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Golden Flourish Tea II

The smell makes you want to grab a cup everyday! I love taking photos of Golden Flourish products mainly because I get to keep the tea once the photos are complete and secondly because the tea really taste good. My favorite happens to be Moon.

Interested in tasting Golden Flourish ? Go to the website and pick up a pack or two Goldenflourish.co 

(They are currently swapping out photos and making changes but the site will be back online shortly! )


Golden Flourish Tea

We had the pleasure of doing a product photoshoot for Golden Flourish. There tea blends are amazing and delicious. They have unique names that fits to the effect each will provide.

Planting Seeds + Water with Wisdom

Golden Flourish was created out of purpose, passion and love. Recognizing that life is a journey and we are similar to flowers in the process. We stand through the seasons as they arise, and are able to use our innate wisdom to guide us through it all. We sometimes might feel weathered by the storm, but it is exactly that which nourishes us in order to flourish into the amazing, beautiful beings that we are.

With anything beautiful we must tend it. Here at Golden Flourish you can learn how to tend to yourself and your wellness. We believe that you can experience your Golden Flourish today and everyday!

– GoldenFlourish 


To learn more about the tea blends go to Golden Flourish.Co