With a surprise flight to New York I thought I would make good use of my time and find someone worth capturing! As I scrolled down the timeline I saw Maya was having an event! It worked out perfectly since I was coordinating a meet up later that day in the same area! After 2 trains a bus and a nice little walk from Marcy I arrived! Check out Maya_Louisa on IG to keep up with all the moves she is making!  November – Barbados  Look forward to it!


Rain was in the air but so was the spliffs and legs from all the pool side handstands. My homegirl @littlemsdaisha was in town and reminded me of an event that was taking place in ATL … @THEOMBRUNCH  created by EJ check him out on IG under by_elr

Yogis gather and do yoga poolside topped off with fresh vegan deliciousness. I was late to the party but I managed to capture a few shots and catch a meditation session. Go to there page to learn more! Video edit coming as soon as the check gets cut! 😀


The Goddess Glo Up … this time it took place in Washington and I will be calculating uber and lyft rates for future references. On the train to the event I fell asleep and had a dream of the event. I was doing camera moves and everything so when I woke up it felt like I already did it. Either way I knew the 9 hours would go by in a second.  The energy was on point as always! I think the highlight of this one for me was a moment when a lady stepped into the dance circle with tears but it turned to smiles once the love kicked in!  The visual transformation speaks for itself! Shoutout to Reign for tossing me the Tourmaline! I forgot mine at home and now I have a new piece that I really like. California may be up next! I’ll try to coordinate a Hawaii trip around the same time! Time to start planning!

To Learn more about The Goddess Glo Up check out whats happening on IG

The next Goddess Glo Up will be taking place in Washington D.C. We will be in attendance once again to capture all the greatness offered from everyone.

Goddess Glo Up//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

To view the photoalbum click the image above

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HERE IS SOME HEAVENLY SISTERHOOD FOR YOU TIMELINE!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️This breathed so much life back into us, I cant wait to see all the goddesses in DC🙏🏽 We decided to open up 20 more early tickets this week only for the #goddessgloup #dc If you missed the first round this is the time to catch it again. We have an amazing line up of beautiful #spiritwomen #wildwomen #medicinewoman #healers #dancers #artist #wombman to set your soul free. It’s time. Oh yes it’s that time to discover the #goddess that is you and to #setyourselffree 🕊🕊🕊 Line up for April 28 2018 click link in @goddessgloup bio for full details and to grab those limited tickets before they sell out again. The Tribe and the Vibe: @maya_louisa @mrssole @reignglobal @dreams_come_true_coach @thehoneypotdurham @adventuresofasacredgoddess @hennasooq @barbiefab @goddessbody and the founder of the #gloup @hadiiyabarbel It’s going to be sooo lit! A room full of #divinefeminine #energy #selflove #sisterhood #healing and #selfdiscovery Tag a friend and get in! #yourvibeattractsyourtribe Get that #allwhite Ready as we’re going to do that #sacred #healing #womenswork #womensupportingwomen #womenempowerment #queens #goddesses

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This event is sold out but the next will be happening this year as well. Follow the GoddessGloUp on Instagram to stay updated.

Infocus247 will be offering a portrait photography special.  90 minutes / 175.00 You will receive all photos! We offer this package once a year! Put down your deposit and book your time!   Send us an email at Infocus247@gmail.com or if you would like a direct connection call at 404.702.5173



We had a chance to capture a show by Eugene V Byrd III!  Dope artwork  and good vibes always make a great video!

<a data-flickr-embed=”true” href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/160366736@N06/albums/72157664839518077&#8243; title=”FDA: Unguarded Hopes and Dreams “><img src=”https://farm1.staticflickr.com/809/40007312045_0b20c710c4_b.jpg&#8221; width=”683″ height=”1024″ alt=”FDA: Unguarded Hopes and Dreams “></a>//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

BlackMomsBlog put together an event for all the moms that need to take a break and get some time for themselves. From live music to mimosa’s,  manis and pedis. The women enjoyed themselves and shared the day as well as goals and aspirations with each other! The location was IwiFresh and the all natural spa services they offer are one of a kind!


