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Book Select: Games People Play

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Games People Play The Basic Handbook of Transactional Analysis.

Now I read this book years back. I think I was ahead of my time when I discovered this one. This book broke down why I faced so much confrontation with people in certain positions. Sometimes there are rules to relationships that remain unspoken. Understand the games that people play will help you maneuver in a world filled with pre-assumptions and in between the line messages in everyday interaction.  A great read that will rewire your brain and see through people like a transparent wall. Once you learn this information use your knowledge/powers to protect yourself  not manipulate others BUT the choice is yours.

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Book Selects: Kundalini- The Energy of the Depths

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 9.02.00 AMThis book can be used as a great guide when tapping into energy. Sometimes there are sensations and experiences that I need help understanding so books like these seem to find me. This book will offer clarity on the effects of activating chakras and dormant energy within. 

Book Select: Face to Face

“Professor A. Ramachandran has contributed significantly to the Indian art scene. He has been a ceaseless experimenter and a versatile artist. Over the years his paintings have acquired a classical monumentality and his use of medium and colours luminosity. He has also created a substantial body of sculptures. This book of three essays and a photo-essay is being published on the occasion of his solo exhibition in New York in December 2007, featuring faces from Rajasthan, studies of heads in oil and a suite of ten watercolours.f2f The book crystallizes the artist’s philosophy of life and his persona and his relationship with his subjects and himself while distilling his philosophy of the surge of life force in all things in the universe. It highlights his observations about his aesthetics and the evolution of his distinctive visual style, as well as the influences of Kerala and Santiniketan in moulding his artistic sensibilities. His engagement with modernism does not confine itself to expressing himself through an international idiom, but reinventing a traditional idiom to suit a contemporary sensibility. Besides his paintings, he has also created a substantial body of sculptures.” – The Guild