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Kametic Tree of Life


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Flower of Life holding a highlighted Tree of Life





Ever see this symbol and wonder what it means? 



The Tree of Life classifies the world starting at the transcending state of the unmanifest, hidden God (Amen, Atum, Aten, Nu, Nut) represented by Sphere 0 above the Tree.

The manifested aspect of God represented by Sphere 1, and the forms in which the creator came into the world distributed through Spheres 2 to 10.

God creates a vehicle — Man — through which It can come into the world as one of its own creations that It may experience Itself as the Creator.

To experience itself as the Creator, God grants to Man free will.

(Any other being which possesses free will, likewise would be the functional equivalent of Man on this conception.)

It is precisely because Man has free will that she is free to break Divine Law and/or frustrate Divine Will… that is, do evil, by definition. God remains submerged in the “unconscious,” directing unconscious activities (physiological and mental) awaiting the person’s awakening and developing of the higher divisions of Spirit, and the alignment of the person’s will with Divine will.

The Seven Divisions of Spirit and the Chakras

The ten spheres of the Tree of Life have commonly been organized into seven Divisions of the Spirit (chakras) 

[Chakras (Johari, 1987) are energy vortexes which are part of the electro-magnetic energy field surrounding each bodily vehicle, and through which individuals are connected to the energy flux of the Universal Spirit.]

Just as there is ultimately a potential infinity of chakras, there is ultimately a potential infinitude of the patterns of energy organization of Spirit.

There is organizing utility as well as tutorial value in this particular breakdown of Spirit, and it is an organization that is now hallowed by tradition.

To the Hindus and Buddhists we owe the very word “chakra,” and the seven-fold division of the Spirit that goes with it. There is however reason to suspect that the spiritual science upon which it is based may be traced to the Kamau, who expounded upon a seven-fold division of the Spirit, moreover one that aligns perfectly with the underlying significance of the chakra system.

The Corresponding Chakras

The seven Divisions of the Spirit and their corresponding to the tree of life … chakras are as follows:

  1. Root Chakra corresponds to The Khab, corresponding to the physical body and the lower half of Sphere 10, Geb
  2.  Navel Chakra corresponds to The Khaibit, corresponding to upper half of Sphere 10, and the animal, sensual part of being;
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra corresponds to The Sahu, corresponding to Spheres 9, 8 and 7 of the Tree, which coordinate and guide the two lower divisions;
  4. Heart Chakra corresponds to The Ab, corresponding to Spheres 6, 5, and 4, which mediates between the divine divisions of the spirit above, and the mundane divisions below. It is interesting that we associate the heart with the qualities of Maat (Sphere 4), namely love, truth, generosity, sharing, etc., also of Herukhuti (Sphere 5), namely the “heart” of the warrior and athlete, namely bravery and the willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice, and of Heru (Sphere 6), namely the courage and indomitable will of the leader, who by example can “give heart” to his followers;
  5.  Throat Chakra corresponds to The Shekhem, corresponding to Sphere 3, through which creative words of power are uttered. One who has no power is one who has no voice, so the correspondence between the chakra and the Shekhem division of the Spirit is again apt;
  6. Brow Chakra corresponds to the Khu, corresponding to Sphere 2, which is the oracular faculty of Spirit. The brow chakra is also known as the “third-eye” chakra, governing the faculty of clairvoyance, and there is again a fit between the two systems;
  7. Crown Chakra corresponds to the Ba, corresponding to Sphere 1, which is Ausar, or the faculty of omnipresence. It is through the crown chakra that we insperience the ultimate oneness of all of creation, and reconnect to the Source, the Itongo, or to the Atum, which unlike Democritus’ improper conception of the “atom,” is the final and ultimate irreducible reality.

Bowen’s Seven-Fold Division of the Spirit

Bowen’s Bonaabakulu Abasekhemu also taught him a seven-fold division of the Spirit, but from within the Zulu tradition. By tradition, it is explicitly traced back to ancient Kamit. The division parallels, though not perfectly, the Kamitic Division of the Spirit as revealed to us by Ra Un Nefer Amen and shown in Table 1.1. Bowen relates the following division:

  1. The Physical Body (Umzimba).
  2. The Etheric Body (Isltunzi): This is merely the etheric counterpart of the physical body…
  3. Lower Mind (Amandhla): That portion of the Mind which shows as Life-Force and other forms of what we call Energy.
  4. The Animal Mind (Utiwesilo): The planes of mind which manifest as passions, emotions, and instincts.
  5. Human Mind (Utiwomuntu): The planes of Mind which manifest as human consciousness, Intellect, higher emotions, etc.
  6. Spiritual Mind (Utiwetongo): The higher planes manifesting Spiritual Consciousness.
  7. Itongo: The Ray, or spark of Universal Spirit which informs all lower manifestations.


