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Daily Focus 079

Ah ah ah ah staying alive, staying alive. That has been the theme song for this week. Many people have been thrown into a whirlwind of chaos concerning employment I give my tips on finding new hustles and utilizing the resources you do have at hand. Last night a DJ saved my life has never took on more meaning lately. Big ups to 9th Wonder (Classic hiphop), Just Blaze (being himself) , Questlove (Lover Rock) , Erykah Badu, Kid Capri and D-nice they all been keeping my instagram very entertaining and enjoyable. Big Ups to the online trainers giving me that extra battery pack in Train or Die Compound on Facebook and Instagram. Quick random story about 2 brothers on the train and we discuss how to maneuver smart when the law isn’t quite up to date with what you choose to do to make a living.  Stay healthy eat your vegetables and fruit, learn more about your body with the newly allocated time.

Quotes Of The Day 

The universe can be unpredictably poetic

A week of thirst led to an ocean of discovery


Daily Focus 078

I think we all have that “If I knew moment” at one point or another.  Hindsight is always 2020.. see what i did there. Today we discuss the intricacies of thirst trapping. A good hunter keeps a few different types of traps. Ever discriminate against someones choice of food? Yeah that can be me at times. Shoutout to Myco_Dogon_West the package arrived safely and right on time. Still out in nature listening and thinking in the language the birds speak. Suppressing dreams with green? At times the dreaming world can feel more real then the waking. Sleep well

Quotes Of The Day

There is nothing safe about sex there never will be

In the midst of memories moist, I miss your voice

I came upon no wine as wonderful as thirst

Honorable Mention 




For more information on the liberation pack go to his page follow and DM

Daily Focus 077


As promised I discuss the lesson learned from some of the last breaths. We are going to need a license to go outside soon, thoughts from a paranoid mind. Lightly discuss what I think about the old classic Aliens 2. Two cannabis tales of another narrow escape from the law after they kick in the bathroom door as we blaze a nice spliff. Being bold works best sometime. Time for higher learning

Quotes of The Day 

 Love is a hole in the heart

I teach my sighs to lengthen  into songs

A kiss can be a comma a question mark and exclamation point thats basic spelling that every women ought to know

Instrumental : DG33

Daily Focus 075

Exhausting all of your thoughts vocally can make more room for silence it seems. After talking for a few days it seems like balance is necessary and silence is even more appreciated. Do robots need a emotion? One idea from AI podcast that makes me question what truly motivates humans other than instinct/will to survive. Remember when the classroom problems were solved after school in a circle of onlookers spectating the simple way of working through to a solution one punch at a time,  I remember when colors were designated to each gender, not the case these days.  Is our world becoming plastic? people included.

Quotes Of  The Day

Politeness cost so little but is worth so much

It is merely formality for the small bird to invite the elephant to his nest

Examples have children

 Favors ensalve

Daily Focus 074

One call can change it all right? A swift suggestion to speak about family matters from Ms Ethersphere led me to lightly tap on mother son/daughter relationships. Over time it may play out in a way that you don’t want it to. The blessing and the curse. Reflecting on the audacious Paul Mooney, one of the funniest summamaa.. Bernie Mac and the goat Eddie Murphy. Story time, tonight I share a few tales from my up bringing under “Mitch”. He just came home from doing 10 years in prison cleverly to avoid 100+ years and I was all ears soaking up game.  Enjoy

Quotes Of The Day 

Every biologist can tell you what love is, only the biologist that is in love does not know

This heart long for you can break into a thousand pieces, I wouldn’t lose one

When she raises her eye lids its as if she were taking off all her clothes

A kiss is a lovely trick to stop words when they become superfluous

A man now aging i know the best of love is not to bestow but to recognize

Daily Focus 067

The world is back spinning at full speed, the words are flowing as I need them to once again. A quick Dr. Dolittle brush over, to me it was fun to look at but hard to watch. Learning the importance of leaving a positive impact on the world from Gil Scott Heron. The difference in influencing vs inspiring. Women don’t understand that there are some men that don’t want to get in your panties, shocking I know right. I be full, lets say it together “pla-ton-ic”. Updates on how I feel about micro-dosing psilocybin in combination with purple sea moss. Poker nights and almost missing flights in Vegas from pulling all nighter gambling sessions. Virtual reality can make reality feel dull  or force us to push beyond the boundaries set and that effect is still lingering upon the All Star weekend dunk contest. Corona conspiracy theories from reddit. We are here, we as in me.

