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Health is your Greatest Wealth Podcast w. Magnets Pyramids & Crystals

Tonight’s program is a special promotional event featuring, Dr. Sebi’s wife-Maa. Maa Is an alcemista, an alkaline nutritionist whose services has touched upon thousands of lives. She will share a relaxed friday “fireside” chat about her feminine wisdom relating to …. whatever she feels like talking about. Bro. Omar is the manager and “CEO” of the Black Lady Theater located on Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn. He will share his vision and some of the history of this historic site. Invited guest will also include Sister Adio from the Philly area. The Black Lady Theater is committed to Empowering people of African descent to Unify through Knowledge, Accountability, Self-Awareness, and Activism while healing self, family, culture and community. Housed in a 3 story building in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the Black Lady Theater’s aesthetics displays a rich history, Hardships, and Journey of the African Diaspora. The Black Lady Theater includes: 5300sqft Theater, appx. 500 seating/appx. 1000 standing. 750 Nostrand Ave, (Between Park & Sterling Place) Brooklyn, New York, 11216. For bookings, call (718) 771-0900 To book an appointment with Maa, please call, 1(800)998-5909

Listen to the full episode here