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The Journey to Bloom

The Journey to Bloom

I can remember as far back as seven years old, when my mom gifted me this vibrant blue furry journal with the matching pen. It came with a lock and key which for me meant that I could really lay it out all while simultaneously creating a practice of allowing myself to be vulnerable. This journal in particular symbolized a notion of protection. I wouldn’t have to suffer any repercussions for whatever it was that I was going to write. I could share more, and spill all my secrets without worrying about anyone snooping into my prized journal. Whatever “it” was that was going on in my eight year old world, and whatever “issues” I was facing as a young child, I laid it all out in-between those pages.

This was the beginning of my love affair with writing. There’s never been a point since then that I can recall not writing or journaling, putting my innermost thoughts and feelings on paper. It has served as one of my greatest outlets, tools and resources. It has always been my safe space. It has carried and anchored me during some of the best and worst of times.

This project in particular I began working on years ago. It became a compilation of things that were already written or had been given previous thought to. However along the journey there was doubt. Not sure if the words that I wanted to share was actually meaningful and not sure if they had a place and a purpose. I began allowing these inner questions and not having the answers to these questions stall me.

Read the full article here and purchase Bloom by Latarria C Whitehead  Today!

Goddess Glo Up NY

The @goddessgloup was impactful as always. Hearing the stories shared can really give your mind and heart a stretch. Life is more interesting than fiction to say the least. Follow the feeling and make it through every challenge you face. Truthful self reflection within a circle of women who share similar experiences is a way to see the problems you have vs the problems you can create for yourself. It all starts with self!

Why We Do Yoga 2

In this chapter of Why we do Yoga, I travel to a few new places to find out the reasons and ways people do yoga. Familiar faces and new encounters lead me through a slew of changes plans but graceful adjustments. Watch as one connection leads to another from Martinique all the way back to Atlanta and a few places in between. Luck and coincidence carried me through this one. Look forward to the next soon enough. Peace 

The list of Yogis keeps growing but you can find most of the people seen in this one on Instagram

@SlyviaDESROSES Yogi / Translator 
@PintsizeNurse Yogi
@NakeeshaSmith Yogi 
@MaatPetrova Fitness Wellness Coach 
@Allthingscoyia Yogi Mommy
@ReignGlobal Artist 
@HadiiyaBarbel Lifestyle Empowerment
@Theiridescentgoddess Yogi 
@LittleMsDaisha Yogi 
@Yirser Yogi 
@Quoom Drummer
@Doomzday_1 Drummer 
@Raine.Supreme Yogi 
@BluetreasurePhotography Yogi / Photo
@Yoga_Bay Yogi 
@KindredSpiritCR Equine Therapist / Yogi
Corrine Aulakh Equine Therapist / Yogi
@LifeisArt_Films Yogi 

@By_Elr Yogi
@IamReneeWatkins Yogi  
@YogaPlayground Yogi 
@Dade2Shelby Yogi 
@Bri.Simpson Artist 
Cristian Taxi Costa Rica 

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Sweat Bloom & Flourish w. Maya Louisa


With a surprise flight to New York I thought I would make good use of my time and find someone worth capturing! As I scrolled down the timeline I saw Maya was having an event! It worked out perfectly since I was coordinating a meet up later that day in the same area! After 2 trains a bus and a nice little walk from Marcy I arrived! Check out Maya_Louisa on IG to keep up with all the moves she is making!  November – Barbados  Look forward to it!


Yoga: The Om Brunch

Rain was in the air but so was the spliffs and legs from all the pool side handstands. My homegirl @littlemsdaisha was in town and reminded me of an event that was taking place in ATL … @THEOMBRUNCH  created by EJ check him out on IG under by_elr

Yogis gather and do yoga poolside topped off with fresh vegan deliciousness. I was late to the party but I managed to capture a few shots and catch a meditation session. Go to there page to learn more! Video edit coming as soon as the check gets cut! 😀


Goddess Glo Up 4.28

The next Goddess Glo Up will be taking place in Washington D.C. We will be in attendance once again to capture all the greatness offered from everyone.

