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Free Energy Will Save the World


The 5-Hour Energy of Bikes CEO of 5-hour Energy creates a bike that can produce 24 hours of power when ridden for one hour

When the creator of 5-hour Energy mixes with the world of biking, what would you expect to come out of the collaboration? No need to guess: The energy product company’s CEO, 62-year-old Manoj Bhargava, has already created the energy-generating Free Electric, a hybrid stationary bicycle. With this bike, an hour of riding can provide enough energy to fuel a small home’s electrical needs for 24 hours. Pedaling the bike spins a flywheel, which powers the generator. This charges the battery, creating enough power for running lights, a small fan, a charging cell phone or tablet, and more.

Book Select: Ether Technology

Book Select: Ether Technology

Ether Technology is a great book shedding much needed light free energy. Advances is technology are be being suppressed because It will render current primitive ways of providing energy useless. If we do not depend on gas … gas companies will not thrive and so on. Furthermore the power of ether technology has and can possibly be used to leave the planet!