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Goddess Space w. ReignGlobal

In my journey from Pittsburgh to Atlanta I planned to make a quick stop to decide the direction I would be heading in. The date of that decision landed on 1.11. Washington DC was the mid point. From a random scroll on the gram I saw that Sha (ReignGlobal) was having an event Goddess Space Root Chakra themed. There was a video posted on Instagram of a previous Goddess Space. I noticed it was recorded from a iPhone because of the flickering due to lighting. I thought to myself why not put on some red threads swing by to soak in some of the laughter of Angela aka Goddess Body, Twist some of the finest DC greenery, plus drink a little wine, all while recording the proper video an event like this deserves. The last event I shot was in Atlanta a few weeks ago. A few weeks my camera has been sitting in the corner collecting dust, staring at me lifelessly. These days I’ve found more pleasure In contemplating what story I will be reliving to record orally or writing out from day to day. Practice perfectly is a saying I like to keep In pocket for moments like this. Even when I haven’t completed a creative activity for a while I trust all the practice will return to me perfectly, I’ve had plenty of practice over the years. I began hitting buttons and flipping switches on the memory capturing device I had forgotten about. All the familiar highs of being surrounded in a golden sun lit room full of beautiful women wearing a vibrant hue of red came rushing back like dope to an addict that relapsed. I begin tuning into the music, dance and vibe my way around the room while visually determining who wants to be filmed and who runs away from the camera if I even look in their direction. The anchor, there’s usually one lady amongst all that my eyes will focus on more than any other. This helps me contrast what I’m looking for against who or what I would like to look at. There’s a balance to maintain between playful attention and a disciplined wandering going on in my mind. This gives space for ideas and thoughts that bring a smile to myself and anyone just as observant noticing me in my own world. A taste of spicy lentils on my tongue began a reflection of the Ethiopian dish I grabbed from around the corner before I began. The chef took just long enough for me to roll a rushed spliff inside the bathroom to blaze a on the walk back to the venue bumping Nas God’s Son to set the mood. In my zone, camera swinging I take in all the laughs along with subtleties of women expressing themselves together growing more comfortable by the minute. From the Cacao ceremony to the space women held for each other it still feels good to have the responsibility of remembering this feeling. Now when will you see an edit of the video? who knows. When will it be requested, paid for, then released? who knows. Until then you can hold on to these candids below. I’m looking forward to seeing what Kwam has in stored, he even managed to grab some shots of me! Check his page out for the photography side of this event. Kwam is real cool down to earth brother, rocking a chain with a copper wrapped pointed quartz crystal the size of my forearm I know he brought back from Wakanda. Shout out to Emmy, writer, story teller creator. It’s always funny when I encounter someone that follows me already and even more funny when I’m already following them but we still can’t recognize each other in person without loading up the gram. Emmy and I shared a mutual moment of genuine excitement that starts on a phone but comes full circle in person with a hug.


Transformations of Self Love

Who do we really know? Is it surface deep? Are we quicker to enter and be entered physically than to allow that same entrance to be walked through mentally in the form of questions. Answers that can reveal truths of yourself that don’t want to be seen quite yet. How does one confront part of themselves that even they don’t comprehend? Not knowing why you are who you are can be nerve racking but aren’t we changing everyday? Its rare I wake up the same person I fell asleep as. Its all observation of self. Watching, listening and learning can be transformative. We attract who can relate to our pain unknowingly.  We communicate hand in hand with one foot in front of the next searching to find if we have more in common than curious eyes.



Yogi Selects – Yoga_Enchantress

What has been the most lesson you have learned from following your heart?The most valuable lesson I learned from following my heart is that it may be scary at first but it is absolutely for fulfilling. I can’t take concessions where my passion is concerned. When I lead with an open heart I am certainly aligned with my authentic self.

What can be the hardest aspect to control about your emotions that yoga can help with?

Control. Yoga helps me to let go of trying to control and shape everything. To be in flow and align with my highest self. Pranayam helps me to breathe through any emotions that arise or get stuck.

