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Meridians & Teeth

As such,  you can use teeth to diagnose and treat the body part to which they are connected. For example, the lower central and lateral incisors are on a meridian connected to the adrenal glands. Hence, sensitivity or pain in these teeth may indicate an imbalance in adrenal function.

Meridians and Teeth

Your teeth correspond to specific organs and systems. You can find an interactive chart here.

Chi goes in both directions: injured teeth can be a symptom of problems in a faraway body part. A root canal in your second bicuspid (tooth 4) may, therefore, affect breast or lung tissue.

Sometimes people experience pain in a tooth that was extracted in the past—known as “phantom pain”. This experience may be the most illustrative of the connection between the teeth and other body parts along meridians: a tooth that is no longer there cannot possibly be causing pain. The organ to which it used to be connected, however, may be the source of your discomfort.

What Studies Are Saying

Many health practitioners believe that there is a connection between oral health and the well-being of the body as a whole.

A 2009 study reported in the journal Dental Aegis reviewed “a new paradigm in dentistry called ‘teeth as sensory organs’”. Mechanoreceptors in teeth control a sequence of neural activities when we eat. They determine how hard and how fast we chew and provide sensory feedback to the brain. Tooth pulp contains mechanoreceptive fibers.

“Mechanoreception is the unconscious sensing or conscious perception of touch or mechanical displacement arising from stimuli outside the body. Mechanoreceptors are sensory end organs that respond to mechanical stimuli such as tension, pressure, or vibration.” (1)

Teeth are therefore not inert but important for neural communication, providing unique sensory input that incites other biological processes.

A Finnish study isolated the genes that are responsible for tooth development and found that these same genes are responsible for the development of other organs. In the context of cellular growth and differentiation, genes involved in organ development are an indicator for the potential for cancer later in life. In fact, there is a link between abnormal tooth development and cancer. (2) Researchers have even documented a relationship between bacteria in dental pulp and the formation of breast cancer. Similarly, chronic dental infections contribute to cardiovascular disease, stroke, and erectile dysfunction. (3)

An Easy-To-Understand Tooth Chart of Meridians

Given the connection between teeth health and wellness in other parts of your body, following are some maladies that have been associated with certain teeth (4). A toothache doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a problem elsewhere; however, it is a possibility to explore, especially if discomfort lingers.

tooth chart

Here are a few meridians that connect to your teeth:

  • Incisors and canine teeth are on meridians that connect to the kidney, liver, and gallbladder.
  • The meridians from bicuspids and molars are to the large intestine and stomach.

These meridians link various organs, glands, muscles, and joints to your teeth:

  • Pain in the upper and lower incisors can indicate kidney, bladder, and ear infections. They may also signal problems with the lymphatic system and reproductive organs.
  • Molar pain can indicate anemia, stomach and intestinal ulcers, chronic gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining), hemorrhoids, bladder infections, breast health, rheumatism, and chronic inflammation of the pancreas.
  • Wisdom teeth, on the other hand, connect to the central nervous system, heart, liver, and intestines. They can also signal high blood pressure, eczema, headache, liver disease, pain in the extremities, and cardiovascular disease.

Read the full article at dailyhealthpost

An In depth Look at Pranayama

On my search to finding new perspectives and insight on meditation and yoga I came across a great teacher with some lessons/lectures online to be viewed. The name of the teacher is Nehemiah Davis and is ellaborates on mystic knowledge pertaining prana energy ether, auric body, astral projection and many more topics,

One method that I have tried from watching the lectures on the Mystic Knowledge channel is the simple method of curing a head ache. The term they used that put things in perspective for me was Metaphysical medical procedures… makes sense. Just like doing a procedure only with the mind .. You draw the pain down into your heart point then push it out throw your arms and finally out through your hands. I experienced pulsating at the finger tips and quick heating up of my fingers.  I did not have a head ache at the moment im dealing with a wisdom tooth .. yeah so I definitely have pain to work with and practice.. I drew the energy down into the heart energy point then pushed out through my hands. On the inhale I would pull from Tooth/Ear Pain down to heart .. Exhale .. Push from Heart to Fingers.. This worked and I can describe it as having a bottle of water and  the water in the bottle is the pain… breathing the pain out would be like poking a whole in the bottle and draining it slowly until there is no pain.   After the pain was gone i relaxed my breathing and did not perform the deep breaths with the intent of pulling down the pain .. i relaxed my breathing and i noticed a sensation as if my ear had been sealed off from the pain. Almost like there was a hole that needed to be patched and once it was patched it felt normal again.


