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60 Second Challenge

I have a really hard challenge for those who like to be challenged. There is 1440 minutes in a day with that being said …take 1 minute out of those 1440 sit down in a comfortable place and pay attention to your breathing and listen to your thoughts. For 60 seconds just feel and listen. One day you may be able to build it to the nearly impossible .. 2 minutes. Time to flood the streets with meditation! Comment your results/thoughts even if thought there were none! Share this with someone you think can benefit from a moment in self.

Meridian Channels and Qi

The Human Bodys’ Meridians or channels are  conduits through which Qi travels in the body.  These channels are used in acupuncture to treat illness. Although meridians work as a channel system which carries and distributes qi and blood, they are not blood vessels and have no anatomical channel structure.meridian-channels

Jing meridians act as the interior. Those which branch off horizontally are luo meridians. Jing means to pass through or pathway and refers to the vertical channels. Luo means network and refers to the networks that branch off from the vertical channels (Jing). Both Jing and Luo mean link or connection, and they are bound closely together to form channels.

By connecting and uniting different parts of our body, meridians provide the transport service for the fundamental substances of qi, blood, and body fluids. The flow of qi in the Meridian System concentrates or “injects” in certain areas of the skin’s surface. These areas are very small points, otherwise known as “acupuncture points”. Although acupuncture points are located externally and superficially, they can affect the internal functions of our body. There are 365 acupuncture points, and each point belongs to a particular meridian channel that connects to specific organs.

Qi can be gathered/collected through meditation, deep breathing techniques and practices like Qi- Gong or Pranayama in Indian culture.

Once you learn how to gather Qi and bring it in through your chakras you must learn how to direct the qi using thought. The qi will travel along these meridians so knowing the channels is important to knowing how direct the flow of qi to each organ.



Yogi Selects XIV

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 8.18.41 AM
@liifong Day 23 #spreadahimsa #paryankasana #couchpose with @yogagoddess_jo @dalima26 @sequellife_bp
veer_yog i#YogaforMobility #YogaforAthletes #YogaforEnergy #YogaforStrength #StayFitCebu
@veer_yogi #YogaforMobility #YogaforAthletes #YogaforEnergy #YogaforStrength #StayFitCebu
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@dalima26 Day 21: #SpringUpYogis challenge, #flyingpigeon @northcarolina_yogagirl & @dms_yoga #anarmbalanceadaykeepsthedoctoraway #armbalanceaddict #addictedtoarmbalances #stretchyouryoga #strength #selftaughtyoga #iloveyoga #igyogafamily #igfamily #yogafamily #yoga2014 #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #feeltheyogahigh #homepractice

Keep up the great encouragement and hard work!

Mystical Mudras

Mudras are very useful during meditation. When I use mudras they give me a sense of when i’m drifting away from my physical senses. When my fingers are in a mudra and I have my eyes closed It becomes harder and harder to feel the way my fingers are situated. So I use them as a gauge as well.
Mudrasz There is even an app to view mudras on your mobile device. Check out 99 mudras here

Art by Joyce Huntington

Yogi Selects II

A beautiful capture of elegance for the sun and the ocean. @Kdeerhauteyoga
One of the coolest Yogi's on the net check him out @Veer_Yogi
One of the coolest Yogi’s on the net check him out @Veer_Yogi
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Peace of mind is not so hard to find when you know where to go. @Elle_Fit
Not sure which asana this is but the view is quite spectacular
Not sure which asana this is but the view is quite spectacular @serralynnsmick
Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 9.17.39 AM
Another stunning shot. Reminds me of a mermaid coming up for air resting on the rocks. Are there a such thing as male mermaids? manmaids??? maybe @CharlietheYogi knows.. or is one.