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Prahlad Jani The Breatharian

Prahlad Jani, also known as “Mataji“, (born Chunriwala Mataji, 13 August 1929) is an Indian sadhu. He claims to have lived without food and water since 1940, and says that the goddess Amba sustains him.

Born Chunriwala Mataji, Jani grew up in Charada village in Mehsana district.[1] According to Jani, he left his home in Rajasthan at the age of seven, and went to live in the jungle.

At the age of 11, Jani underwent a religious experience and became a follower of the Hindu goddess Amba. From that time, he chose to dress as a female devotee of Amba, wearing a red sari-like garment, jewellery and crimson flowers in his shoulder-length hair.  Jani is commonly known as Mataji (“[a manifestation of] The Great Mother”). Jani believes that the goddess provides him a liquid sustenance[2] or water, which drops down through a hole in his palate, allowing him to live without food or water. 


Since the 1970s, Jani has lived as a hermit in a cave in the rainforest near the Gujarati temple of Ambaji, awakening at 4am each day and spending most of his time meditating. 

One thing I found interesting and was able to make a connection to was when they were speaking of looking at the sun. I have read that the geometrical pattern in leafs is the same pattern which is in our eyes to receive light  -Flower of Life Vol 2. We receive light to communicate images to ourself but have we forgotten the real power to transfer energy from the sun. imagine a time we could live without food or water… interesting. 


Yogi Selects XII

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Playing around after another bang on target lifting session with coach B. Even when my life is super busy and chaotic, I do some kind of movement and/or training daily – it’s what keeps me sane and functional. The body was built to move and be moved, no matter at what level, skill, age or circumstances. Eka pada urdhva dhanurasana – for #backbendmadness2014 day 18. #olympicweightlifting #coachb #eleiko #yogischoice #workandplay #snatch #cleanandjerk @martinbrinde @beachyogagirl @fitqueenirene @kinoyoga- @momojolifestyle


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@charlietheyogi Nothing like a four hand adjustment in savasana #yogaglow #yoga #yogaretreat #upstatenewyork #healing #healthyliving
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@underbar_n Another one for #backbendmadness2014 Challenge Day 16 on an other mat!!! So much easier. Maybe it doesn’t show but it feels! I don’t like this mat very much but it is sticky. Can anyone give me advise which yoga mat I should buy? I want a really good one. And sticky. @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga @fitqueenirene



Pranayama: The Nose Knows

The topic of breathing and pranayama (the practice that works to direct the movement of life force) is a fascinating one.

Exhaling through the mouth can be beneficial in that it allows for a greater volume of air to be released at once and may help your jaw to relax. We all do this naturally when we are exasperated, tired, or weary. Take a breath in, then breathe out with a soft, sighing sound: You will feel your shoulders release, and as your jaw releases, your tongue will relax down into the base of the mouth, creating a quieting effect on your mind.16963-122

However, in most instances, it’s preferable to breathe through your nose. There are several reasons for this.

The first reason is that the nose does much more than just let air in and out. There are texts that claim it performs more than 30 functions, such as containing the receptors for smell, filtering out dirt and pathogens, and moisturizing and warming incoming air.

The yogic viewpoint is less concerned with the mechanical functions of the nose and breath and more interested in the process of how our breathing affects the nervous system. The ancient texts describe a network of subtle channels, called nadis, the three most important of which originate at the base of the spine. The ida flows to the left nostril, the pingala flows to the right nostril, and thesushumna is the central channel and balance point of the other two.nadis

The ancient yogis were able to map out thousands of these channels, not through dissection of the body, but through intense practice of introspection and awareness development of both the gross and subtle levels of the body-mind. Current research supports the yogic observations.

The reason that nose breathing is more effective in creating energy changes is that when you breathe in or out through your nose, you stimulate the olfactory nerve; this impulse is then passed on to the hypothalamus, which is connected to the pineal gland, which is associated with the third eye area—seat of the “sat guru,” inner wisdom. Some say the ida and pingala interlace their way up the sushumna and end somewhere in the sinus chambers; others say that they end in the “third eye.” When you breathe through your nose, you are helping to open and balance the sushumna and quiet and steady the mind.

For more helpful information go to the Yoga Journal 

Success through Stillness

Pick up a few gems and jokes that were dropped during this interview with Russell Simmons. An index of the topics covered can be found below.

1:12 – Russell’s Book: Success Through Stillness
2:20 – The Art of Meditation
7:43 – Russell’s Sex Life
12:39 – Russell on the ’N’ word
19:21 – Russell on Kanye West
27:53 – Russell’s Ex’s
33:40 – Not Giving up on Your Dreams
36:29 – Amina Buddafly
44:25 – Gay A.A.C.P
51:35 – Black Hollywood Slave Movies


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Yogi Selects VI

This is me trying to be a good girl with #CompassPose. Upright? Check! No movement and pressure on broken wrist? Check! -@islarosete
This is me trying to be a good girl with #CompassPose. Upright? Check! No movement and pressure on broken wrist? Check! –@islarosete
We have a new breed of flying fish in #Orlando and her name is @jennsweetieyogi ha ha this was my first time & I had some great teachers! Thanks Jenn &@jadealectra for expanding my practice  @-sequellife
We have a new breed of flying fish in #Orlando and her name is @jennsweetieyogi ha
ha this was my first time & I had some great teachers! Thanks Jenn &@jadealectra for expanding my practice @-sequellife
Another Great show of Yoga dedication with a great framing to show! – @liifong