Black Moms Blog: Mommy Day Over//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


At times can get lost in translation. What happens once it is no longer upheld? We make choices or agreements with ourselves that can determine how life unfolds after that point. I’ve learned it’s better to walk away from an agreement if it doesn’t feel right or becomes exhausting. The quicker you can assess a situation the less energy you will expend walking to find middle ground that may or may not exist. It will feel better knowing you did not compromise what you offer. Even with all that said …. I thought there was a mutual agreement to never use these photos but a choice was made.




The measurement of value. This one is interesting from a creative perspective because value can often be governed by opinion. If you offer what no one else can or will then your value/demand will increase. The opposite is true. Set yourself apart and know why and who your valuable to. Ask yourself “How much would I pay me” and be real. I often see people asking for prices I know I wouldn’t pay them for but that’s my opinion, another person may find value in it. Stay consistent, hold yourself to a high standard and remind the free-spirits being creative is also work that should be valued as such.




Every perspective isn’t created equal. The lens you see the world through is crafted by your experiences in life. Observe what your thoughts are when you look at someone for the first time. Notice where your eyes like to look. I think it’s a good way to see where your mind is at in the moment. Dreams teach through vision, how many lessons are you learning each day/night? Ever view anything that seemed outside of this reality, foreign to human existence? Abandoned planets made in gold and ink colored creatures that will attack if you violate. Beautiful landscapes that would bring tears to your eyes. How do you push the limits of your visual abilities? Everything you experience effects how you see the world and will show once you press that button. Stay focused



When Hadiiya let me know she planned to be in Puerto Rico for a full moon drum circle I had a feeling I would be capturing it! The day was exciting and Ive never been to Puerto Rico before so it was all new to me. In my mind I thought PR would be like the rest of the islands I’ve visited but It felt more like an extension of Florida. There were moments it felt like I never left the states. It could of been all the McDonalds, Wendys and Churchs Chickens I kept seeing.  A 40 minute ride to Luqillo and here we were! A saw a nice spot on the rocks where the sun seemed to be retreating and decided that is where we will begin.


As much as I wanted Hadiiya to stand at the tip of the rocks the waves were intense. I was explaining how the water wouldnt splash us there a big wave smacked me as a reminder that it aint safe no where near big waves and rocks. Huge surfer waves is one of the components of Puerto rico that I noticed everytime I stood on the sand.

The full moon gathering was a great end to the night. At first we didn’t think the circle was going to happen


but I caught wind from a mate that knew a drummer that would be at the circle. The night continued, we walked over to the beach and found the group dancing and playing the drums.


The whole time in PR I couldn’t find green but at the drum circle  I saw someone with locs and had a feeling he would be able to help and he did. As soon as finish shooting I go to roll up a long awaited spliff then right as I begin to grab the bag A poet slides next to me and grabs my attention with very descriptive poems and great stories of adventures he has been through in Oaxaca Mexico. Finished shooting and went back to the hostel to finally light a spliff to myself and stare at the full moon. A few interesting  funny thoughts hit me then I hit the pillow.  The next day my memory card corrupted in a universal effort to tell me I’m done working enjoy the land. With that being said look forward to the videos of Hadiiya shining and expressing the change she plans to create in  the world!  Shoutout to the two vegan spots El Punto Vegano and Cocobanana! Delicious veggie burgers and Egg plant Pizzas + The guy that grills Salmon + Tras on the herb and talk!  Until next time…. Feels like I need a camera for the camera.


Puerto Rico x Hadiiya //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Join the tribe for a full day of dance, healing, sisterhood, wellness/nutrition and adornment. It’s time for you to show up to GLO UP! We are bringing New York to Atlanta and we are soooo excited to share this magic event with you.

Refresh your mind body and spirit with this full day of specially designed workshops to elevate your mind, to open your heart and spirit, and to recognize your full potential. Take this journey with us, this is your time to shine. It is our guarantee to you that you will not leave the same way you came.