In which ways can your body communicate with you?

Your body always tells you the truth! Body awareness, embodiment and somatic work is integral to my work. Once we understand the link between emotional events and physical symptoms we will have a better understanding of how to heal. My body tells me everything and I listen.

How are some of the ways you manifest soulful joy? 

I manifest soulful joy by not taking myself so seriously! I dance often, go for walks in nature, and do my best to connect with my inner child. She likes swimming naked, laughing and doing cartwheels in the grass. 🙂

Have you had any meditation experiences that have been hard to explain?

Movement meditation is where I communicate with my ancestors. The way I move, breath, speak transforms. It’s so magical. In the early hours just as I slip from sleep state into consciousness, I discovered that this is a great time to meditate. It’s when I listen to Divine consciousness. That’s all I can say about that because it is easier experienced.

Can creativity be used as a way to push pass old memories and trauma?

How have you utilized it? DEFINITELY. Creativity is essential to work through old memories and trauma. I write until my hearts content about any and everything. Movement especially somatic movement is a great way to connect with your individual creative side. I believe it gives you an opportunity to face yourself. In order to heal from trauma, you can’t bury them you have to face them. I was able to begin that journey through creative writing and  movement.

What is your favorite myth and what is the lesson you received from it? 

Well, I don’t know if I have a favorite. I believe there is some truth and lessons in all myths. Mythology is important for every culture especially Black Americans. Our language, customs, culture and spirituality was suppressed but still lives in our DNA and the stories told by our elders.

How has yoga helped you open space for others especially the divine feminine energy? 

When women come to my yoga sessions they most likely come to fulfill some superficial purpose. I help them to dig depose. My intention is to guide them to be more expansive with their energy. To reconnect with their body beyond some physical goal. Yoga has been a gateway for me to reveal how essential it is that women be more loving and accepting of themselves just as they are.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers of infocus247?

You are worthy. Just as you are. It is important for me to center my work around creating greater ease in the mind and body. So much of our struggle is because we don’t feel worthy and so we just do more and more to feel valued by others. Do you know who you are? Take time and be present with yourself. Be willing to soften, flow and let go so the you can rediscover your authentic self. You don’t need to become anything or anyone else. You are worthy. Just as you are.


Thanks again for reaching out. These were great questions and it was a pleasure to sit with them and answer them truly.
– LaToya Maria 

Ra Sekhi Level 2 Workshop

This was a very informal experience. Ra Sekhi spoke and demonstrated how to use pendulums, crystals and sound therapy tools. To learn more or join in on the experience of learning about energy and the many methods of moving energy go to  Rasekhihealing.com and sign up now! You will only benefit from this class!   There are books online you can purchase starting from Level 1, 2 and 3 but If i’m not mistaken you must be attuned to receive level 3 knowledge!

Lucid Visions w. Alia

This was an expected unexpected adventure. Its always around this time of year that me and Alia link up for some type of magical discussion or video/photography session.  It was bright and early and by 9am we were sitting in the woods sipping tea and talking about dreams, life, nature, cultures, power, books and much more. Soon after we went on a Juice run then returned the waterfall to partake in a spliff or two while pressing buttons to share the moment! 

Ancestral Hair Retreat

The Hair Retreat brought together by @AncestralHairStrands was very informal. Methods of relaxation were presented and everyone shared their personal experiences growing up and living with natural hair. Yoga presented by andYoga.  To learn more about the hair movement go to Ancestral Hair Strands. 


Informative panel discussion w.
Yoga by @sandiyogini
CBD Mocktail Drinks by @herbalhairbar
Raw Vegan Pizza Made by @embracerawliving
Yoga Space @andyogastudios

Delicious Raw Jackfruit BBQ Vegan Pizza by @EmbraceRawLiving

Introducing The Cube: Week 001

This weekend/week  has been interesting and revealing to say the least. When I set out to create Introducing The Cube I wasn’t quite sure of the direction it would go in.  There are so many aspects and responses to eating/drinking mushrooms I felt reluctant to gear a project around documenting the experiences of others. One of my favorite topics of discussion is the adventures, effects and the fundamentals that can help you navigate in the realm of “magic ” mushrooms better.

