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Chatohuchi Yoga

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The name Chattahoochee is thought to come from a Muskogean word meaning “rocks-marked” (or “painted”), fromchato (“rock”) plus huchi (“marked”)

The vicinity of the Chattahoochee River was inhabited in prehistoric times by indigenous peoples since at least 1000 BC.  Among the historical nations, the Chattahoochee served as a dividing line between the Muscogee (Creek) (to the east) and the Cherokee territories (to the west) in the Southeast. The United States accomplished the removal of Native Americans, to extinguish their claims and make way for European-American settlement, through a series of treaties, land lotteries, and forced removals lasting from 1820 through 1832. The Muscogee were first removed from the southeastern side of the river, and then the Cherokee from the northwest.

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Coming down to the River is always refreshing.
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A deep stretch to the left to get things started while the wild wind blows altering my balance.
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I wish I would of had my mat for this one. Wood and my pelvic area do not agree with each other all the time.
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Gaze up into the clear blue sky as I get a good lower back stretch in
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A new variation to me …. Deep lunge while wrapping both hands around thigh.

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Take some time to think of what you have been through and how far you have come to get where you are today! Enjoy the life

The Bridge of Energy in Motion

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The bridge .. There is not just one type of bridge. The type depends on the different ways to distribute the tension, bending and torsion throughout the structure.. Sometimes we must build are own bridge and distribute stress/get across pain, disappointment and grief in different ways each time. Be a builder!
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Chilly Georgia mornings are great for the feet! The cold seems to wake up my senses and gets everything flowing.
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A deep stretch while i gaze down at the flowing river below.
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One of my favorite asanas … the shoulder stand is good for balance and getting those shoulder muscles strong. It also looks cool when your just floating
Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 10.46.11 AM
The Great Plough variation….. Last night I attempted to put my legs behind my head sitting with legs crossed and I was almost successful.
Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 10.46.34 AM
Another Plough variation… simply walk your legs to the left then hold and breathe …. walk over to the right hold and breathe…. then separate! now relax!
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Not too often I attempt this one but it def gives me a great leg stretch and I have been working hard at breaking down my leg stiffness lately!
Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 10.48.09 AM
Rocking the cradle …. a great hip opener.
Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 10.50.01 AM
Sometimes im surprised at how easy it is for me to hold this position its almost too easy… I may have to step it up with a variation
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Watching the birds fly
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Have a great day Relax and breathe !

Something Fresh Festival Moreland GA


Something Fresh Fest is  brought to you by Organic Blood and Robert Pue.  It is a 3 day camping festival held on 200 private acres of land in Moreland, Ga, just an hour and a half south of the city of Atlanta.


This festival is a family event with a focus on healing, community, and connection with nature.



















For more information check out the website and purchase tickets  SomethingFreshFest


Clark Atlanta University Yoga w. SuperDope

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Pfiffer Hall Clark Atlanta University

If you are located in the Metro Atlanta- Georgia are or close feel free to stop in on a nice Yoga session with @SuperDopeHeroin.  Sessions are every Tuesday at 6:00 PM.  I typically run on sp/cp spiritual people time so i managed to make it out yesterday for the last few minutes of the session. As I came out of a shoulder stand I look up and there is 3 or 4 Falcons flying very close above chasing each other. It was exciting opening my eyes to falcons almost coming close enough to jump up and grab if I were 10ft taller ,  I wish I could of snapped a shot of them.

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