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Goddess Glo Up NYC 6.6.20

Goddess Glo Up NY

The @goddessgloup was impactful as always. Hearing the stories shared can really give your mind and heart a stretch. Life is more interesting than fiction to say the least. Follow the feeling and make it through every challenge you face. Truthful self reflection within a circle of women who share similar experiences is a way to see the problems you have vs the problems you can create for yourself. It all starts with self!

The Goddess Awakening ATL 11.11

A moment to release and come together!
The Medicine Wheel Meditation
A sensual massage given by the Kings in attendance

The Goddess Revival was magical as intended!  This was the 5th event I have captured and the vibe is all so familiar. Its great seeing familiar faces and hear all the changes and progress being made in life. It feels like these are the moments that remind me time is actually passing. Events seem to be my roadmap of where I am and the direction i’m going in particularly The Goddess Gatherings. I stayed longer than I planned but it was well worth what was captured + I know more footage = more editing! The edibles was popping from AdventuresOfaSacredGoddess, had me floating 2 inches off the ground. Across the room I heard a recognizable laugh so I breezed over to find Holisticallyhealarious having a laugh yoga session. I stumbled upon her through Hadiiya and have been laughing ever since! Check her page out it will be well worth it! She was telling me something about an event coming up Dec 16th In LA … I think … I was getting pulled in by her eyes and my ears stopped working! The next Goddess Gathering event with Hadiiya Barbel will be in NY 1.19.19 I’ll post the specifics once the flyer begins circulating. Get your snow boots ready!

Experiences being shared that demonstrate the power of spirit.


I’m looking forward to capturing the next event and being on a black sand beach soon after to thaw out from the cold weather!