The first 10 attendees will receive a VIP gift bag of goddess goodies filled with sacred meditation essentials, aura cleansing tools, and Special surprises.

This is the link to the EventBrite 

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For all those who are curious as to what the Goddess Glo Up is all about allow me to take you on a journey. This clip was captured from the NYC Glo Up this past #fallequinox if you can’t make Atlanta no worries I have a (new moon circle tomorrow in NYC 7-9pm @arayanyc Link in bio for contribution) ✨ ✨ ✨ About the Glo Up The #goddesses that attended were from all ages, sizes, races, and walks of life. All are welcome no matter where you come from or your social or religious background. We are bringing back our old #wildwoman ways through the power of our #energies combined we bring an experience of #healing #laughter #education #dance #nutrition #adornment #ceremony as we bring forth the Spirit of the #divinefeminine I’m so excited to bring to you an amazing line up of women for the 11:11:17 Goddess Glo Up ATL Day Retreat. To fully understand what it means to #Glo Up you have to #showup @chefahki on holistic wellness @thetrapwitch on homegirl healing @olanikeeosi bringing you the @goddessdetox from NYC to ATL we have @maya_louisa on belly dance hall and her @kole_jewel waist beads we have @reignglobal on Manifestation Henna and the power of crystals jewelry and then we have myself bringing you the good word and ceremony…..yes I go deep we all go deep…and just know that most of these women coming together do not know each other. The connection here is by spirit deeper than what you can see and so much more!! Visit and follow 👉🏽👉🏽@goddessgloup 👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽@goddessgloup @goddessgloup to purchase your early butterfly 🦋🦋🦋ticket before they are gone!!! I promise you will never be the same. #allwhite #unity #womencrushwednesday #womensupportingwomen Thanks @eyefocus for such a lovely capture #atlanta #goddesslife #stillirise #queen

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Registration and intro

Glo Up with
Belly Dance Hall and Waist Bead presentation with Maya Louisa

Glo up with Maya she will be showing Belly Dancehall: a fluid mix of traditional North African Bellydance movement to dancehall music. Ignites rhythm and flexibility, improve posture and grace. The unique choreography that awakens joy and overall well being. Tones the abdominal region, firms thighs and glorious gluteus muscles.

Kolé Jewel waist beads …

Kolé Jewel (pronounced Kho-lay) was founded in 2012. All Kolé Jewel’s pieces are hand made with exceptional quality semi- precious stones, harnessing the powerful healing energy of the earth. Utilizing a keen eye for beauty and attention to detail, Kolé Jewel pieces blend the majesty of the old with the intensity of the new, yielding exotic expressions of passion, sensuality, and divine femininity.

Kolé Jewel’s exquisite pieces are crafted for those with the style and grace to wear stunning art work.

Glo Up with
Chef Ahki
Vegan Nutrition and wellness

Chef Ahki will introduce each attendee to an in-depth understanding of how foods harm and heal the reproductive organs as well as what daily practices will assist in nourishing and revitalizing the womb.

Glo Up Lunch
Lunch with Ahki and Shop the Goddess Goodies

Glo Up with
The Goddess Detox

Glo up with Vanessa, a self love manifestor, CEO of Goddess Detox selling the infamous Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls , author of The Power of Looking at Your Yoni and the woman behind the brand #SelfishBabe.Vanessa will present on why detoxing your VAGINA is a must, how you can do this at home and the many benefits you will receive not only physically but spiritually and emotionally. Allow your yoni to Glo up and you will Glo up too.

Glo Up with
Trap witch

Glo up with the Trap Witch as she speaks of effectiveness of homegirl healing and also efficiently being able to divinate for yourself via the tarot and intuitive evolution. She will be sharing her personal story on spiritual evolution via tapping into her own divine relationship and how doing that for yourself will elevate you closer to you divine purpose. She will be giving a live collective reading specifically for the Goddesses in attendance for the Glo Up.