You can find all the videos at MysticKnowledge as well as Live Youtube broadcast of classes


Be Metaphysical: Return of The Serpent

Chakras ….or energy points as I like to refer them to. I would like to share and attempt to describe the feeling/sensation I get when I place my focus on each. The system I am familiar with is the 7 chakras im sure there are more than 7 energy points. but. In some Ancient text there is a system of 13 chakra points.   to keep it simple ill describe the 7 popular ones known in Indian doctrine.  Starting from lowest to highest … Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

I first start by focusing on breathing consciously. Deep breaths in and out using my abdomen in a style similar to Ujjayi Breathing.  Sitting in comfortable position spine straight.YFE (2 of 7) Once I establish a rhythm of breaths paced at about 4-7 a minute (7second exhale x 7 second inhale) I begin focusing on the first energy point.


Starting from the root chakra and working upward the sensation begins to feel like  swaying from side to side mainly in the area you are focused on. I feel the best way to describe it is like standing  in water you are set in place but you feel the waves slightly swaying you from side to side. If you have ever been on a boat for over a few hours and you get off .. it kind of feels like your still on the boat even though you are on solid land the energy feels similar to that. Focusing on the swaying and breathing will keep it going.

YFE (7 of 7)
The intense oscillating of the root chakra can cause some to just stop meditation all together. I want to say to you keep going. That is just the beginning and surface sensations once you move beyond you will reap the benefits of knowing your energy and how it works.

The root point is the most intense of all the energy points. I feel like its a ‘slow vibration’ so I feel it intensely versus a faster vibration that feels more like a consistent wave. By vibration I mean the speed of oscillation i think… not near google so i’m winging it with the comparisons. Either way after 3 deep breaths I bring the energy up to the next point using intent and feeling it slowly move up my spinal cord. Bringing us to the next point Sacral chakra.

One of the first times I felt this sensation I asked myself which direction is the sensation spinning because I couldn’t really tell. Once i asked myself that question mentally, it seemed to start spinning in both directions which was interesting. I still don’t fully understand that specific session and what happened.

Still focused on breathing and the swaying sensation of the energy I begin focusing on the sacral chakra. As I go up I find the swaying less intense I believe it to be because it is just vibrating at a faster rate so it just is not as intense its like when you see a car wheel moving slow you can count the rims see all the details etc but if it is moving fast it just looks like one wheel. So as I focus on each and moving it upwards another way to describe how to feels going up its like the pattern a snake makes when moving along the path. You will notice different feelings as you go through each point.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.56.48 PM
My research on the solar plexus matches my experience or vice versa. They say the solar plexus is where you can store the energy and thats what it feels like. This area seems very large and open. While gathering sexual energy I can say focusing on this spot (solar) seems to store that built up energy. Once I began gaining control and stopped spilling sperm/ejaculating I found that this energy has to be stored somewhere or it will be hard not to push it out (ejaculate)

After 3 Deep breaths focusing on the sacral on the last 3rd or 4th inhale I visualize or just feel the energy going up to the next point which is the Solar plexus.

Once i’m at the solar plexus it seems like the swaying has balanced out or a better way to describe it is that it feels like it has more room to sway so I tend to relax a little more at this point and gather energy and my thoughts here .. its like the resting spot for me where I can get ready to move up to the heart energy point.  The distance between the heart and solar is larger than the previous two points and it is noticeable once you begin progress up to the heart center.