Quotes Of The Day 

Without you I cant live with the part of me that wants to live without you

There is love of course and then theres life. Its enemy

There is very little difference between men and women in space

Loves a fire whether its going to warm your heart or burn down your house you can never tell.

Word of the day 

Platonic – (of love or friendship) intimate and affectionate but not sexual.

Daily Focus 059

Is there pain in pleasure? Today was flowing like it needed to. Who do you want to be great for? Sometimes you have to bounce things off of yourself all the while becoming your own person. Its about that time for a torturous run and Im not quite sure if my body is ready. Either way I didn’t forget how to run my mouth 059 going scrroong.


Quotes Of The Day 

Women like silent men, they think they’re listening

The return makes one love the farewell

Let us not burden our remembrance with a heaviness thats gone

The heart is forever inexperienced

Let there be spaces in your togetherness

Daily Focus 041

If you cant protect your mind you will not be able to guard your practice. I touch lightly on Star Wars and Doctor Sleep. Sippin Sea Moss Smoothies in the shower. Some politics are just for you. Strange fuel that feeds the fire can cause an interesting ignition.  Ever been cut by a  Rose Thorn? Life can be poetic at times. Camera looking at me like “You dont love me no more?” So who wanna shoot something?

Quotes Of The Day

Love transforms, it simultaneously makes us larger and limits our possibilities

The first duty of love is to listen

A kiss that speaks volumes is seldom a first edition

The silent numbness of seeing this particular lover move on fueled hours of warmth, de thawing these old hands of mind. Fingers slowly guiding through soft skin, tender grooves and sore muscle of my current. I’m reminded that’s its your sensitivity of touch I use to feel my way into her heart next


Daily Focus 040

A movie breakdown of Queen and Slim. Check out the innovations that Ryan Leslie has been working on “super phone”.  The lessons learned from coming to consciousness  (up sleep/blackout) walking under a bridge in Miami. Yoga and mushrooms do they go hand in hand?

Quotes of the day 

It is the special quality of love  not to be able to remain stationary, to be obliged to increase under pain of diminishing

Your absence has not taught me how to be alone, it merely shows when were together we cast a single shadow on this wall

You know what charm is? Getting the answers without have asked a clear question

She wanted to be the reason for everything and so was the cause of nothing

Love is a mystery when once solved evaporates


Daily Focus 039

I’m back after 24 Hours of travel! Meeting new people and getting to talk to strangers can be fun plus we found the illusive Hashish i’ve been questing for!  The movie breakdown/reviews of today are for Uncut Gems (semi spoiler alert)  I didn’t give the whole movie away but I do mention how it starts off.  Accidentally going to see Knives Out turned into a movie I actually enjoyed. Some mixups are meant to happen. Natalie slid in this episode for a brief moment  to reflect on the piano and sounds, I traveled up to Pittsburgh to see her plus get a few lessons since i’ve been diving more into instrumentals and sound.

Quotes of the day

Desire is the kind of thing that eats you and leaves you starving

– Nyirah waheed

It hurts when they’re gone. And it doesn’t matter if it’s slow or fast, whether it’s a long drawn-out disease or an unexpected accident. When they’re gone the world turns upside down and you’re left holding on, trying not to fall off

Love, as the poet says, is like the spring. It grows on you and seduces you slowly and gently, but it holds tight like the roots of a tree. You don’t know until you’re ready to go that you can’t move, that you would have to mutilate yourself in order to be free. That’s the feeling. It doesn’t last, at least it doesn’t have to. But it holds on like a steel claw in your chest. Even if the tree dies, the roots cling to you. I’ve seen men and women give up everything for love that once was.

When you get old you begin to understand that no one talks unless someone listens, and no one knows nuthin’ less somebody else can understand

Plot is the structure of revelation.