Constituent Deities

Main Functions
No Name Chakra Kamitic Yoruba


BA Crown 1. Ausar Obatala
Part of Man's spirit where God dwells.
Place from which man may insperience
omnipresence; oneness with all; unity


KHU Third Eye 2. Tehuti Orunmila
Part of Man's spirit which is all-knowing.
Omniscience; Wisdom; God's will; the Oracle


SHEKHEM Throat 3. Sekert Obaluaye
Part of Man's spirit with divine power.
Omnipotence.  Invocation through mantra,


AB Heart 4. Maat
5. Herukhuti
6. Heru
Aje Chagullia
Mediates between the Divine and the mundane;
Part of spirit that intuits to consciousness
the Law of God, and exercises Man's free will


SAHU Solar Plexus 7. Het-Heru
8. Sebek
9. Auset
Coordinates and guides the forces of the 
animating spirit to realize mundane goals
of existence


KHAIBIT Navel 10a. Geb
Governs animal spirit -- emotions, sense
perceptions, sensuality, sensory and motor
nervous power


KHAB Root 10b. Geb Ile
physical body -- spirit's 
window to the physical world --
Contributes to the illusion
of being separate from all other
Source: Adapted from Amen (1996).


Earthly existence serves the purpose of providing difficulties that force out the divine powers within, or in other words, stimulate the process by which the individuated soul seeks to re-establish its Consciousness at higher levels of the Tree of Life.


Source:  TheAfrican

My Journey Through The Magic Mushroom Portal

The original Notes to what I experienced below…. a bit more detailed I think.

June 12 2013

InFocus247- Journey Mental trip saw one of the most beautiful train stations in the middle of the jungle the train tracks were gold or the reflection of the tracks looked gold from the sun reflecting off of them, After going through a combination of  lights and shapes it seemed to be a transitional stage kaleidoscope like effect going from place to place soon after i was climbing up what seemed to be a tree but it was very tall it lead into the sky it was so tall. Once i climbed high enough i saw i was able to see a very beautiful river/ocean the feeling gave me a rushing sense of happiness and I felt my heart expanding it made me take a deep breath it felt as if I were there. The next sensation or urge I felt was to jump, so  i jumped off  of the tree into what seemed like a sky dive  i remember  two entities flying after me I felt a brief thought of fear as if I weren’t supposed to jump but water was below so I reassured my self I was ok but not only that… I can fly  so I began flying I flew under two  bridges and then remember soon after standing by some steps and something or someone told me to go up the stairs and  I didn’t want to but it insisted I do so I went up. I remember three sets of doors I was allowed in the first two, it felt as if I was following two people. I tried to go in the third door but it was blocked by a a dark dense energy. I remember trying to penetrate the door twice but it pushed me out. The feeling was almost like I was a magnet and there was a second magnet in the door so when I pushed to go in mentally I was pushed back out. I was fascinated with being limited yet confused why i could not enter this door. I noticed  that the door formed into a scorpion like purple being and I remember telling it I’m not afraid of you but also getting the feeling that it is not about fear but about respecting the boundaries of sacred places I may not be ready to experience yet. It stung me on my right leg and I felt in the physical part of my body after the initial sting it sent three to four jolts in my legs.  I turned around and began moving away from the door/scorpion entity then the same entity(I think) that insisted I go up to the doors helped me go back down the stairs and told me I don’t belong here you do not know what you are doing open your eyes and return. I opened my eyes and I was back.

Only observe don’t be so quick to in force your will on the astral plane until you fully understand the effects of doing so.

Saw a labyrinth of flowers but I chose not stay inside  and I flew above it

The concert of peace and free energy

Breath is like the singing bowl  a steady consistent pattern and rhythm you will be able to feel a steady vibration also raising it as well

The first sound I remember hearing was a gong it struck me as weird being I was in Brooklyn and no gongs were near by to my knowledge but I felt as if I was in two places at once and now feeling the sound/vibration of the second place I’ve seemed to meditate into.

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