While focusing on the lower 3 chakras (root sacral solar plexus) It helps me to mainly breathe with my abdominal. Once I reach the heart chakra I begin by bringing my breathe into my lungs matching the location of the sensation/energy point. From this point on a breathe fully with abdominal then up into chest in all one motion.

The heart center makes me feel good …simply put .. as soon as I get there the energy that felt like swaying is almost stabilized..its like it begins to stabilize completely and the swaying is dissolved and all you feel is the actual energy I seem to always smile or have a small smirk once I get to this point. Again the space seems to open up a little more …its like having a feeling of being in a sphere that grows as you reach the higher points. Some say the heart is the seat of the soul, I can not make statements in that light but It definitely feels like the center of it all. Once I reach that point it feels like i’m half way there on a journey to the crown chakra but it feels like this point  is the source of it all or just as important as reaching the top.   One distinct feeling i get is that the lower 3 chakras (root sacral solar) are definitely grouped in a sense and once you move beyond those 3 you are in middle ground( heart) then once you progress up  you enter the next set of 3 chakras/energy points.

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 11.40.54 AM
The throat chakra was said to be associated with communication in realms beyond the physical. During my meditation I have found that all the chakras/energy points play a part in maintaining a clear connection when receiving visions.

Onto the next point the throat chakra! The throat chakra seems a bit more subtle versus the previous chakras definitely have a distinct feeling/vibration  to them the throat chakra seems to be very light or almost like nothing is really ‘happening’ in comparison with the others. I tend to have to lean my head backwards to slowly pull the energy up into this point.
Often It causes me to swallow forcing me to extend my neck outward a bit for a second. Again I think once you reach the higher oscillating energy patterns you feel it in your physical with less intensity.  Once I have completed my 3 breaths I begin moving up to the next point.

Having control over your third eye/pineal gland has been said to have control of the serpent energy. Being the energy does feel like a snake coiling up your spine. Once i experienced this for myself I overstood fully why The Ancient Egyptians wore crowns with a snake coming outward at the point of the third eye.

The Third eye point…One interesting feeling I get once i start feeling it move upwards is the feeling of my ears slightly popping.  It feels like when you go underwater the moment the water rushes into your ear and it makes a slight filling sound… that is what It feels like on the inhale it usually happens one ear or the other not both at the same time.  The third eye is associated with the pineal gland, the only gland in the brain without a pair (left/right) it controls melatonin production which in turn controls sleep cycles + more. It has also been said to be the producer of dmt .. a tryptamine  that can cause visions and provoke very profound states of mind. I have detailed my experiences  in the Be Metaphysical section of the site so I wont go to deep here but once this gland is said to be active You will or can experience these visions or states of mind for your self and that I can agree with.  Dmt is produced naturally by the brain but in small amounts. There are tryptamine that occur in mushrooms that will allow you to get a sneak peek of what you can experience or reach on your own with practice and without the help of the external supplements.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 11.33.51 AM
Learning about the metaphysics of myself has taken time and patience but helping others by sharing true experience has helped me progress even more. When you share what you have experienced it only allows other people to feel comfortable enough to share what they have been through or felt. A mutual learning platform is needed, open dialogue and discussion is what I promote so ask me question and If I have insight I will share if not I will learn from your insight until I can relate & vice versa Peace

Last but not least The crown chakra. Once I begin to pull the energy up aligning it with my breath (inhale) It feels like … imagine doing a handstand on the beach right where the water meets the sand.. then you slowly begin lowering yourself into the water causing the water to start touching the top of your head and slowly you begin lowering yourself in until the water is covering the top of your head stopping short of your ears. That is what it feels like you will also feel the other 7 chakras below as if you have set an anchor at the bottom and the line goes all the way up to the top.  At this point I relax and stay in this blissful quiet state of mind for a moment before I start recirculating the energy back down to the root and up a few times.  Okay so that is my brief how I do it … or how to do it …. and how it feels once you do it.  I like to share my experiences because I see many people talk about the energy points as if they are not using the knowledge themselves (nothing wrong with that) I like to give you both sides of the coin … the knowledge  of the energy points along with the experience of USING the knowledge! Peace