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Daily Focus 041

If you cant protect your mind you will not be able to guard your practice. I touch lightly on Star Wars and Doctor Sleep. Sippin Sea Moss Smoothies in the shower. Some politics are just for you. Strange fuel that feeds the fire can cause an interesting ignition.  Ever been cut by a  Rose Thorn? Life can be poetic at times. Camera looking at me like “You dont love me no more?” So who wanna shoot something?

Quotes Of The Day

Love transforms, it simultaneously makes us larger and limits our possibilities

The first duty of love is to listen

A kiss that speaks volumes is seldom a first edition

The silent numbness of seeing this particular lover move on fueled hours of warmth, de thawing these old hands of mind. Fingers slowly guiding through soft skin, tender grooves and sore muscle of my current. I’m reminded that’s its your sensitivity of touch I use to feel my way into her heart next


Daily Focus 040

A movie breakdown of Queen and Slim. Check out the innovations that Ryan Leslie has been working on “super phone”.  The lessons learned from coming to consciousness  (up sleep/blackout) walking under a bridge in Miami. Yoga and mushrooms do they go hand in hand?

Quotes of the day 

It is the special quality of love  not to be able to remain stationary, to be obliged to increase under pain of diminishing

Your absence has not taught me how to be alone, it merely shows when were together we cast a single shadow on this wall

You know what charm is? Getting the answers without have asked a clear question

She wanted to be the reason for everything and so was the cause of nothing

Love is a mystery when once solved evaporates


Daily Focus 039

I’m back after 24 Hours of travel! Meeting new people and getting to talk to strangers can be fun plus we found the illusive Hashish i’ve been questing for!  The movie breakdown/reviews of today are for Uncut Gems (semi spoiler alert)  I didn’t give the whole movie away but I do mention how it starts off.  Accidentally going to see Knives Out turned into a movie I actually enjoyed. Some mixups are meant to happen. Natalie slid in this episode for a brief moment  to reflect on the piano and sounds, I traveled up to Pittsburgh to see her plus get a few lessons since i’ve been diving more into instrumentals and sound.

Quotes of the day

Desire is the kind of thing that eats you and leaves you starving

– Nyirah waheed

It hurts when they’re gone. And it doesn’t matter if it’s slow or fast, whether it’s a long drawn-out disease or an unexpected accident. When they’re gone the world turns upside down and you’re left holding on, trying not to fall off

Love, as the poet says, is like the spring. It grows on you and seduces you slowly and gently, but it holds tight like the roots of a tree. You don’t know until you’re ready to go that you can’t move, that you would have to mutilate yourself in order to be free. That’s the feeling. It doesn’t last, at least it doesn’t have to. But it holds on like a steel claw in your chest. Even if the tree dies, the roots cling to you. I’ve seen men and women give up everything for love that once was.

When you get old you begin to understand that no one talks unless someone listens, and no one knows nuthin’ less somebody else can understand

Plot is the structure of revelation.

Daily Focus 038

The mics 38 Hot but Its cold out chere, From ATL to PIT I had a chance to read Walter Mosley’s RED DEATH.  The wild world of Easy Rawlings. Gotta enjoy books that stick to your hand until its finished.  Is the life your living worth sharing in a story? What are you passionate about? Ease dropping on African languages while traveling.  Dealing with unreliable DC bud people, when did getting green become so technical? it may be time to grow for self, I have some Blue Cheese seeds from 2014 that have been begging for me to develop a green thumb.  I question… am I smart or a borderline clever intelligent? Knowing your place in the brain game early.  The mind is amazing.


Daily Focus 036

Radioactive phones? Burning a hole in your pocket. New Flavors  looking forward to taste testing that Larry Birds Breath. Is life too predictable? What if nothing was in sync. A review of Street Gods the new documentary by Vice as well as the crazy ending of Berserk. Can driving make you emotional? Road rage is real.  Revisiting old places to access those local only memories, some things you can only remember when you go back to the physical location it happened.  New instrumental for the those that make it to the end. 


Quotes of the day

The grasshopper that sleeps forgetfully sleeps in the mouth of the lizard

The wound we took care of has healed

If you don’t take time care of your sickness you will get time to die

Let an orphan get rich and she will find relatives

Wealth takes charge of its owner

Where there is no wealth there is no poverty

Daily Focus 034

A giant awakens from the sleepy twilight zone. Learning about yourself through memes, is it effective? Giving glory to all of the greatness within Hustle and Flow while appreciating the imaginative efforts of The Full Metal Alchemist. The Infamous Taraji P Henson stare down. Looking for the illusive answers of lifes’ mysteries and what to do once you come to conclusions.

Quotes Of The Day

He kissed me and now Im somebody else

I don’t want to live, i want to love first and live incidentally

I love in you someone only I have discovered


Daily Focus 032

Today I touch upon the power of influences. My personal philosophy of recording videos and taking pictures. ET communication and introducing another species to humanity … is it possible? Another quick set for your listening pleasures!

Quotes of the day 

In my mouth I keep your thirst

The eyes are the silent tongues of love

My definition of love is, the need to be with

Daily Focus 031


Art Basel Or Nah?  A brief look over of I Lost My Body a Netflix new release plus Atlantic. The infamous B.I.G line “I feel like death is fucking calling” What does that line really mean? Is there such a thing as Perfect imperfections. Another dose

Quotes of the day 

The cinema should always be a discovery of something
– Orson Welles 

Honorable Mention