Goddess Glo Up//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

To view the photoalbum click the image above

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HERE IS SOME HEAVENLY SISTERHOOD FOR YOU TIMELINE!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️This breathed so much life back into us, I cant wait to see all the goddesses in DC🙏🏽 We decided to open up 20 more early tickets this week only for the #goddessgloup #dc If you missed the first round this is the time to catch it again. We have an amazing line up of beautiful #spiritwomen #wildwomen #medicinewoman #healers #dancers #artist #wombman to set your soul free. It’s time. Oh yes it’s that time to discover the #goddess that is you and to #setyourselffree 🕊🕊🕊 Line up for April 28 2018 click link in @goddessgloup bio for full details and to grab those limited tickets before they sell out again. The Tribe and the Vibe: @maya_louisa @mrssole @reignglobal @dreams_come_true_coach @thehoneypotdurham @adventuresofasacredgoddess @hennasooq @barbiefab @goddessbody and the founder of the #gloup @hadiiyabarbel It’s going to be sooo lit! A room full of #divinefeminine #energy #selflove #sisterhood #healing and #selfdiscovery Tag a friend and get in! #yourvibeattractsyourtribe Get that #allwhite Ready as we’re going to do that #sacred #healing #womenswork #womensupportingwomen #womenempowerment #queens #goddesses

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This event is sold out but the next will be happening this year as well. Follow the GoddessGloUp on Instagram to stay updated.

Infocus247 will be offering a portrait photography special.  90 minutes / 175.00 You will receive all photos! We offer this package once a year! Put down your deposit and book your time!   Send us an email at Infocus247@gmail.com or if you would like a direct connection call at 404.702.5173



FDA: Unguarded Hopes and Dreams

We had a chance to capture a show by Eugene V Byrd III!  Dope artwork  and good vibes always make a great video!

<a data-flickr-embed=”true” href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/160366736@N06/albums/72157664839518077&#8243; title=”FDA: Unguarded Hopes and Dreams “><img src=”https://farm1.staticflickr.com/809/40007312045_0b20c710c4_b.jpg&#8221; width=”683″ height=”1024″ alt=”FDA: Unguarded Hopes and Dreams “></a>//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Mommy Day Over w. Black Moms Blog

BlackMomsBlog put together an event for all the moms that need to take a break and get some time for themselves. From live music to mimosa’s,  manis and pedis. The women enjoyed themselves and shared the day as well as goals and aspirations with each other! The location was IwiFresh and the all natural spa services they offer are one of a kind!


Black Moms Blog: Mommy Day Over//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

FOCUS: Agreements, Quality & Vision


At times can get lost in translation. What happens once it is no longer upheld? We make choices or agreements with ourselves that can determine how life unfolds after that point. I’ve learned it’s better to walk away from an agreement if it doesn’t feel right or becomes exhausting. The quicker you can assess a situation the less energy you will expend walking to find middle ground that may or may not exist. It will feel better knowing you did not compromise what you offer. Even with all that said …. I thought there was a mutual agreement to never use these photos but a choice was made.




The measurement of value. This one is interesting from a creative perspective because value can often be governed by opinion. If you offer what no one else can or will then your value/demand will increase. The opposite is true. Set yourself apart and know why and who your valuable to. Ask yourself “How much would I pay me” and be real. I often see people asking for prices I know I wouldn’t pay them for but that’s my opinion, another person may find value in it. Stay consistent, hold yourself to a high standard and remind the free-spirits being creative is also work that should be valued as such.




Every perspective isn’t created equal. The lens you see the world through is crafted by your experiences in life. Observe what your thoughts are when you look at someone for the first time. Notice where your eyes like to look. I think it’s a good way to see where your mind is at in the moment. Dreams teach through vision, how many lessons are you learning each day/night? Ever view anything that seemed outside of this reality, foreign to human existence? Abandoned planets made in gold and ink colored creatures that will attack if you violate. Beautiful landscapes that would bring tears to your eyes. How do you push the limits of your visual abilities? Everything you experience effects how you see the world and will show once you press that button. Stay focused