Pre book individual 15 or 30 minute readings for that day at her table. Limited to 4 -6 slots

Glo Up with @reign global

Glo up with Reign she will be joining us to speak at her very first workshop. She will be sharing personal stories about how she manifested love, art, people, experiences and personal assurance into her life using crystals and more! She will be also be giving us tips for manifestation using crystals, visualization, and the rest…. JOIN US TO SEE!!!

Henna Prices are 1 hand and forearm for $45 and $75 for both.

Glo Up with
@hadiiya barbel
Goddess Circle Meditation
Closing ceremony

Glo up with Hadiiya Barbel, an Intuitive health , beauty consultant and motivational speaker.

Hadiiya Barbel will lead the Goddess circle, guided meditation, aura cleansing,living in your truth workshop and the glow up closing ceremony.

Plus exclusive information from her up and coming women’s holistic lifestyle manual centering around heightening your intuition through trance, dance, and being present in the moment; how to lead a lifestyle of abudance, prosperity, and optimal health by finding and following your passions

Shop the Goddess Goodies

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GET READY TO ✨GLO UP✨ 9/23/17 #yourvibeattractsyourtribe 🔮💓🙏🏽💃🏽🦄🦋🐞🌕💫 If you want to get an idea what #thegoddessgloup will be like watch this video and take a journey with us. This clip is from the last #goddessrevival in May with my #sistergoddess @goddessbody All women come together to #heal cry #learn #dance and #commune together. It's a #tribe and it's more than just a #vibe it's an ongoing collective and #safespace for #sisterhood and #sharing This month we will be having an entire day of amazing women presenting a portion of their #magical #contribution to YOUR wellbeing. The Goddess Glo Up is held during the #fallequinox where healing and personal #rejuvenation is needed most. When the season changes so does our #mood ✨ ✨ The Glo Up is all about the mastery of your own #divinefeminine power with #bellydance from @maya_louisa As well as #waistbeads @reignglobal On #crystalhealing As well as #henna @loveleahleona On nutrition and meal prep for the Goddess on the move @barbiefab On 15 min Makeup application for the busy woman. And last but not least myself #hadiiyabarbel on living in your truth unapologetically and aura protection. I have extended the early bird special to one more week for those who need more time. I only have 6 seats left for this event. Show up to Glo up this is your time to shine! (Link in bio) #goddessretreat #sistercircle #womensupportingwomen #allwhite #thisislove #womenpower @eyefocus 📹

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Who feels like they need that #cure Like really needs it like really bad and there are circumstances holding them back? I'm happy to announce that I've just received a ticket donation for someone who really needs it like really really is having a #hardtime and seeking guidance but may not have the means to come. Please tag a friend below or DM me on why you need #thegoddessgloup ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Tag a friend below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 I have one ticket to offer as a beautiful sister wants to share with an amazing #Goddess in her #healing journey. If you haven't gotten your ticket we still have a couple of slots left. Early Butterfly ends Saturday 9/16/17 #goddess #womensupportingwomen #MoreLife #dance #music #sisterhood #love #showup #gloup #nyc

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Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Age Requirement 18 and over

What can I bring into the event?

Must bring Yoga mats and wear white

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

email info@hadiiyabarbel.com


All photo and video shot by Infocus247

 Feels like I’m low key creating @coyiasworld life documentary and I’m cool with that lol 😂 in 25 years there will be a Life and times of Latarria doc. We needed a maternity shoot to complete the yearly Why we do yoga 2 doc I didn’t know it would be Lattaria but I’m happy it is! After 4 attempts we finally coordinated on the most perfect day to do yoga and talk about the changes life has presented both of us. I was secretly hoping for a an epic delivery /rush to the hospital as the baby recoded to be born in the middle of the shoot.. maybe next time ha! 

Self care looks like connecting with a good friend and enjoying a day of yoga and recording in the park. Because time in nature will forever and always have an immense effect on my life. I spend alot of time inwardly but I’m a sucker for genuine connection with like minded people. Add a nice nature walk and several moments to breathe in that good prana, and it’s a win every time… Read the full article at AllThingsCoyia