

Be aware of this and make sure you give the young relatives around you plenty of experiences to reflect on.

Be Metaphysical: The Subconscious Smile

I remember reading a book called The science of happiness, In this book there were many scientific studies on why people become and maintain happiness. They traveled all over the world to do research on this subject. The one universal symbol for happiness was the smile!

No matter what language you speak or where you are a from a smile is usually a sign of joy.  Honest physical expression of mental emotion right?  Is this always true though? When you see someone smile it does not always mean that they are happy within. People have the ability to put on a mask to represent an idea of how they would like to feel even if that is not actually their current mood. LW-2Why? I think unease/unhappiness comes with un wanted pressure especially if your dealing with some issues you don’t want to discuss.  I think most of us have experienced not feeling good or in a less social mood  but to avoid bringing attention to ourself and keeping people from getting in our business you give an appearance that is contrary to your inner emotion.  In the book they stated that even when you force yourself to smile it triggers brain signals that actually cause a chemical reaction telling your mind that yes you are happy.  So subconsciously we may be unknowingly making ourselves happy by putting on a “front” or throwing out a few not so genuine smiles so that they eventually become “real smiles” and true feelings of joy.

There are many ways we subconsciously deal with issues without truly knowing the reason for our response. You may find yourself craving a certain type of fruit or vegetable randomly. You go out and get this fruit or vegetable without even knowing that your body may be in need of the nutrients that are being provided within it.  By paying attention to your thoughts and being conscious of a change in mood, desire/cravings, and feelings you can begin to see the reasoning behind it all.  Knowing the reasoning will lead you to making the unconscious response more of a conscious decision. Sometimes we are too busy with the daily routine to hear that inner voice saying the small but essential requirements of life like drink more water. LW-3 LW-6

Online Yoga Sessions Infocus247


OCS Sunday Yoga After Dark  10.12   @ 11:30pm – 12:30 am EST

This will be a pre sleep session that beginners and advanced Yogis can follow along with.  We will be relaxing our minds and body before we doze off and go to sleep!  This session is for the night owls that enjoy the moon glow over the sun shine!

Muyuu New You Mondays 10.13 10:00am – 11:00am

An early morning  60 – 90 minute yoga session dedicated to getting your week starting in the right mood… hopefully! We will end the session with a meditation aimed at putting our weekly goals into perspective and seeing them accomplished with ease.

Energy work Wednesdays  10.15 @ 3:33 pm – 5:03 EST

Energize your wednesday with a  60 – 90 minute yoga session will focus on increasing energy and moving at a fluid pace. Aligning breath with movement and ending meditation by going through each of the your chakras and circulating the energy throughout your body. 1 Crystal will be discussed briefly as well



Be Metaphysical: Clarity and Concentration

What is mental clarity worth? If you are surrounded by noise and constant distractions, thinking will be more difficult. fog-4As stated in the previous “Be metaphysical” post thought and sound are vibration. If you are a person that prefers to plan out your next move and make thoughtful decisions you may value mental clarity. Distractions can come in all shapes and forms, video games, television, even people can become a distraction to gaining mental clarity. So with that being said I think it’s beneficial to remove yourself from those environmental conditions.  Quietness and concentrating on clearing your thoughts will lead to mental clarity. Furthermore replace the noisy environment with nature. Let the birds’ songs be the noise and the flow of water be the soundtrack to your mental clarity. This combination has a calming effect on the mind and body.  The more you practice withdrawing from your senses like sight and sound the easier it will be to tune out the distractions when you can’t escape to a misty river like me.
fog-5 fog-1 fog-2

Be Metaphysical Time X Wisdom

You may have heard the saying …. your ahead of your time, You seem older than you are. It could be stemming from physical appearance. You may look younger than you appear, adding a more magnetic quality to your wisdom and insight .   GG-2

This makes me question what time is really ….. If someone like myself can pass for 5 + years older even though I look younger makes me wonder if age has anything to do with wisdom or experience.

If you start to complete a loop around a track with the knowledge of how to  walk only, it may take you some time to get around fully. While you are half way around the track someone begins to make their way around the very same  track but the difference is they have started with the knowledge of running.  GG-1

Even though the 1st person was on the track longer, the knowledge of the 2nd person and the ability to run  gave em the appearance as being on the track as long as the 1st person.

I think knowledge is the key, what you know can give you insight into how to appear beyond your years as well as be able to relate from your elder perspectives. I noticed the more generally knowledgeable and logical you are that older people tend to think you are closer to their age if physical appearance doesn’t arouse a second judgement.

Desire also give away your age. When we are younger I think most of us value possessions more than the quality of life. Its like grabbing something or anything to hold on to as your pushed and pulled through a world full of twist and turns. GG-6As we get older I think an exchange happens where you don’t hold on to the material objects or value them is such high regard being you are coming closer to departure and the same objects that validate your existence has no importance when your existence is moving beyond the physical.   This transition of mindset happens at different times for everyone if it even happens at all.

I also think knowledge/wisdom in combination with discipline is the way to completing task efficiently based on time. GG-3When I think of time I think in the terms of past and the future and the constant exchange of the two we label as now.  Usually people are looking to appear younger and not older so I think the key to looking young is feeling young.  How do you feel young … do the same things you did that made you smile when you were once young and be disciplined enough to make it a habit. A healthy diet,  drinking thirst quenching aloe water, eating some happy cashews and splitting a few bananas always helps with the feeling as well!

GG-4 GG-5

It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.

Root Chakra Video Coming Next … Maybe Sacral deciding on which location is good for each! Until next time

Be Metaphysical, Peace