After eating mushrooms for years i’ve found pleasure in listening to the first time experiences of people that have never tried them before. Introducing the cube will be a movie / audio experience of people that are curious about and may be still deciding if they want to give them a try or not. Recording audio can be less intrusive than video so i’ve been honing in that element of documenting thus far.  I’m still deciding the editing process of audio I want to go with for example … combine a weeks worth of audio edited down to the essentials of each conversation with brief introductions setting up the scene and how it came about or we can go with the standard one person one episode kinda of deal. Decisions… decisions.


So far we have some impromptu audio recorded with Angie. Talking about mushrooms wasn’t the plan and for the most part we didn’t.  There was a moment she had some questions about the cubes and volunteered to be filmed for a session after eating mushrooms . I’m looking forward to documenting that experience.

We still have to catch the illusive Blu on audio speaking on her insights and experiences. Theres plenty of photo and video for her so we just need to get the good good info recorded for the record. I will be making that happen on the next orbit to New York.


There was an improtu sessions with Pope. Once again the plan was to paint and light spliffs but that turned into pope remembering she had some mushrooms stashed away in the closet. This whole encounter was recorded on audio only lots of giggles so I will need to edit some of what we spoke about into one cohesive flow. It was only 2 grams split but the feeling was subtle and perfect for the sunny day. Popes curiosity led to asking me some interesting questions pertaining psychedelics and the different effects they may have.

We also have a video interview with Artwiiitch and Kaela but It was ennn that was my first swing at getting this project going so the effort was needed but the timing called for us to just chill and vibe on something else. That night actually ended with a quick jogo.

IMG  by @artwiiitch

I may link up with Kaela today and get another swing at it. I’m finding my groove with this audio recording only flow, listening to myself helps me identify what I need to work on.


At one point in time marijuana, mushrooms and other “mind altering” plants would be looked at with taboo. A transition of thought amongst the masses has allowed the legalization of marijuana and the potential decriminalization of psilocybin containing mushrooms.  I think its time to open up dialogue about the potential of these substances without forgetting we are still working in a very gray area of the law. Being imprisoned for what grows in nature is still a reality supported by a justice system that benefits monetarily from imposed infractions.

Stay tuned for the next write up and expect to see and hear some audio once I compile enough to edit into one cohesive stream of consciousness.  Until then know that I haven’t felt compelled to do anything like this in a while and the satisfaction is unfolding right before my eyes!

If you would like to support the cause/movement/project we have Cubensis T Shirts Available 

A Fresh Batch of Grey and Whites are being created right now  by @ EUGENE V BYRD III

Once I get the new boxes in my hand i’m going to lock in and make sure we get the flow how it should be!




The Grey edition will be available after December (maybe), I have a very specific intention for this one. There is a grey area of the law and this will focus on that aspect.  Plus I like being the only one wearing it.

Currently brainstorming the next culture we would like to highlight with history of psychedelic use!  If you have any ideas and suggestions please feel free to share them with us. If you would like to participate or volunteer to help Im open to that as well. Peace




Blu Magic In Harlem

The pace of patience has been set, the waters calm as we feel each on coming wave effortlessly. Bringing my nose to your ear to be certain you feel the ocean depth of breath. Sexual energy can be an intoxicating trance. Grounding my fingers along the grooves of your spine sprouting roots of pleasure. My hands magnetically sinking into the tightest muscles of your back, loosening with every stroke. Lost in bliss with a high sensitivity level for your tongue. The anticipation, subtle laughter before that 3 degree move you made, I won’t forget. A full body stretch was necessary to subside some of the intensity. A brilliant star experiencing a supernova through the rhythms of your love. The sunrise symbolized a reminder to conserve myself for the day in contrast to ending the night languorously. The New Moon cycles of pleasure are still mysterious, magnetic and majestic.

From the imagination of Harlem Nights in Blu’s Kitchen